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Chapter 10

A True Dragon's Birth

It's been the two years since he had to split up with Naruto.

All he's been doing is traveling and training.

Zabuza is still asking him to kill the Mizukage, but Haku had to explain to the swordsman is that he can't take on a whole village. Even if he is stronger than the three tailed container, but he can't take on the full force of the loyal shinobi. If he joins the rebellion than he will be registered as a shinobi and he doesn't want that just yet.

So with nerves of ice and steel he decided to travel… with Zabuza and the Demon Brothers Gozu and Meizu tagging along.

He kept sending messages to Jiraiya on what he seen with Wind Dragons.

During his travels he learned more of Ice Techniques along with a few water and wind.

He kept in touch with Naruto via Wind Dragons and had small conversations with the wind dragon voicing the message which sounded like their voices which felt uncomfortable so they kept the use of scrolls.

It was through this that Haku learned of the Dragon Swords and how dangerous they are.

This is why he has been traveling the elemental countries with a new goal and that is to find these Dragon Swords.

Naruto has told him the classes that she ranged the swords to Haku.

It was through this that he kept away from the third class because of how it nearly killed Naruto with her encounter with one.

Because of this he learned a few more tricks, like sealing that he got from Naruto's scrolls that holds sealing for holding the swords he might find.

One of the things he learned is the Rasengan that Naruto taught him through scrolls. He already mastered it and the Oodama Rasengan but he can only do three of them a day. He tried to add his ice manipulation but it was two difficult and Naruto had to tell him that she only succeeded with her lightning manipulation and is near breakthrough with water and fire because of her master control over the two. She has master control over the other two, but she hardly uses them so she has some problem with adding earth and wind.

Haku figured that he needs mastery over wind and water to heighten his control over ice to make a breakthrough.

"Haku-san we are almost to the island." The water dragon said to the passengers that are riding on her back.

"Thank you Umi-chan, take your time." Haku said to the water dragon as he turned back to his subordinates.

"Why are we heading to a deserted island and don't tell me that we are going to find those swords. The last one nearly killed the brothers." Zabuza said as the two demon brothers were bandaged up head to toe.

"Ok." Haku said and remained waiting to get to the island. Zabuza had to resist the urge to beat the crap out of him, but he did say don't tell me.

"Hugh, why would one of those swords be on this island anyways? This is too far out to be in Mizu and if I remember, this use to be where that Whirlpool country use to be." Zabuza said and looked over to the ocean to see a many whirlpools that Umi is navigating around to get to the island.

This is the reason that Haku told Umi to take her time to get to the island because of the huge whirlpools they are navigating through and Umi is the best swimmer to move around the whirlpools and Haku could have summoned Leviathan but he needed to reserve his chakra for the upcoming battles that might come.

"Anyways what did you do with that sword?" Zabuza asked about the sword that caused the two brothers some harm and gave him some bruising.

"Iryuusui." Haku pulled out the second class sword or tantō from his inside pocket that caused them harm… well it didn't hurt them directly, it just sent jets of water that felt like getting hit by a steel bar or chair and both of the brothers were hosed down by the sword. "She won't cause harm now because she was just lonely."

"What about that sword?" Zabuza pointed to the katana on Haku's back that is one of the dangerous swords Naruto mentioned of the class three. Haku was lucky that the one he has is one of the peaceful ones that wanted to test his knowledge and loyalty or he would have had a huge problem fighting the tyrant dragon inside.

In fact all of the Dragon Swords he found were peaceful like the second class Imizukouhou. Another fact, he has been finding water base dragon swords from the start and two connected katanas called Amakaze which is both water and wind and second class. Not to mention the many first class swords that he found from bandits and shops that he stored in scrolls.

"Ukishima won't be causing harm if any of you touches it, anyways we should be near the island now." Haku motioned ahead and true to what he said the island that was once a powerful country is in their sights. The water dragon connected to the beach and let her passengers step on land.

"I'll summon you on the way back Umi." Haku said to the water dragon.

"Please do, these waters are very dangerous to navigate in and I don't want mistress Naruto to have a broken heart if you fall in." The water dragon said before poofing out of existence.

"We should set up camp before we head inside." Zabuza told the blushing Haku as he motioning to the recovering brothers.

"Let's get to higher ground." Haku said before shaking the red off his face and moved to pick up Meizu as Zabuza carried Gozu and went up the hill and found a cave which is good enough.

After they set up camp the brothers began to recover that caused one to sprang up awake.

"Where is it, where is it, get it away from me!" Meizu said… or is it Gozu… they weren't sure.

"Relax Meizu…" Zabuza said not sure if this one is Meizu. "… we were able to calm the sword down." Meizu calmed down and looked over his bandaged up body.

"How bad did me and bro get it?" Meizu asked and Zabuza took a relief breath getting the right brother right.

"Nothing serious, you just got mild bruising and Gozu got a few injuries that I am able to heal." Haku told the brothers being the leader and medic of the group which the trio were thankful for the leader having knowledge on healing.

"Where are we anyway?" Gozu spoke up after hearing the damage he suffered.

"In whirlpool." Zabuza told the two as both widen their eyes wondering how they got to the island with the ocean filled with whirlpools, maelstroms and unpredictable weather. "Anyways we should hide out here from the hunters since no one can get here without getting sucked in and I don't know any ships that could fight through the whirlpools and weather."

Haku nodded as he blew a small flame from his mouth to start a fire.

"Took you a while to start a fire." Zabuza said to Haku who has been trying to blow out flames and it took him a very long time to spew out flames.

"Hey! I don't have an alignment with fire since it is my opposite element." Haku told to the browless swordsman and started putting in wood into the fire.

1 Week Later

The Demon brothers had recovered from their injuries while Haku and Zabuza scout the island.

Both found the remains of the village that once reside on the island as Haku found some First Class swords that were lying all over the village.

Haku had to seal so many of the swords and wondered how a village have so many of these Dragon Swords. From what he gathered everyone of the village shinobi must have one of these swords and he had to seal the few second class swords he found. In fact the place is a gold mind of Dragon Swords.

"What's with this place?" Zabuza walked behind Haku seeing him seal a Third Class Sword that Naruto provided him when Haku sent a message to her about an island filled with Swords.

The seal Haku is doing is a four point containment seal. He puts a diamond pentagram around the sword with each corner that has a kanji for repress. When he does that he uses a medium size scroll to contain it. Once that is done he puts another repress seal and a blood seal on the scroll so he is the only one that could open it and to make sure nothing comes out of it.

"I don't know, but the place is filled with them." Haku said as he put the scroll away. "This is the Ninth Third Class sword I had to seal away and only one of them tested knowledge and loyalty." Haku motioned to his hip that is a wakizashi.

"Why are you carrying them other than sealing them up?" Zabuza looking upon the wakizashi on his back hip, the katana on his back, the tantō in his pocket and his main weapon on his side hip, yeah Haku turned into a sword fanatic.

"They wanted to be by my side so I might as well take them." Haku said to him as he drawn Hyōrinmaru to block an attack.

"Crush all in your path! Gojira!"

Haku blocked a huge sword that could have crushed him into a smear on the ground and he felt like he is going to be a smear on the ground with the sword crushing him.

Haku pushed the person with the sword back and got a better look on the person.

The woman is drop dead gorgeous with her dark skin and shapely body along with her wavy silver long hair and blue eyes. Her clothing is a regular turtleneck sweater and black pants with an armour vest that Anbu wear and black high heel sandals. The sword she is holding is a huge black green rough rock zanbato that looked like a head of a dragon that has an eye socket and a spike at the end of the zanbato that looked like a nose horn with small holes for a nose.

"I got this?" Zabuza said taking his trusty Kubikiri Hocho in hand.

The woman only sneered and tightens her grip on the handle of her zanbato and pulled the handle down extending it and the blade of her zanbato drawn sharp jag looking teeth.

Zabuza only stared at the sword for a while before steeling his resolve and got ready for a fight. "I still got this."

"I'd be careful Zabuza that zanbato she has is a class three and she looks like she is in control." Haku warned him and Zabuza only got ready.

"Thank you kami." Zabuza mumbled to himself not wanting to fight a crazed blade destroying all in its path.

Both the woman and Zabuza stood their ground waiting for the right time to fight… it was one of the things Zabuza learned in his travels looking for these kinds of swords.

"What are you doing fighting our guest?" Both Haku and Zabuza looked over to where the voice came from and saw another woman.

"Sorry mistress, but I am just finishing up." The woman said just before she got ready to fight.

"Don't bother Kizuato, they mean no harm." The woman told the woman now named Kizuato but she didn't put away her zanbato. "Kizuato stand down." The woman said sternly to the woman.

"Yes, mistress!" Kizuato said as her zanbato turn into a regular looking zanbato and strap it to her back. Zabuza to stand down as he strap his Kubikiri Hocho on his back.

"I must apologize for Kizuato, she tends to jump the gun a bit." The woman in question looked like Kizuato but with red hair and green eyes and wearing an elegant red kimono.

"I know what you mean." Haku said as he too looked at Zabuza from the corner of his eye.

"My name is Kishina Uzumaki and this firecracker is Kizuato Uzumaki and welcome to my village… what is left of it." She introduced herself to Haku. "And who may you be miss…" Kishina asked innocently not knowing that Haku is a guy and Zabuza was trying so very hard not to laugh but he was failing miserably.

"I'm Haku and I'm a guy." Haku said as he shot a glare at the now laughing out loud Zabuza and the glare only intensified his laughter.

"My apologies Haku-san and is this your servant?" She asked again so very innocently as Zabuza's laughter now died and was ready to kill her but Kizuato stood in front of her ready to defend Kishina.

"He's my subordinate Zabuza Momochi." Haku said with an emphasis on the word subordinate which halted Zabuza from killing the woman. "And he tends to jump the gun."

"I can see that." Both Haku and Kishina shared the same look as they eyed their subordinates one more time. "May I ask what you are doing here and how you got to the island and why are you taking the Dragon Swords?"

Haku began to tell Kishina on his journey of finding these swords to make sure that the wrong hands don't get a hold of them which she agreed with considering that the ones he sealed into scrolls that could hold them until he could get strong enough to fight them.

Kishina was surprised that Haku got to the island on the back of a water dragon. He proved to her that he could summon a dragon and of course he summoned the Wind Dragon Boss Orta.

The said dragon looked around until it saw Kishina and Kizuato in front of her. "I see that the Uzumaki clan is still alive." The dragon said gaining Haku's attention.

"What do you mean still alive and how do you know of the Uzumaki." Haku asked as Orta looked around the area.

"This is what happens to people who take power that they can't wield." Kishina looked away as the Dragon nodded. "Years ago I would say about thirty or forty years, the Uzumaki clan is one of the strongest clans in the elemental country. The clan was so powerful that they created a village away from the main land and hidden on an island surrounded by whirlpools." Orta told Haku.

"Yes our clan was powerful, not because of our skills, but because of the swords we used." Kishina looked like she is ashamed of something. "My clan was so power hungry that the strongest shinobi of our clan tried to wield the blade of destruction." The dragon looked over to Kishina and out to the forest.

"Is that the Ragnarok I sense?" The Dragon asked Kishina as she nodded. "I see, than the Ragnarok slaughtered your clan I assume."

"Yes, the Uzumaki clan specializes with swords which explains the amount of dragon swords you found Haku-san. My clan didn't know what they were getting into and I despised my clan that they were using power that was no theirs. I was the only one that trained without using a sword and because of that I was able to live after the clan's swords stop giving my clan power before the sword actually killed everyone." Kishina said in distained as Kizuato looked worried for her mistress. "Only I and Kizuato survived the slaughter and we were trapped here ever since."

Orta nodded her head. "When that man tried to wield Blade of light and destruction, the sword had the power to make dragons quiver in her presence that your clans power which is the swords were so scared that they sealed themselves in sword like states. You only survived the slaughter because you never practiced with your sword I take it."

"Yes, I was only able to get Kizuato out alive since she was a newborn at the time and never used Uzumaki Dekisui." Kishina pointed to Kizuato as Orta looked at Kishina's hip to see a sword that she has that she hardly uses. "During our stay we noticed a few changes with our bodies."

"Yes, the Dragon Blood has returned and the people of whirlpool must have a small amount of dragon blood in their veins. That would explain your young appearance." True the woman should look over forty or thirty but both look like they were in their early twenties. "The Mistress is very lenient with who gets the power of dragons. She has already found three of her Heirs and needed four more."

"Seven? I thought there were supposed to be six." Haku asked knowing that Naruto's Excelion is a blade of light.

"One for each element and there are seven elements. Fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, light and dark, these seven must have an heir to continue on." Haku had a look that was asking why this was not explained from the beginning. "Tia is a lazy dragon and she doesn't do her job properly."

"ah." Haku said remembering the time he met that dragon who suddenly acts very professional when she wants to be.

"As for you two." Orta walked over to the two. "You two should be dead after Ragnarok killed the village, but the mistress of dragons also came from this village."

"There is another survivor?" Kishina asked hopefully as she looked at the dragon.

"Yes, she is very powerful, strong enough to hold the power of Excelion and probably the Ragnarok if she wanted too. Haku." The dragon asked the boy who nodded getting the message. "Your survivor is not from whirlpool, but born in another village, she is the offspring of the survivor. Don't expect lady Naruto to accept you with open arms, she has enough trouble as it is."

"Troubles?" Haku asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, your princess is fine." That caused him to blush as the Dragon smirked. "She just finished dealing with the people that could harm her politically, right now she is working on a seal to finish a deal she had with a Hyuga." Orta began explaining what she did with the Hyuga clan elders which got Zabuza to shiver at the thought of those swords taking over his body and decompose it slowly.

"So she had to eliminate her enemies in the village?" Haku asked Orta who nodded.

"Yes, she cleaned up the council, eliminated a war monger, gained an alliance with other clans and gained a few more clan members. She's taking in students next year and I already know who they are since she got a profile of them." Orta explained sensing three strong elements within those three students, then she looked over at Kishina a lot more closer. "Now that I think about it." She said walking towards Kishina taking her appearance a lot closer. "Hips, chest size, hands, cheek bones, lips, legs…" Then she looked directly into her eyes. "Change the hair to white and eyes to blue you got a carbon copy of Lady Naruto."

"What the hell you talking about dragon?" Zabuza asked as the Wind Dragon Boss ignored the jab from the swordsman.

"Just look at her." The Dragon pointed at the woman who felt uneasy being under the spot light. "Just change the hair color and eyes and you got Naruto in front of you." Haku imagined it and turned away to hide the nose bleed and blush on his face. "I see Haku-san got the picture."

"What do you mean that the survivor is an Uzumaki?" Kishina asked Orta who looked her over again.

"She changed her name from Uzumaki to Ryuu to hide from her parent's enemies and create a new clan. She is doing fine with the clan and the mastery of the elements. She reached your level of control with Ice from two years ago Haku-san." Orta told Haku who finished cleaning his nose bleed.

"Naruto-chan reached that level already." Haku said amazed that Naruto is able to get to that level in two years.

"She already master inferno and boil with average control over storm, chaos, crystal and wood. In another year she would have those four mastered." Orta told Haku sounding a bit proud of her level of mastery.

"Great, bad enough that she has mastery of the five elements." Zabuza muttered to himself as Kishina and Kizuato looked shocked that someone would have that much control over the sub elements.

Both knew that something like this would be impossible even with mastery control. Even if it was possible the mind won't be able to handle the storage of learning a huge amount of techniques. The mind is like a library if the library is filled then the mind will start to erase files or memories that are not needed, so that the mind won't be overloaded with information and the person won't go insane with the number of information they have. So how is this Naruto able to withstand having all that information she has in her head and still be sane.

"I'll take those if you want." Orta pointed to the pile of scrolls that Haku has and he nodded sealing them in a bigger sealing scroll that Naruto had provided for him. Orta clamped one of the scrolls in both of her wing claws taking the scrolls filled with Dragon Swords. "Is that all of them?" Orta asked as Haku nodded his head. "Then my job is done here." Orta stretched her wings and blasted off into the air and within seconds they all heard a loud boom sound.

"Well, there goes the messenger." Zabuza said breaking the silence. "I'm heading back to the cave to check on the brothers." He said just before he headed towards the camp they set up.

"Would you like some tea Haku-san?" Kishina asked the young man who nodded. "Please follow me."

Haku followed Kishina as Kizuato kept a constant eye on him to make sure he doesn't make any wrong move.

"Kizuato, stop giving him the stare you're making us both uncomfortable." Kishina said to Kizuato who had to look away when she gave her a look. "Please forgive her, she is kind of protective of me." Haku just nodded and wondered if he should just get the hell off the island.

At least Zabuza was smart enough to leave. Haku thought to himself while following Kishina.

In Konoha

"Now I should have been the one to kill that old bastard!" Naruto shouted as she read the three files of her students.

"How bad is it?" Anko asked peeking into the files of the three ex-members of root or ex-recruits.

"They all suffered from Danzo." Naruto said as she grabbed a file and showed a picture to Anko. "Itamidome or Itami for short has suffered from Danzo's brainwashing and suffered mild side effects after Inoichi finished de-brainwash her. Right now she is cold, calculate and protective, deadly with a blade and very strong in taijutsu."

Anko look over the picture to see a spiky silver haired girl with red eyes and looked kind of athletic and has that stern look in her eyes. She opened the file and read it and came across something that got her attention. "Hatake?"

"Yup, Danzo got his hands on Sakumo Hatake's body and used his soldiers to get someone pregnant and she is the result. Lucky we got rid of Danzo or we would all be in trouble. Kakashi is looking after her and seems to look at her as a little sister." Naruto said as she moved on to the next student. "The girl's name is Meiun or Fate if you want to be literal."

Anko looked over the picture to see a blond with red eyes and looks kind of thin, but from where she came from Anko knew that there is something up with her.

"Fate is the fastest student in the academy. Faster than the Uchiha kid." Anko only scuffed at that. "Yeah, besides that she has a condition."

Anko looked over the file to see what is wrong with her. "Her body produces electricity and shocks anyone who comes into contact to her."

"Not just anyone, anyone her body thinks is a threat. She doesn't shock her friends like Itame. Fate is an experiment by Danzo, the bastard shocked a pregnant woman twenty-four seven until she died giving birth to her. I don't know how she survived, but because of that treatment Fate has developed a very high affinity to lightning and is one time seen that she unleashed a plasma shot." Naruto pulled out a picture that had a tree with a huge burned hole in it.

"Plasma… what elements are used for that one?" Anko asked as she looked closer to the picture.

"Fire, Wind, and Lightning are the elements. I haven't even reached the high level elements and she did it like it was nothing, but lacked the control. The old council tried to get her into a breeding program but that was thrown out of the window by the Hokage stating that she could feel threatened and start killing anyone that comes near her, which is very true if you have a scared child with the ability to manipulate lightning at mastery level. Her state of mind is very timid and shy, but with Itame's help she is able to get her out of her shell." Naruto held the last file and she held it for a second before giving it to Anko.

"What's so special about this one?" Anko asked as she opened the file and looked at the picture. "You have got to be kidding me."

"No I am not. I don't know how he did it but he succeeded." Naruto said as she looked at the picture. "He was able to get a sample of my DNA."

Anko nodded and looked at the picture to see a miniature version of Naruto. From what the file has down, Danzo captured her and experimented on her. Pictures of what she use to look like are long lost. The difference between them is her long cobalt blue hair tied in two pigtails that reach to her legs. The most notable thing about the picture is the two black horns sticking out of the side of her head and which curves upwards and end in two neon blue tips.

"The picture alone screams dragon blood." Anko said as Naruto nodded.

"She ain't pure born or given dragon blood so her main element is Dark. Because of the unnaturalness of her dragon blood, her powers are uncontrolled and chaotic. The Hokage had to put a genjutsu on the horns to have her have a decent academy life. We all know how cruel kids can be." Naruto sighed as she slump down on the couch. "Remilia Azure is her name."

"Odd name." Anko said as she looked at the picture. "What the hell is she wearing?"

"Don't know, it looks like a kimono, but it is not and looked frilly. From what the academy instructors said she is very manoeuvrable in it." Naruto said to Anko and she was about to talk more about the girl until she felt something rub on her leg. She looked down to her leg to see a small kitten size dragon.

"Where do you get these guys?" Anko reached down to pick up the little hatchling.

"I felt like having another one and Narga needed company." Naruto said as she took the hatchling out of Anko's arms and looked it over. "From what Tia said this little guy is an ice version of Nargacuga." The said hatchling looks like Narga but is white with scales instead of fur and spikes on the back and small teeth in the upper front jaw like a sabre tooth. "Hungry already Bari?"

The hatchling gave a small meow that sounded a bit echoed that sounded cute to Naruto who started smothering the little hatchling.

Anko looked at Naruto and prayed that little guy won't replace the current cat Tora or the genin will never be able to complete that mission.

Naruto was broken out of smothering the little hatchling when she heard a crash sound in the back with the sound of wings flapping.

"Hmm… Haku already sent a message." Naruto said to herself as she walked towards the back door to see the Wind Boss Dragon. "Oh, hey Orta, what did Haku summon you for?"

"Nothing much, I'm just here to drop off his hundreds of Dragon Swords from First to Third Class Swords he found." Orta said releasing two large scrolls from its wing claws.

"Sheesh, that many, where did he go, a sword convention." Naruto said looking at the two large scrolls that could hold a huge amount of swords.

"Nah, if there was a sword convention Yugao would have been talking about it for the last month." Anko said to Naruto about her friend in Anbu.

The said woman is one of Konoha's kenjutsu specialists that are behind Naruto is skill. A proud woman that is proud enough to ask for some training from someone who is more skilled which Naruto happily agreed to teach her some techniques… along with her boyfriend Hayate Gekko who is also a kenjutsu specialist.

Hayate Gekko, sickness, disease or cougher that Anko has so happily called him a few times when she met him. He has this lung disease that gives off these coughs that hinders his training.

Naruto is an all round shinobi from taijutsu, ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu, kenjutsu, medical jutsu and chakra base training she knows of and knows nothing on seduction and genjutsu. Thou she doubts that she needs seduction training or genjutsu training.

Anyways she has a lot of knowledge in medicine and she developed a medicine that would help clear out Hayate's lungs. The medicine is helping him and he only coughs when he is under very stressful conditions. Just a few more weeks his lungs will be cleared and he will soon start with more advanced training that he has been denied.

Speaking of training people outside of the Ryuu clan, Naruto has been teaching Hikaru and her pup fire manipulation. She wasn't sure how she did it, but the said girl is able to turn her fang over fang technique into a fire tornado that is more lethal than the regular fang technique. Hikaru has also added fire manipulation with her family's taijutsu.

The Inuzuka clan has looked into her training and realized that adding their main elements with their techniques can make them more lethal, but only the next generation is able to go through this training because they are too late with developing their elements.

Because of Naruto's relationship with the Inuzuka clan she has also looked into Tsume's son's element and learned that his element is lightning. All she provided for his training is recharging batteries while Hikaru starts with melting an iron bar. Naruto had a theory that if Hikaru train hard enough she will be able to withstand fire.

The Hyuga clan… well she gave them the cage bird seal release and has developed a relation with them from giving them pointers on medical techniques and water and earth training.

The other clans, well she hasn't gained a relation with them other than going out drinking with Shikaku and his friends whenever she has free time.

"He went to an island called the whirlpool country and found them all lying around. He also found the two last members of the Uzumaki clan." Naruto flinched when she heard the Uzumaki name. "They are currently with Haku and from what I have seen, one of them look like an adult version of you with a few colour changes and has the blood of dragons in their veins." Naruto only nodded and took the scrolls and shunshin them to her office.

"So… what is this Haku like?" Anko asked the dragon who looked thoughtful.

"What do you want to know?"

With Naruto

"Hey sis, you have any storage scrolls I could borrow?" Tenten asked as she peaked into Naruto's office.

"There are some on the table over there." Naruto just point to a table and not looking but concentrating on a scroll in front of her.

"Hey sis, can you help me with gathering high density metal later on?" Tenten asked Naruto about gathering metal.

Naruto had owed Tenten something big and that something is to get Tenten her own forge. The girl has taken a liking to make her own weapons. With practice she will be able to make weapons as great as Kubikiri Hocho.

"Like I said Tenten I will only gather you metal until you reach a level that can rival swords like the Kubikiri Hocho." Naruto said to Tenten who only pouted.

"But you can add seals to make it as deadly like the Kubikiri Hocho." Tenten shot back as Naruto looked over to Tenten.

"And that is the point. I don't want you to rely on my seals. The sword is only as good as the person who makes them." Naruto lectured to Tenten but only received silence. "Tenten?" She looked over to the door to see no one there. "That girl…" She mumbled as she went back to her notes. "Uzumaki… I know dad wrote that name around here somewhere." She said to herself as she shuffled around her father's notes.

Back To Tenten

"Hey Anko can you help me gather some metal?" Tenten asked the older woman who should be wearing clothing that aren't so revealing.

"No can do brat. I'm still working on gathering iron and that is difficult as hell and I am still learning how to hold these two girls." Anko patted the two ninjatos on her hips. "Besides I have to go back to the I&T department today." Anko waved to Tenten and melted to the ground thus leaving the area.

"Hey Orta, know any fire dragons that could help me out?" Tenten asked the wind boss who is lying around the ground who is playing with the white hatchling.

"Fire Dragons that could help you… not that I know of, but I do know you can melt material together to make them stronger." Orta said as she playfully push the hatchling on its side and watch it try to flip up right.

"Melt material together, but won't that make it heavier?" Tenten asked about melting materials together.

"Heavier and stronger yes, this way you can practice or experiment with such melts." Orta explained as the dragon looked up as if sensing something. "I got to go Tenten. I have a meeting to attend to." Orta said as she puffed out of existence and left Tenten and the hatchling alone.

"Well Bari, it's just you and me." Tenten said as she grabbed the hatchling and petted it as it soon began to fall asleep in her arms.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Good, Orta you're here." Tia said as Orta entered the building in Naruto's mind which has gotten bigger with four storied high. "Now that everyone is here, we are to discuss that it is time to leave Naruto's mind."

"What! No way am I leaving her mind! She needs us and she isn't ready to have the full Dragon Blood yet!" Volvagia exclaimed not wanting to leave Naruto's mind.

"We have nothing more to teach her Volva. She needs to handle this on her own. The only dragons that could help her with this change are either Excelion or Tiamat." Leviathan said in a calm and demanding voice that made her sound so powerful.

"B-but what if she loses her mind?" A worried Volvagia said not wanting to leave knowing what would happen.

"If we continue to stay in her mind we will only cause more harm to her." Huang Long said gaining the other tenants attention. "Our presence in here is holding back her Dragon Form. If we continue to stay, we will only guarantee that she will go on a rampage." Tia nodded to the aged old man

"How are we going to teach her the higher elements then?" Volvagia continued as the other dragons agreed with her waiting for Tia to answer.

"That is what summoning is for. When she feels like learning the higher elements that she will summon us." Tia said sounding very leader like that made the other Dragons calm down.

"You're leaving as well." Jin asked but it sounded more like a statement as the dragon nodded sadly.

"Afraid so, her mind is so calm and organized that I am no longer needed here." She motioned to the library seeing a scroll materializing and organized itself. "The only one that could stay is Excelion or any other Dragon Sword she carries."

"Oh that reminds me." Orta said gaining the other dragons attention. "I know where the other Divine Dragon Blade is."

With Naruto

Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto thought looking over the name of her parent. So the old man wasn't kidding when he said she was as deadly as Fatalis. She thought as she read the history and reputation of her mother during the third shinobi war.

Not even her father gained the kind of reputation her mother has earned. Sure he slaughtered thousands of Iwa shinobi with one jutsu but her mother is able to fight with the same number of shinobi with taijutsu, ninjutsu and kenjutsu. Her father sure is a genius, but her mother is a god damn tank. She had chakra that rivalled three kages, strength that matched Tsunade and skill equal to Salamander Hanzo. Hell she could have been the Yondaime but she was a foreign shinobi that didn't gain the trust of the council. It is a good thing Naruto got rid of that council. Out with the old generation and in with the new generation.

What troubled her is that she did all this without the use of Dragon Blood.

She was a pure shinobi. Sure she had techniques from Dragons but she didn't have any dragon scales, senses, strength, control or any of the other elements. Kushina Uzumaki is the embodiment of hard work. This only gained her more respect for her mother.

But then there is her father.

The Yondaime Hokage or what people have known him as Minato Namikaze. The man is what people would call a genius from battle tactics to techniques. Hell he created the Rasengan and the Hiraishin technique.

She mastered the Rasengan and completed it, but the problem now is the Hiraishin. She spent majority of her time trying to figure it out but came up to a point that she created her own fast precision technique called Shunpo, but that didn't came anywhere near to the Hiraishin. Shunpo or Flash Step made her dangerous enough, so she spent majority of her time trying to figure out the technique.

From what she read of the Hiraishin, it seems to be more like the Body Flicker Technique, but to a greater range. If she had to guess it is like a reverse summoning but she wasn't sure that it is reverse summoning, but she knew that it has something to do with time and space, rather than fast movement. It was like summoning an object to her, but more like summoning her to that object is more like it.

If she continues on with this she might be able to figure out what she is doing wrong.

Maybe some other time. Naruto thought as she got off her seat and instantly fell to her knees with short of breath.

Naruto's Mindscape

"It is decided." Tia said as the other dragons nodded their heads. "Excelion." She looked over the dragon sword who nodded to her. "Keep her safe." She said just before the six dragons shimmered away from existence leaving Excelion alone.

"Hmmm." Excelion looked outside noticing the place is shaking as the house stood still. It was the only place that will remain while the outside changed. "I wonder what her mind will turn into when she turns into a dragon." She thought as she sat down in front of a table to drink tea while she waited for Naruto to finish with the change.

With Naruto

She wasn't able to make a rational thought as she felt her whole body was being shredded off by a weed hacker and been splashed with sulphuric acid and injected with liquid nitrogen. That is what her body felt like, melting and shredding on the outside and freezing on the inside. The next feeling she felt was that she felt like her body was stretching painfully as she looked at her arm and noticed white scales underneath her skin.

Naruto tried calling for help but the only sound she made was a grunt or a growl.

Then like getting hit by a Tsunami she felt a wave of pain that made her roar out loud that sounded across the village.

Naruto's Mindscape

"She's taking on that form." She said to herself as she looked thoughtful as she sipped tea. "I thought she would take a Wyvern Form or an Elder Form but this… heh… this is getting very interesting. Maybe I should have Ragnarok join me in here." Excelion thought as the world outside the house changed into a world of everlasting mist with pebbles on the ground as the only source of ground. "Definitely get Ragnarok in here. Better hurry Naruto and gain control of that form or this misty world will forever be your mindscape."

To be continued

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The three students are characters I got from the people who one the challenges earlier on.

Remilia Azure is from a crossover with another story in Fanfiction called Lords of the World by Aurion123, its short but it is actually quite good.

Fate is from another Anime called Nanoha and suggested her in the story with Plasma as her main element and Bardiche as her weapon.

Itamidome or what was meant to be called Paine but there is already a Pain in the story so I had to change it to Painkiller which is Itamidome and Itami is Grief. She will be what you call a girl version of Kakashi or what I have written down as his little sister and before you asked, yes he will corrupt her into reading icha icha and gain is vices like being late. Do I have to explain some more. Her blade is the Silver Fang that Sakumo is famous for.


Iruusui – Connate Water or Birth of Water

Imizukouhou – Water Jetting

Amakaze – Rain and Wind

Ukishima – Floating Mass of Waterweeds

Gojira – Godzilla

Kizuato – Scar

Uzumaki Dekisui – Drowning Whirlpool

Itamidome – Painkiller

Itami – Grief

Meiun – Fate

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