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Warnings: MalexMale situations.

Main Pairing Reggie and Brock

side pairing Ash and Paul Comashipping


Ash, Brock, and Dawn have made a detour on their journey. Specially for one reason, there was going to be a Pokemon Breeding convention. The convention was going to be held on a huge cruise line. All the top breeders were going to be abroad. Brock did not want to miss this chance of a life time. Ash and Dawn had to agree, they knew how important something like this was to their fellow friend.

The ship was about to set sail, the ship's horn sounding. The group of friends were rushing up the ramp, shouting wait, over and over again.

Handing their tickets over, one by one, the group of friends boarded the ship just seconds before it was starting to set out of the harbor. As the many travelers embarked on their cruise, the group of friends were currently wandering through the hallways searching for their cabins.

After a few minutes of searching, the group stumbled upon their cabin.

"Hey, here is our cabin guys!" Dawn exclaimed happily.

Brock quickly inserted the electronic card into the lock and pushed open the cabin door. Ash and Dawn quickly walked pass Brock. The two then hastily claiming their beddings.

"This beds mine!" Dawn stated bluntly, laying down across the bed.

Ash laughed lightly, choosing another bed. "Then this one is mine!"

Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder landing on the bed. "Pika!"

Brock shook his head. "Now that this trial matter is settled, why don't we get going."


The convention was very active, and lively. The room was so overly crowded, packed full of the top breeders across the globe. Brock with his high knowledge, could recognize the best of the best. Occasionally whispering to Ash and Dawn about several breeders that he thought were worthy enough to mention.

Upon looking frantically through many people, our heroes suddenly spotted Paul's brother Reggie.

"Hey it's Reggie." Ash sputtered, shocked.

Reggie heard Ash and smiled heartily at the sound of the familiar voice. He made his way through vast crowds, reaching the trio. "Well look who it is, Ash, Dawn and Brock. It's so good to see you guys!"

Dawn then spoke up, "Yes it's really good to see a familiar face!"

Ash then started to mutter something under his breath, "Paul wouldn't happen to be….." He then trailed off somewhat embarrassed. "Never mind how have you been?"

Reggie's mind filled with questions, but decided not to question Ash's awkwardness. "If you're looking for Paul he's out on deck. Oh and I've been great, thanks for asking." He then turned to Brock. "How have you been Brock?"

Suddenly being acknowledged, Brock was slightly tongue-tied. "….Mm…me? I've been… great, never better. Keeping an eye on these two can be a hassle at times, but I manage."

"Hey!" Both Ash and Dawn protested playfully.

A small chuckle left the mauve-haired breeder's mouth, "You're like an older brother to these two. Taking care of all of their needs. I really admire you for that." His face therefore saddened. "It seems… I just can't reach Paul anymore. I suppose I've failed him somehow, as his brother."

Brock laid a reinsuring hand down onto Reggie's shoulder. "You'll never fail as long as your still here for him. Don't give up, he's sure to forgive you someday."

The mention of Paul's name sparked Ash's interest. He remembered now that he still wanted to go see Paul really bad, for unknown reasons to his friends. "I'm going to go see Paul. Excuse me." He didn't give any of them time to speak before he sprinted off through the crowd, then bounded up the steps out to the deck.

Reggie raised his eyebrows, "What's that about?"

Brock shrugged, "I'm not sure. There are some things brothers don't know."

Dawn then chimed in, feeling ignored. "How about some refreshments?" She pointed over at the refreshment table, then began to make her way over.

Brock and Reggie nodded in an agreement, following after her.



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