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Same warnings apply:

There's lots of swearing, crude humor, sensuality and innuendo and it's not for young-ins.

There's also a smidge of sex and though not descriptive, I have to warn you.


"Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are standing in our living room!" Kyla exclaimed with a gasp. "I have to agree with Kalli: 'what the fuck'?"

Sam made a face. "All right…I think we all need to start over."

"Damn straight! It's called knocking!" Kalli exclaimed. "What if we had been naked or something?!"

"She's got a point—this is pervy!" Kyla agreed.

Dean and Sam let it sink in and then Dean chuckled a little and Sam smacked his arm. He knew his brother well enough to understand his thought process and it was not going to help them here. What they needed to do was figure out where they were and who these girls were.

"You two get naked together a lot just sitting around and watching TV?" Dean asked with a laugh and sent a glare to Sam when Sam hit him again.

Kalli gave him a look. "Is this some kind of really sick and awesome joke? We all know that you're nothing like your character, Jensen."

Kyla nodded. "It's true—I expect something like that from 'Sex on Legs' here."

Dean made a face when Kyla pointed at Sam and Kalli made eyes at Sam at the same time. He was pretty sure he'd stumbled into some weird reality where Sam was the wanted one…that perplexed him a moment. Kyla's snorting laughter brought him out of it and he made a face at the looks Kalli and Kyla were throwing his way as Sam started over again.

"Let's try this a different way: how do you two know Cas?" Sam asked them.

Kalli nodded. "Definitely Jared—asking obvious and oblivious questions all hot-like."

"Do you guys just wanna watch with us? We have enough snacks." Kyla offered. "The joke is kind of tired and we're missing good parts."

Sam and Dean were still confused but they had no authority or power to stop the girls from sitting down. When Kalli pressed 'play', Sam was the first to go alert and he stared at the television, nudging his brother in the ribs. The girls were starting over for them and the title sequence had them both lost for words as they saw Chuck in his boxers.

"What? They made a movie about this or something?!" Dean exclaimed. "The books weren't enough?!"

Kyla made a face. "Cute Jensen, acting all confused—now we're trying to watch."

Sam nudged his brother hard when he saw the two of them on the screen and felt déjà vu and anxiety fill him. Dean found his mouth going dry and they both caught 'Starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles' go across the bottom of the screen. Whatever was going on, it was complicated and it sure as Hell wasn't good as far as they were concerned.

"By the way…we're not going to sugar coat our viewing habits just because you guys are here too." Kalli explained, sticking a Twizzler into her mouth.

"Just need to ask you a few questions." Dean on the screen told the comic book salesman as he and Sam showed their fake FBI badges.

Kalli beamed. "Oh, and they're dirty. Wanna hear them?"

"Like what?" The comic clerk asked the boys.

"Like would you be into letting me watch you and my brother? I'll pay you." Kyla replied over Dean's words.

The guy gave the boys a look. "Uh, I don't think so. Why?"

"Same reason as before—I have nothing going on downstairs but I'm horny beyond belief." Kalli replied.

Kyla laughed with her. "I know right? Look at Dean's hungry eyes there!"

"Please tell me we did not get sent to Hell with SLASH fans!!" Dean exclaimed suddenly. "And my downstairs is just fine!"

Kalli and Kyla turned to the boys, Dean visibly uncomfortable and Sam still trying to piece it all together. He knew there had to be a reason for it all…he just wasn't sure where to start looking until the thunder sounded. Then Sam was at the window and Kyla was standing up with a look on her face as Dean crossed his arms over his chest.

"Are you for real or just seriously annoying?" Kyla asked Dean cautiously.

Dean gave her a look. "Do I look annoying to you?"

"Believe me you do not want her to answer that." Kalli replied with a laugh, turning to see Sam at the window. "What are you looking for or at exactly?"

"She means you." Dean said, poking Sam in the shoulder.

Sam turned to Kyla and Kalli as lightening flashed across the sky, a quizzical look marking his brow. It was a long shot and wouldn't make any sense, but it was his only theory and he had to ask questions. He was programmed to understand things and he and Dean wanted to go back to what they were doing—finish their hunt.

The girls seemed harmless enough even though they were beyond cheeky and probably mentally disturbed, but not evil. Sam and Dean had seen enough evil in their days to know the difference, and with their obvious knowledge of what was going on, part of Sam trusted them. Besides, they seemed quite fond of Sam, so perhaps Sam could get something out of them.

"What happened before we got here?" Sam asked the two slowly. "I mean…what was going on before we showed?"

Kalli paused the TV. "Actually…the power surged before you two showed yourselves. Are you…are you trying to say you're really Sam and Dean Winchester? The act is old and yet you keep going."

"This is like some really bad old sci-fi movie." Dean said with a sigh. "Is that what you're getting at Sam?"

"Well…the power surged while they were watching their show—clearly about us—and now here we are." Sam told his brother with a shrug. "I mean weird even for us but any other explanations?"

"Yeah!" Dean exclaimed. "They're both demons!"

Kalli and Kyla were both up on their feet now, terrified of the notion that Sam and Dean thought they were demons—IF they were Sam and Dean. On the one hand they weren't friends with Jared and Jensen by any means so them playing a prank on them was a ridiculous notion, but on the other hand it was more ridiculous to think that Sam and Dean had come out of the TV. Out in the real world, things like fictional characters popping out of the TV during electrical storms just didn't happen.

"Now hold on a minute!" Kalli told them forcefully.

Kyla nodded vigorously. "We're not gargling Holy Water or stepping in Devil's Traps or getting salt forced down our throats!"

"Hell our popcorn has salt on it! Not like Demon Skank's fucking fries!" Kalli tacked on.

"Yeah and we don't flinch at the name 'Christo'!" Kyla pointed out.

Dean sighed in defeat. "Fine they're not demons…I still don't believe we came out of a damn TV!"

The four stared at each other and suddenly found themselves at a loss for words—which rarely happened for any of them. Sam and Dean looked like Sam and Dean but out of the TV? Really? There had to be a better explanation and yet…the girls found themselves wanting Sam and Dean to be real right out of the TV—it was every SPN fan girls' fantasy in all reality.

"There's a way to know." Kalli said suddenly, shattering the silence.

Kyla sighed loudly. "Getting them all in the same room doesn't fly, Kalli—how do you suggest we get on set…oh…them. God, you'd think I was the blonde one!"

Kalli laughed and rolled her eyes. "Easier still than going all the way to Vancouver is this: Jensen has a live interview tomorrow night so if hee's there, then we really do have Sam and Dean."

"You mean…we have to stay here tonight?" Dean asked and then sighed when they nodded and Sam agreed.

Kalli smirked a little. "Oh and Sammy? There's room in between us on the couch."

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