He's a Pirate: Ch1.

Becoming a galactic criminal wasn't what I had in mind. So you may wonder why I might be standing here with this security guard crushed beneath me. How about that alarm sounding off to alert everyone of my presence?

Well... somehow it just all makes sense to me.

It's as though everything I went through as a kid made this my inevitable choice. I left the world I knew to look for the only other thing I knew of, Haruko Haruhara.

I don't know much other than her name, that she's an alien, probably psychotic, likes things that are spicy, and was/is part of a galactic police force. Not enough to get me her address from the yellow pages out here... Especially when said galactic cops are hunting you for being, in galactic terms, the equivalent of an elephant escaped from the reserve. I mean this belongs on f.m.l., right? But crying never helped anyone, at least not me.

So how else do I find her? Definitely not by letting some space faring power rangers put my escape from Mabase, and earth, to an end the moment I left the solar preserve. So I did have this one idea.

I became a pirate. Cops chase after pirates right? At least that's what she was doing when I first met and last saw her. Regardless, I'd be a galactic fugitive either way, no matter what. My options stand as, let the dog catchers hunt me as an animal to be sent back to my kennel on earth, or take up piracy. The only notable difference being that I'm then hunted as an escaped rabid pirate dog instead of just a stray. Hmm, don't ask me how but this just seemed a genius idea at the time... right.

Let's just say I might be receptive if you've got a better one.

The guard gave a groan as I stepped off his nuts and neck. Kazu appeared through the smoking entrance that we had made a moment earlier. The jarring hole in the wall was a lovely addition to what may have once been a bathroom. Maybe that explains why the guard was literally shitting himself as we broke in, and not simply sheer terror... Who can say?

Kazu flashed me a childish smile of approval as he darted by and disappeared through a door, deeper into the complex.

A voice crackled into my headphones, "No visuals yet. Has he started downloading?" Hotaru was keeping watch from a nearby high rise.

"He just went in," I answered.

"Slow...," she complained.

More my problem than hers if he was late. I have to keep the point of entry secure till he returns. Odds are there are a dozen or so brotherhood officers on their way to say to come say 'hi' as we speak.

Attacking an administrative GSPB building often results in such. Well not often, always.

But thats fine with me. For once, I'm actually interested in what we are lifting.

Off in the distance I could already hear the sirens of approaching police growing over the perimeter alarm blaring in my ears.

Crackle, "I see lights. Officers descending from orbit onto your location."

I moved alongside the wall of our makeshift entrance and peaked out at the sky. Three shooting stars decorated the night above.

Maybe she's one of them...

But I had learned to expect otherwise. The galaxy was massive, running into her was a little more than unlikely.

Starting to fee a little impatient I spoke into the mic, "Kazu, done yet?"

Crackle, "Almost. Cracking the security clearance in 6 seconds was the best I could do."

Crackle, "Useless," sneered Hotaru.

Crackle, "Love you too baby sis..."

Sibling banter wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear right now, "Hotaru?"

"Yea yea, I know. Already got one right in my..."

Ever heard the sound a baseball makes when you hit it with a metal bat? That ping? Multiply that times a hundred.

Hotaru's H.E.V. orbital rail round flashed across the sky. The loud whining sound of the shot only following a moment later.

The shot struck one of the three approaching shooting stars. The disintegration of the target was virtually instant.

That made me smile a little. I mean who doesn't love fire works?

"Nice shot, bet you can't do it again," I teased into the mic.

Crackle,"Bet? I'll take that."

A second shot flashed, taking another one of the falling stars with it.

Girl is a freak, how'd she hit once much less twice? Rule one, fear the purple hair.

Crackle,"You owe me."

Nao felt his stomach sink. Not even the sirens had done that.

"Owe you what?," Hotaru wasn't someone you could always take jokingly.

Crackle, "Done!," came Kazu's voice.

"We'll discuss it later," the third and final shot pinging as she finished.

The remaining ball of falling light was closer now, having made it through the atmosphere. Hotaru's round flashed gold, rushing across the sky to meet it. Rather than flashing luminously, and disintegrating like the others, the shot collided then was redirected up and out of orbit.

I blinked, that didn't usually happen. Kazu was next to me a moment later, "Oh, the force is strong with that one." He snickered.

Crackle, "Force will be my foot in your face if you guys don't move. It's time to GO!"

By the quickness that Kazu and I obeyed you'd wonder if it was instinctual. Maybe it was...

Kidding aside, Hotaru's H.E.V. rounds pack a condensed force equivalent to 10 Megatons of TNT into a grenade sized shell. To give you an idea, our modern thermonuclear weapons back home have a theoretical maximum limit of about 6 Megatons of TNT force per metric ton of bomb mass.

Mumbo-Jumbo aside, what that means is we don't wanna fuck with the guy who can hit that kind of fastball. This is part where we run. And if we value our lives, run fast.


I had this urge to write this, can't say why. However, it's finals week so I can't afford to spend anymore time on it. Hopefully i'll pick it back up shortly.

If you think Nao is out of character, well he is older now and his name is now Nao. Deal lolz