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America x Canada, Korea x China

Rated: T for now

"Aniki's breasts belong to me!"

China stiffened, feeling the familiar hands groping unabashedly at his chest. A larger form pressed against his smaller body, and Yao struggled, "Get off me – aru!" Yao stated in annoyance, finally breaking free of Korea's tight grip, "Go bother Kiku or something."

"Aniki doesn't want me around?" Korea pouted, widening his eyes in order to look more pitiful. It didn't really work against someone like China, "Taiwan already hit me for touching Japan." Yong Soo muttered, rubbing at his still-stinging cheek.

"Serves you right." China rolled his eyes, finding this chance to escape before Korea could react. Yong Soo sighed and pouted, wondering what he had to do to get his brother's attention (positive attention, that is).

China had adored him when he was a kid, so what had changed?


"So, where do you wanna go?" America asked, quickly steering Canada out of the building so no one would see them leave. England, with no doubt, would yell at him again for ditching the lame meeting. Alfred rolled his bright eyes at the thought, moving even quicker while practically dragging Matthew along.

"U-um, well–" Canada stuttered, and quickly added, "Frère, we can go wherever you want." Matthew felt excitement pool in his stomach as Alfred threw him a bright smile – his blue eyes distinctly lit up.

"McDonald's it is, then." America grinned, blinking when a shadow seemed to appear behind Canada. He could only watch as the tall Asian nation seemed to actually grope his brother's chest.

"Canada's breasts belong to me!" Korea snickered, rubbing at his friend's chest in a rather suggestive-like manner. Since he hadn't visited Matthew in a long while, he thought it was time to do so. Besides, Canada was a good listener – he might be able to give him advice on how to get China's attention, Matthew was smart like that.

America twitched slightly, unsure of how his body was reacting when some cute little squeaky moan erupted from Canada's lips at the rough groping and massaging, "Canada's breasts don't belong to you. They belo–!" Alfred quickly cut himself off before he could say more. Instead, he ripped his northern brother from Korea's grip.

"Are you jealous, America?" Yong Soo teased, causing Alfred to flinch back slightly – hoping he wasn't too obvious. However, Canada was just standing there, looking a bit oblivious, "Do you want me to touch you too? Because everyone's breasts belong to Korea!" Yong Soo snickered, turning back to Matthew, "We need to talk – visit, y'know?"

"But I was going out to lunch with Alf–Frère." Canada protested, squeaking as Korea seemed to ignore him – grabbing his his arm and dragging him out of the building without America, "Frère – it looks like Korea's going to come with us." Matthew muttered, not noticing Alfred's annoyed look.

America snorted, though he was rather unsure as to why he suddenly was angry at Korea's interruption of his time that was going to spent with Canada alone.

All he wanted was a bit of brotherly time, right? That's all...

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