Almost three years ago now I wrote my first fan fiction story. It started right here with FLCL. Since then I've written other fics and made up my own stuff but I'd like to revisit the story that turned writing into a hobby for me. After not writing fics at all and only doing my own stuff for so long I kind of itched to come back and keep going where I left off. Reading my old story I'll say it was alright. Though I do think I've improved some and the plot is all over the place. Which is natural since I made it all up as I went along.

The original story is called A World Beyond This. You can find it under my stories.

It's 15 chapters long and I never finished it. This is a continuation of that story and since it has been about two years since I've written anything for it I thought it would be fitting to start this as a new story. This first chapter is a little intermission between the two.



The sky glowed a mossy green on this distant planet. There was no sunlight here… only the light of the auroras that blanketed the entire sky giving the constant appearance of a sunset. She pulled the cloak around her tightly to protect her from the freezing temperatures. The atmosphere here deflected all thermal heat while ionizing the gas in the upper atmosphere to create the plasma that made up the auroras.

But it was nothing new to her. The last two years of her journey had been filled with endless wandering that yielded no results. During that time she had passed by countless spectacles of natural beauty and paid them no mind.

Her pursuit had long ago come to a stand still. She had gone from distant corner to distant corner looking for some sign or clue to her prey's whereabouts. It had amounted to nothing… the bracelet at her wrist had stayed completely dormant the entire time.

Yet she held onto her legendary tenacity. She would find what it was she sought no matter how far a field she had to look. The universe was only so big and there were only so many places to hide.

Taking a second before she left this planet she allowed herself to sit down; a rare moment of relaxation for her. She leaned back against her yellow bike and gripped the cloak tightly for warmth.

The green hue of the sky cast a green shade on the desolate desert before her. There was nothing to see so instead she found herself thinking dimly of her past experiences. Something seldom done except in moments of extended isolation. After all self-reflection was undoubtedly the easiest way to destroy oneself.

What came to mind was something that gave her the slightest bit of warmth on this freezing plane…. The huddled feeling of sharing a sleeping bag on a park bench with a dirty faced boy. The smell of his unwashed hair in her face as they spent her last few days on that planet before she had left him behind. Left behind like everything else in her life.

She ran a gloved hand down one of the flawlessly smooth mahogany necks that jutted out over her shoulder. She has taken his guitar in exchange for the opportunity he had cost her. In the long run she had come out ahead. The guitar had proven to be the missing link that gave her the ability to fight… no, defeat a godlike entity.

In a way she felt the only person she was indebted to in the whole universe was that small dirty-faced boy. Though she admitted indebted the way a thief was indebt to his victim. A debt never intended to be paid.

The freezing touch of the climate pierced her thoughts ending her train of thought. It was time to move on. As she stood she thought she might be feeling a little more haggard than before. Getting off this desolate rock would be sure to improve her spirits some.

Then she felt something tingle at her wrist and she froze. She heard it… the light rattle of her bracelet warning her of her prey's appearance.

Though not here… she could distantly feel his presence far away; like a beacon in the distance. After two years it seemed Atomsk was on the move again.

Haruko smiled, the stagnation in her quest appeared to be over.

She buried image of the boy standing admits the ruins of his home as she left him.

Her blood warming at the prospect of battle she found herself barely containing a renewed excitement. Launching into the sky with a force the caused the overhang she had been sitting on to collapse she rode out into the sky laughing.

And as she cleared the atmosphere came an unbidden memory… the soft whisper of 'I love you.'

Squeezing the gas she tried to outrun the memory and raced towards what she knew she wanted most.


I'd love if anyone who read the first story I wrote read this and could tell me how I've changed. After three years I'd like to think I have at least a bit.