Okay so there have been a lot of requests for a bit of a longer fic with ulquiorra and orihime in high school. I'm probably going to make this about four or five chapters, maybe a few more. But not one of those thirty some odd chapter epics I'm known for.

Oh so this is definitely for the S&S fans and the people over at the Ulquihime FC at Bleach Asylum who actually made the "ultimate Ulquihime playlist" that you should all get your hands on!

So enjoy!

Ulquiorra looked over at the couple sitting just across the way.

Orihime laughed brightly and laid her head on Ichigo's shoulder. His own shoulders were shaking with the same mirth as he pressed his lips to the top of her head. Ulquiorra leaned his head against the tree he was sitting under, focusing instead on the trees above his head rather than the scene going on nearby. He moved his hand over to his ipod, moving his thumb across the clickwheel and turning the volume loud enough to drown out the musical sound of her laughter. The idea that he was not the reason she was laughing, that it was not his arm around her waist, it was a troubling one. One that made his blood boil and his stomach twist and his heart cry for nothing more than spilling Ichigo Kurosaki's blood.

Ulquiorra had experienced the seven sins in their entirety but he was sure this was the worst. Lust. Lust for her. It was dark and twisted and wrong and he prayed that she would never find what lurked behind his calm gaze. He wanted to protect her, to keep her safe but just as much, he wanted to rip her uniform off and make sure the entire world, Ichigo Kurosaki included, knew that she belong to no one but him. Simultaneously he was disgusted and entranced by the idea. What her skin would feel like under his hands, what her lips would feel like pressed to his--what her everything would feel like pressed against him. He felt bitter in the back of his mouth. It was a good thing she was only seeing Ichigo Kurosaki, that her gaze was only on him. He was sure if she looked hard enough, she would see what lurked behind his eyes.

She would see the darkness in the calm.

Orihime had long since stopped being afraid of him. She denied that she had ever been really afraid, a little wary perhaps, but she would deny any true fear. And that was the problem. He knew she was afraid of him, at some point she had been afraid of him. And she had sure been afraid of Ichigo Kurosaki. The difference was that her fear in Ichigo had not been justified, not for anything that could not be controlled. Her fear in him was justified. In fact, it should have been a hell of a lot more than what she showed to him. He would have believed she simply did not want to tell him, she didn't want to hurt his feelings. But she never showed it to him, not since they left Hueco Mundo.

She had been there when he woke up the gigai, she had been there when he had been injured, healing him and bringing him back to life like she did for everyone and everything in the world. They all tried to protect her, tried to shelter her but at the end of the day she was the one who saved them all. She was the one who healed them, she was the one who brought them back from poison, from injury, a few times from death itself. She was the one they thought of when they fell, the one they saw when they woke up. She was the sun and they were the planets stuck in orbit around her.

He thought that perhaps they were all more than a little in love with Orihime Inoue.

But she had chosen Ichigo Kurosaki. Her gaze still softened for Uryuu and her smile still widened for Shinji and Sado but it was Ichigo who made her eyes light up. It was Ichigo that made her truly happy, in a way that Ulquiorra was sure that none of them had ever been able to.

It made Ulquiorra sick.

As disgusted as he was at himself, he was even moreso at the two of them. He knew he should be happy for her. He had done much to ensure she was safe, to ensure she would be happy. But now that she had found that happiness, he felt he wished for nothing more than for Ichigo Kurosaki to be dead. Or maimed. Or something other than the one making Orihime happy. He did not want her to know how dark and twisted he really was but, all the same, he did not truly want her to find happiness with someone else. It was enough to make him wish for the days when he wasn't so accustom to emotions. When he could blame the twisting, burning feeling in his chest on an old injury--on something physical.

The smell of lilies invaded his senses. Lilies were the shampoo she used, the perfume she wore. It made sense she would choose flower scents, given her power and her love of Spring and flowers in general. He opened his eyes to see her standing in front of him, fingers holding onto the strap of her bag. He looked past her to see Ichigo walking back towards the school. Orihime glanced behind her, smiling over her shoulder at him and Ulquiorra thought his stomach might revolt for real. From the pink staining her cheeks and the swell of her lips he knew they had been kissing moments earlier. She turned her gaze from Ichigo back to him, her smile widening as she knelt down next to him. Ulquiorra tapped the power on his ipod and removed the buds from his ears.

"You shouldn't listen to music that loud," she said, smile not slipping, "or you'll go deaf."

"It's almost time for class," he murmured, glancing at the watch on his wrist.

"You looked like you were sleeping," she said, "I didn't want you to miss class."

"Thank you," he said.

"Oh! You're welcome," she said, quickly fixing her smile, "a-are you feeling okay?" she asked finally, "you don't look so good," he felt his eyebrow incline in question, "I mean--" she fumbled, the pink of her cheeks darkening, "no that--" her eyes darted up towards him, "you just look like you might be sick."

"I am fine," he said pushing himself to his feet and offering his hand to her.

She smiled and placed her hand in his, letting him pull her to her feet. Absently she brushed her skirt, just to make sure there was no dirt anymore. That was another thing. Maybe it was because she had been in Hueco Mundo or maybe it was because of Ichigo but Orihime had been more careful with her appearance. Her eyes were suddenly deeper, more attention grabbing as her lids became colored, her lashes lined. Her lips were softer, shinier somedays even. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Especially when she wore lipstick. The pigment, the lie on her lips, it made him want nothing more than to wipe it off, to ruin it and expose what lay beneath. Today it was her hands. Her nails were colored, something he had not noticed when she had taken his hand. It was not simply the nail polish.

It was the fact it was green.

Green nail polish.

Ulquiorra the blood in his body boil. Green. Green was the color of his eyes, green was his color. And yet there she was wearing it. Not orange like the violent color of Ichigo's hair or blue light the bright of Uryuu's eyes or the black Tatsuki preferred or even pink like the violently colored shirt he saw peeking out of Sado's uniform. No she was wearing Green and Ulquiorra was not sure what he was supposed to do. Oblivious to what she was doing, she frowned and walked forward until they were almost toe to toe.

And then she reached out and pressed the back of her hand to his forehead.

Ulquiorra's eyes widened as his bangs settled against her palm. Her hand was cool and smooth against his forehead. She frowned and leaned closer, her violet grey eyes shining with concern. He could see the gold that she had used on them, the fain shimmer that seemed to make her eyes even more enticing than they usually were. He tried to swallow but his throat seemed to have closed off. He saw her smile slip as she looked at him.

"You're all flushed," she said lowering her hand, "maybe you should go to the nurse."

"No," he said quickly, "I'm alright," he added, clearing his throat, "we need to get to class or we will be late."

"Alright, if you're sure," she trailed off.

"Yes," he said.

Orihime nodded as he walked towards the building. She felt her fingers tighten against the strap of her bag.

At least one of them could be sure of something.

Orihime looked down, her brow furrowing as she realized that is ipod was still at her feet. Quickly she bent down and picked up the device, winding his headphones around the music player before stuffing it into her bag. She quickly ran to class, barely making it before the bell rang. She sat own and yanked out her notebook, fixing her eyes on the teacher as she began to lecture them on history.

All the while Orihime felt her heart beating in her chest. She glanced down at her hand, at her fingers that held the pen, fingers that ended in bright green nail polish. She wasn't sure why she had picked that color. She liked green just fine but she knew green was something she was always going to associate with Ulquiorra. Still every time she looked at her fingers she had smiled at the sight of them. She glanced over her shoulder, but instead of Ulquiorra her eyes went to Ichigo. He smiled, his eyes shining. Orihime smiled back before turning ahead, dipping her head to focus on her notes.

Ichigo was everything she ever dreamed off. He was her boyfriend and by all accounts, he was a great one. He was patient, understanding, kind and caring. He was attentive and protective as well. She loved the feeling of being in his arms, how when they wound around her she felt like there was absolutely nothing in the world that could possibly hurt her. She felt protected, she felt safe.

She felt like a doll.

Orihime closed her eyes, shaking her head to clear it. She felt like a doll when she was with him. He cared and tended to her, loved her even but every moment she was with him she felt like she was a child, like she was something that was going to break. Every moment with him she felt with more and more certainty that she was always going to be that in his eyes. That she was always going to be seen as someone that needed to be saved, someone that needed to be placed up on a high shelf so they couldn't be touched by the world around them. There were things she loved about being with Ichigo but the truth was that more often than not, she felt like she was being smothered. She felt like screaming. Like maybe if she pushed hard enough or shouted loud enough he would realize she was not just someone to be protected and saved, that he would see she was more than that.

But as time went on, she was sure that he never would see her like that.

She bent down and reached into her bag, pulling out the ipod she had found on the ground. Hiding it in her hand she pulled it onto her lap under the desk. Glancing every so often up at the teacher, she continued to listen with one ear while her thumb undid the lock button on the device. The screen came to life and Orihime glanced down at a song she did not recognize. She hit the menu button, taking her to the screen with his playlists. Her eyes widened as she quickly bit her lip, dipping her head to hide the smile that came to her lips. Her friends had banded together and caught Ulquiorra up on a few decades of musical history in their own special way.

I will not kill Ichigo mix

That was Tatsuki. Or maybe Urahara. Someone who wanted to make sure Ulquiorra did not get in trouble.

Sado's relax mix

Sado, definitely Sado. Orihime knew that Sado was far more into mellow music, music that one could listen to for hours on end. Music that you could get lost in.

Jinta (and Ururu)'s awesome happy mix

Of course Jinta would want the credit for it. Orihime shook her head, imagining what kind of songs would be on it.

Tatsuki's fight mix

Maybe that was Tatsuki's contribution. Probably songs to inspire Ulquiorra to come to martial arts practices after school.

She glanced behind her but everyone seemed preoccupied with class. The teacher continued to talk as Orihime scrolled through the few other playlists on the ipod. Most titles were just descriptions of what was on them. The teacher said something and she jerked her head up, quickly correcting one of the dates that was written in her notebook before her gaze darted back to her ipod. The pen froze on the paper, her eyes widened as the smile vanished from her lips, her fingers tightening on the ipod.

The Ulquihime playlist

Orihime stared as her mind caught up to what her heart was shouting. Ulquihime. It was their names.



Orihime felt her break into the biggest smile she could remember wearing. She had shyly given him a CD of the few songs she thought he'd like and they were all there, mixed up with songs she knew he really liked. Her eyes widened as she realized there were other songs mixed in, romantic songs. Songs that were--well, well they were love songs. Orihime stared as she felt the knot in her chest ease. Biting her lip she looked up at the board, focusing on class but the entire time she held the ipod tight in her hand.

Finally class ended. Orihime quickly grabbed the headphones out of her bag and wrapped them around the device. She hurried over to where Ulquiorra was standing putting his supplies away. He glanced over when she walked over to him, his eyes going to the ipod clutched her hands. He quickly brushed his pocket and realized he must have left it under the tree. Her face was flushed as she looked up at him, extending the ipod.

"Here," she said, "you left it under the tree."

"Thank you," he said, reaching out and taking it from her hand. Their fingers touched and Orihime imagined she felt electricity on her skin.

"Hey," her eyes widened when Ichigo's arm wound around her shoulders, "hey Uqluiorra."

"Hello," Ulquiorra said.

"You ready to go?" he asked looking down at Orihime.

"Yes," she said looking up at him, "bye Ulquiorra."

Ulquiorra was silent as they walked out of the room. He looked down at the ipod he held in his hand before quickly placing it into his bag. Slinging it over his shoulder he turned and walked from the room, heading out of the classroom towards the far stairwell. Down the hallway, Orihime watched him walk away, her eyes just able to see him over Ichigo's forearm.

"You okay?" he asked. Orihime turned her head and looked up at him, "you keep looking back. Did you forget something?"

"No," Orihime said, smiling up at him, "I--ah, I thought I forgot something but, you know what? I found it."

"Great," he said, his hazel eyes showing he clearly didn't understand.

Orihime leaned her head against his shoulder, realizing with a sinking feeling that he probably never would.

The thought did not trouble her nearly as much as she thought it would.