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Rating: T


A surge of chill, enrapturing and tantalizing and so damn near appealing. A soft trickle of shadow across tough, bittered skin of pale snow; a poisonous treat of lust and horror with no emotional feeling. Hot whispers of pain into ears less desiring, and trails of hands against legs decaying in aftermath. Yet writhing instead of escaping; up, not away, he searched for no path. The darkness, his lover. Its shadows, his friends. Constant companions of a life long over, but though each tale ends, his continued in a river he never escaped from. A kind face as a child he knew, a demon as a man he gave into.

("My tainted Angel.")

Yuki, always Yuki. Always calling for him, with his shadows of poison, his own narcotic. He reached out.

A gentle push upon his chest, a surge of warmth not of his own creation; Eiri cracked open one golden eye to glare critically at the bundle across his torso, roused from his dream and the darkness he had almost succumbed to. A soft puff of purified air across his cheek, a small mew of not glee, but strong discontent; doleful, tear-filled eyes of blue crinkled in sadness at his own mannered expression. The beast of rage that had welled in his breast died at the sight of soundless falling tears from eyes so round; no annoyance gathered within his head. Temperance long-since soothed by a presence so kind, angst with whispers less crude.

"Christabel," he murmured softly to the infant he held, frown smoothing away as his child offered a baby's smile. "You were supposed to be asleep." Nimble fingers up her spine, dancing through golden hair, mesmerizingly fine. "Little girl," he softly crooned, pressing a kiss atop her cherub cheek. "I'm sorry. Don't cry."

Unplanned, his daughter, in a moment of weakness with a woman a second glance would not have bothered. Unwanted by a woman the same, and in another moment he had deemed a weakness, he had decided that by him, wanted she was. Eyes of fine diamond blue, hair a fierce molten blonde, her very appearance seemed to mock and shadow his nonexistent vows that should have showered her. But she was wanted, for some unknown reason, the same he had experienced once before, with eyes no less jeweled.

His nightmares not so undesired, frightened her when she heard his heart. A touch from her, a waking not so longed for, but necessary, drove away the hold of Yuki upon that same heart. Tears that fell would demand his shame for being fooled.

"Don't cry, Christabel," he whispered again, a soothing hand upon her back as her head lifted from his chest to stare. "Why do you fear it?"

A gentle knock against the door, pulling innocence from him as another entered the room. The shadows furthered away at the radiant smile that lit upon his child's face, at the sight of his rose-haired lover at the door.

("My beautiful Eiri.")

Golden eyes once narrowed now watched as, with one small hand still clutching him, his daughter reached out for the other man.

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