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Summary: America never knew that being called 'Brother' could be such a turn-on...

America x Canada, Korea x China

A/N: Written for the Kink Meme

Canada was pouting, and Prussia quickly noticed.

"Hey, Kid," Prussia casually brought up, drizzling even more maple syrup than Canada on his fluffy pancakes, "You're in the presence of Awesome Me, why the hell are you sulking?" Prussia snickered as Canada seemed to flush a red that resembled his flag, obviously panicking.

"N-nothing's wrong!!" Canada stuttered, was his misery really that obvious? And even if it was, should someone like Prussia be able to notice it? Their friendship was a little bit odd – even Matthew thought so (but, he wouldn't complain; Prussia could always recognise him for some reason), but Gilbert had been coming over to his house on a weekly basis for pancakes ever since he had given the ex-nation a bottle of maple syrup (partially because he complained that Germany's pancakes 'sucked.')

"It's written all over your face, Kid." Prussia lazily stated, contently patting his stomach as he finished his Canadian breakfast, "Tell me or I'll invade your vital regions." Gilbert joked, but Matthew was sulking even more.

Canada took in a deep breath, not really wanting to tell because it was rather embarrassing, "Alfred – it's just... that – well, he doesn't pay me that much attention anymore." Matthew muttered quietly, it was quite stressing for him to try and fail to get America's attention.

The American was much too busy trying to sell his more 'creative' ideas to the world about the recession and countering Global Warming.

Prussia grinned wildly, his red eyes glinted as he seized this awesome chance for his awesome advice, "Kid – do you know how West gets my awesome attention?" Prussia smirked as Canada listened in intently, willing to hear anything. "He calls me Bruder."

"W-what?" Canada frowned, not really understanding what Prussia was getting at.

"Kid, just call America 'brother,' you'll understand eventually," Prussia smirked lazily, "Or better yet, call him brother in French or whatever else you can speak."

Canada honestly did not see how this would get America to pay more attention to him, but was willing to give it a shot anyway. Besides, he used to call Alfred Frère all the time just after he had become a British colony (when he couldn't speak a word of English).

England, who was rather harsh in trying to stop Canada from speaking French back then, had put a stop to that.

The air was filled with a comfortable silence, though Prussia simply could not keep the awesome grin off his face.

'Kid, there's simply no bigger turn-on than your brother screaming 'Brother' when fucking,' Prussia smirked.

'And I'm sure that America will agree.'

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