So when Kalli and I get together I swear pure genius flows between us—vain I'm sure but with all of the things I lost since I can't recover anything from my hard drive, I welcomed the new ideas and LOVE this story almost more than "Restless Heart Syndrome" but not entirely…it's very close though.

That being said this story is fun for us and don't get turned off by the Wincest and Destiel and Wincestiel comments—there is no actual Wincest in this story or Destiel or Wincestiel…you'll understand what I mean when you read it.

That being said this story is adult—hence the "M" rating.

There's lots of swearing, crude humor, sensuality and innuendo and it's not for young-ins.

There's also a smidge of sex and though not descriptive, I have to warn you.

Bold face is for what the boys say on the TV to differentiate…again you will understand when you read on.



Kalli and Kyla sat in the dark on their couch in their cozy condo as the rain beat against their windows. It was the perfect night to watch 'Supernatural', so after grabbing some popcorn, cheesecake, cookie dough bites, starburst, twizzlers, salad and mashed potatoes, the two snuggled into the cushions and pressed 'play'. The familiar sounds of 'Monster at the End of This Book' filled the room and the two smiled.

"Uh…can I help you?" The comic book salesman asked the boys, Kalli's and Kyla's giggling over Chuck's boxers dying down.

"Sure hope so. Agents DeYoung and Shaw…just need to ask you a few questions." Dean told him as he and Sam showed their fake FBI badges.

Kalli nodded. "And they're perverse, let me tell you."

"Like what?" The comic book nerd asked as Kalli had drowned out Sam with her deep dramatic voice.

"Like would you pay me to bang my brother?" Kyla asked in her own deep dramatic voice to mask Dean's words.

The guy gave Sam and Dean a look. "Uh, I don't think so. Why?"

"Cause I'm so horny. My eenie-weenie is like this." Kalli said in the deep mocking voice, holding up her pinky and then extending it. "Boing."

The two girls erupted into laughter as the rain beat down harder and a little static went across the TV screen. Kyla made a face and Kalli pointed out the window as the thunder cracked and lightening flashed across the sky. For now the episode was still playing and that was all that mattered, so Kalli popped some cookie dough bites into her mouth and Kyla set to unwrapping a starburst square to eat.

"I almost forgive him this episode you know? All sexy lying there in the shirt I wanna do him in, reading." Kyla said with a shrug as Dean laid on the motel bed reading 'Route 666'.

Kalli nodded. "Almost…God look at Sam's shirt! It's all button-up and red."

"This is freakin' insane! How's this guy know all this stuff?" Dean asked Sam.

"Duh, he watches you." Kalli said out loud and Kyla nodded.

"Everything is in here—I mean everything. From the racist truck to…to me having sex—I'm full-frontal in here, dude. How come we haven't heard of them before?" Dean asked getting up.

Kyla snorted. "Eric is a very private man."

"They're pretty obscure—I mean almost zero circulation. Uh, started in '05; the publisher put out a couple dozen before going bankrupt." Sam explained.

Kalli laughed loudly. "Yeah, no doubt cause of the writer's strike."

Kyla joined in the laughter and shoved popcorn into her mouth, looking up at more thunder. Kalli sighed loudly and went over to the window as the TV flickered once more and pulled back the curtains. It was just a storm but it was interfering with their unwind from long days.

"The last one, 'No Rest for the Wicked' ends with you going to Hell." Sam told his brother, Dean now looking at the laptop too as Kalli sat back down on the couch.

"I reiterate: freaking insane. Oh, check this out—there's actually fans. Not many but still…did you read this?" Dean asked.

Kyla rolled her eyes. "Duh, Dean—Sam's the smart one."

"Although for fans, they sure do complain a lot." Dean pointed out.

Kalli laughed. "You would too if your show started to tank."

"Total crap, right?" Kyla agreed.

Kalli nodded. "Like flush it down the toilet crap."

"Yeah, well, screw you Simpatico: we lived it." Dean said aloud.

"Whiney Bitch strikes again!" Kalli exclaimed and she and Kyla high-fived.

"Keep on reading, it gets better." Sam told his brother.

Kyla and Kalli both gave another annoyed grunt and paused the DVD to check our the window one more time. It was raining harder and there were puddles outside as the flickering got worse and worse.

"Should we stop?" Kyla asked, but Kalli shook her head so the two sat back down and started it up again.

"There are Sam girls, Dean girls and…what's a slash fan?" Dean asked Sam.

Kalli laughed loudly. "Don't pretend you don't know, Dean."

"As in Sam slash Dean…together." Sam explained.

"Like together, together?" Dean asked.

"Yeah." Sam answered with a small nod.

"They do know we're brothers right?" Dean asked with a look on his face.

Sam nodded again. "Doesn't seem to matter."

"Incest is the best! Keep it in the family!" Kyla and Kalli exclaimed playfully, pumping their fists into the air and laughing.

Dean made a face. "Oh, come on that's just sick!"

Right then, the lightening went across the sky one more time and hit the electrical jack the TV and all the equipment hooked up to it was plugged into and the TV made a weird noise before it turned off. Kyla and Kalli were both rather upset about the turn of events and cursed a litter as Sam and Dean paused a moment in their new surroundings.

"Oh great we just got smited for saying 'incest if the best'." Kalli said gloomily. "Cas thinks we're fuckers. 'Jesus doesn't like the word 'incest'—fuck you'!"

Kyla laughed. "Cas is just upset we're disrupting the Wincestiel party."

"We're just borrowing Sam and Dean for a little while—Cas can have them back later." Kalli said with a shrug as the TV came back on. "See? He took that as an apology!"

"Well I mean if he wants Dean and his tiny—" Kyla began.

"—What the fuck is going on?" Sam asked out loud.

Kyla's ears perked up. "Sam just said 'fuck'."

Kalli raised an eyebrow. "What? That's not this episode! I don't see no Ghostfacers!"

Kyla giggled a little. "Mmm Ed and Harry."

"Fuck that shit." Kalli said in a matched happy tone.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Whoa, whoa, whoa—excuse me?"

The words caught Kalli's and Kyla's attention and they turned to face the two fictional hunters standing in their living room. They looked just as they had on screen—just hotter in person. Were they dreaming? What the fuck was going on?

Kalli stood up. "What the—"

Note: I have almost three chapters written already and it looks like this story is going to be really long—each chapter focuses on either an episode of the show or on Sam and Dean adjusting or both…plus this is kind of adult—this is your second warning. Also this story pokes fun at Kalli and Kyla just as much as it pokes fun at everything else…and includes a little venting and some things Kalli and I picked up on watching the seasons over…