This is one of the many endings of Hana and Jael's story that I've come up with. Not the one that happens but one of my favs so I thought I'd post it here.

The Final Saga

I watch you from the shadows,

And I envy you your light.

But when I emerge to speak,

My words don't come out right.

"Hello, Jedi," I say,

With an evil sneer.

I draw my lightsabre,

And I see your fear.

"Come back, Hana," you tell me,

With a resigned sigh.

I laugh, coldly and cruelly.

"You Jedi all lie!"

"Your teachings never helped me,

Made my pain go away.

They never made me happy,

Now go back you say?"

"Ah, Hana,

I remember when you were young.

And I still remember,

Every song you've sung."

"But," with a sneer I tell you,

"I am young no more."

And the Sith inside me,

Lets out a great roar.

So we faced each other,

One Master to the next.

One of light and peace,

One of dark and reflex.

And with that we sprang,

With an almighty crash;

Our sabres hit each other,

So began our last clash.

We parried and we struck,

Neither hitting flesh.

Though the battle was pitched,

We were both still fresh.

My power was behind each strike,

Behind yours, your grace.

And soon it was no battle,

But a desperate race.

Our rhythm became faster,

Every strike and lunge.

And deeper in the jungle,

Unknowing, we plunged.

Our field became rougher,

Every root a snare.

Every hole we passed,

Could be some creature's lair.

But, feverish, we fought,

Paying terrain no mind.

Our blows becoming stronger,

Repaying each in kind.

We pushed and pulled each other,

With the full might of the Force.

Until, over a stray tree root, you tripped,

And filled with remorse;

I stood over you,

My sabre held aloft.

The Sith inside me screamed for blood,

But then I heard a soft:

"Hana… please… you know you don't,

Really want to do it.

Somewhere inside is your love for me,

Please go look for it."

I hesitated,

And there lay my mistake.

You seized your chance and threw me,

And I felt my bones break.

As I lay against that tree,

Agony running through my veins,

I hissed up at you,

"Soon the Sith shall take the reins.

"We shall lead this galaxy,

Into a new age.

You Jedi shall be wiped out,

Defeated by our rage."

You shook your head sadly,

And beside me knelt.

Put your hands on my forehead,

And your cool breath I felt.

"Oh, Hana, my sister,

Once young and full of life.

You have known nothing but pain,

Agony and strife.

"But the day will come,

When your spirit will be free.

Now I give my peace to you,

And take your pain into me."

And something I had never felt,

Filled all of my pores.

I wept bitter tears,

As it closed open sores.

"Sister dear, forgive me,

Though I deserve it not.

Grant me one final gift,

Release me from my lot.

"My heart is dark beyond compare,

I'm beyond all redemption.

Jedi have sworn not to kill,

But I beg of you, make just one exception."

I saw you shake your head,

And tears run down your cheeks.

"Ask that not of me, sister,

I can't offer you that relief."

"I want peace on my heart,

On my final day.

Never again may I find it,

Please, do it my way."

And then slowly, you nodded,

And murmured in my ear.

"I will always love you,

My only sister dear."

"I love you more than I can say,

Always have and always will.

From the currents of the Force,

I will watch you still."

And then you gave me over,

To the blessed sleep.

The very last thing I saw,

Was your pain-filled weep.