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"Demon Talking or Summon"

Demon Thinking or Summon

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Chapter 1

An Unknown Seal

October 10th. The day the Kyubi no Yoko attacked the village and rendered it down to shambles. The day the Yondaime defeated the Kyubi by sealing it into a new born child. More precisely, the Yondaime's daughter, Naruto Uzumaki. The baby girl is now in a crib inside the Hokage tower, in the hokage's office. Sitting in the hokage's desk is none other than the newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage. Right now, he is cursing his successor leaving him with all this shit he left behind.

The civilian council is more demanding than ever. The people are scared. The shinobi forces are at its lowest. And he left his daughter in his care. The old man is now sitting in 'his' desk figuring out what to do with her.

He can tell the village about her status as a container for the Kyubi and tell them the Yondaime's last wishes. But there are a few flaws with the Yondaime's last wishes. Why, the people are scared of the Kyubi and feared it. They won't see her as a hero the Yondaime wished for, but nothing other than the Kyubi itself. If he follows with that request, than his daughter will know nothing other than pain, sorrow, sadness and loneliness, it will most likely to result making her life a living hell.

The Yondaime had too much faith in his village.

"Jeez. I leave the village for a few days and the village is crumbled down. What the hell happened here sensei?" A man with long spiky white hair climbed through the window.

"The Kyubi attacked just a while ago Jiraiya. Your student had to seal it into his own daughter." He motioned to the crib on his left. "I need you to over check the seal and see if it works." He just had to make sure. Not that he had any faith in the Yondaime's sealing.

"His daughter eh." He moved over to the crib and can see a blond haired, blue eyed baby girl. "She has her father's hair and eyes." He looked her over even more and didn't find anything that relates her to Kyubi. "That's strange."

"What's strange?" gaining the attention of the hokage.

"She doesn't have any of the Kyubi's characteristics." The old man just looked at him as if he grown a second head. "All jinchuriki have characteristics of the demon they contain and she doesn't have anything that relates her to the Kyubi."

"Maybe it has something to do with the seal." The old man said hoping that the Kyubi isn't controlling the child.

Jiraiya checked the child's stomach and was alstrucked at what he is seeing. This isn't the seal he designed. The seal he is seeing that is shaped like a pentagon and had many circles and squares inside it, obviously seals, but nothing he has ever seen. At each end of the pentagon shape seal had the kanji of water, fire, wind, earth and lightning. They all interlock into the middle and had another kanji of darkness. They all had the color of its own element and inside the pentagon shaped seal had the color of red. Must be the Kyubi's chakra, but what kind of seal is this. It looks like the pentagon seal is trying to diminish Kyubi's chakra completely and I have never seen anything like this before. Not even the forbidden sealing had anything like this on it. Whatever it is, it is doing its job perfectly.

"Well old man. You got nothing to fear. The Kyubi is sealed up and the seal is working perfectly." Jiraiya said not wanting to scare the old man about a different seal on the child. "So what are you going to do with her?"

"I thought about telling the village about her status and telling them about the Yondaime's wishes." Jiraiya was about to advise against that. "But, decided not to go along with that."

"Good choice old man. The village is most likely to tear her apart." Jiraiya new about his student's wishes and his stupidity. He cared too much for the villager's safety and not the safety of his own daughter. "So what are you going to do with her and don't say take her with you. I don't know anything about looking after a child, especially if they are a newborn."

"He named you her godfather and Kushina named Tsunade as her godmother. Since you can't look after a newborn child and Tsunade is not here, than I have no choice other than to send her to an orphanage. Telling the village of her heritage will most likely have assassins after her and I will not have that. It would be best if I give her her mother's name." Jiraiya nodded in agreement. "Jiraiya, I want you to find Tsunade and tell her about her godchild. I just hope she decides to take her and raise her as her own."

"Yeah, if she comes back and takes her as her won, than she will take her outside of the village. She won't stay long after what happened to her fiancé and little brother." The aged shinobi nodded and new that the woman is suffering with her lost.

"Give her the news of this and don't press her into raising little Naruto here. If she doesn't wish to raise her than I will do what I can to make her happy and a strong kunoichi." The toad sage nodded and left the room with one more glance at the little girl in the crib.

I just hope that seal will hold out. That is something I will have to figure out what it is. He left via window and started his search for a possible mother with super strength and one hell of a temper. He just hopes that he will survive when he finds her.

With the old man he had his pipe in his mouth that is unlit knowing that a child is in the facility. He picked up the girl and went to deliver her to the orphanage personally and tell the village about the Kyubi's demise with many things left out.

If anyone had the ability to see in minds like the Yamanaka and used it on little Naruto Uzumaki, they would see a major battle inside the mindscape of Naruto Uzumaki.

What is fighting inside her mind?

None other than the Kyubi no Yoko and other six large unknown figures.

Why they are fighting?

Don't know.

All that is known to the Hokage is that the little girl in his arms is sleeping peacefully and inside of her is a raging battle.

To be continued

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