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He was in the cargo bay.

The breeder was sitting on a large wooden crate, that was stacked against the wall, along with a few others in the small compartment.

He crossed his legs idly and his thoughts turned inward.

Enough. There's no reason to think about Reggie. Brock thought to himself and ran a hand through his hair in agitation.

Brock closed his eyes, but when he did he immediately saw Reggie's face. (A/N: I know he doesn't have eyes, work with me.) That cute face. Brock tilted his head and tried to imagine Reggie more clearly. Kind eyes, perfect smile. Everything that spoke attraction.

A loud noise snapped Brock to attention, and his eyes darted to the doorway he was adjacent to. Numerous crates piled up next to the door blocked his vision. The door had been opened, spilling dull moon light into the area and then Brock, nerves on end, heard the door close again.

The breeder let out a deep breath as silence reigned over the cabin once more.

Reggie thought for sure he had been caught, but luckily for him there were plenty of places to hide. He choose a good spot behind a large stack of crates. He wasn't sure why he wanted to know what Brock was up to, but there was no way he was turning back now.

Ever since Brock had lade eyes on Reggie for the very first time, he had been attracted to him. Reggie was just an all around great guy. What could you possibly not like about him? Just like Brock himself, he was a dedicated Pokemon breeder and older brother.

All his life he had been attracted to the opposite sex, but that no longer was the case. He knew now without a doubt that he had strong feelings for Reggie. Just the thought of Reggie made his baggy pants fell damp against his upper thighs, so he sat widely, spreading his legs and leaning so that his back was pressed against the wooden crate behind him. The action had been in order to try and cool himself down, but it didn't help.

Against his will, Brock looked down at himself, his groin aching for attention. He was already hard enough for his erection to create a large bulge in the fabric of his pants, and the need to touch himself was growing very difficult to ignore.

Brock let his hand rest on his inner thigh. His fingers lightly trailed over his clothed erection at first, and then he cupped himself with his whole hand, rubbing his throbbing member through the fabric.

Reggie's face could have seriously been mistaken as a ripe tomato. This was totally invading someone's privacy, but he just could not look away. He had to admit, the sight of Brock doing this to himself was the sexiest thing ever.

"Aah…" Brock moaned quietly as he thrust against his hand, needing more stimulation.

Reggie's eyes winded and continued to watch. He was quickly becoming hot and bothered from the sight.

Brock pulled his hand away, and sat up more steadily, he slowly brought both hands up to unbuckle his belt. The clasp snapped open, after that he unzipped his pants. Brock flattened the palm of his hand against his washboard stomach, sliding it down between his legs and underneath his boxers to grip his straining arousal.

Brock bit his lip, his eyes fluttering closed briefly at the feel of his own touch.

Reggie watched, biting his own lip in anticipation.

The breeder pulled his manhood from his boxers, his other hand slipping down to yank the elastic band underneath his balls.

Brock stroked his hand up and down his length, which was fully aroused. The spiky-haired teen's head was tilted back against the crate, his eyes on the ceiling as he pleasured himself.

Brock never watched himself when he did this. It wasn't very often that he felt the need to, but ever since his attraction to Reggie took hold, he had found himself in need of relief more frequently.

Brock increased the pressure on the shaft of his erection, pumping his hand up and down a little bit faster. His lips parted and his breath quickened in ecstasy. His free hand trailed up from his pelvis, slipping underneath his green shirt, and traced a path over his stomach up to his chest. His fingers grazed one of his own nipples, teasing himself.

Brock sucked in a breath, and squeezed his already closed eyes tighter, both hands working frantically on his body. Finding himself dangerously close to losing it, the breeder let go of his manhood, and his fingers underneath his shirt stilled. He let both hands fall to rest on his still clothed upper thighs.

Reggie had to cover his mouth to control his breathing. There was a fine line of sweat rolling down his cheek. He knew he had to stay under control, no matter what.

The only sounds within the small cargo chamber were the teen's breathing and the small creaking of the crate Brock sat on. Brock's eyes were glued to the sight of his hand playfully stroking his flushed, throbbing manhood. His other hand tugged at his pants that were clinging to his sweating skin.

Brock spread his legs further apart and his back arched as he held his hand in front of him, his hips bucking forward to touch the head of his weeping member to the palm of his hand.

"Aah!" Brock gasped, and his legs began to shake.

His thumb worked faster against the tip of his erection, smearing a small eruption of precum and dipping into the slit in the skin.

"A-aah! Re-ggie!!" Brock growled out, roughly biting his lip at the sensations. Stars danced in his vision and he watched as he bucked into his hand uncontrollably, drowning in his release. Cum rushed out from the tip of his erection and Brock covered his hand over it to avoid getting any on his clothing.

As the waves of his orgasm died down he leaned back heavily on the wooden crate stacked behind the one he was sitting on.

Brock stared at his hand.

It was shaking.

His palm glistened as his fingers unfurled, his heart beating fast.

The musky air of the small room smelled like pleasure and sweat and the breeder swallowed, knowing that he had to return to his room before Ash or Dawn would come looking for him.

Time to get out of here…Brock thought and hastily started to fix himself up.


Reggie had left as soon as his name had been shouted, by the one person he liked the most. Reggie was not expecting that at all. What just happened back there? Reggie thought as he made his way back to his cabin. Did that just happen?

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