This is my first Cold Case fic. I am a big fan of the show, but I haven't seen most of the episodes. Lately, I've been catching the repeats on TNT, and I'm loving them. I'm a new loyal viewer, ready for season 7 to bring on some Lilly/Scotty romance. : ) This is a tag to 'The Woods'.

Scotty heard the shots, saw the flashes, felt the fear. He was frozen in place, but his heart and mind were racing. He wanted to bolt. Wanted to run through the yellow tape, into the house and up into the attic, but at the same time, he wanted to stay put. He was afraid of what he might find, and staying put kept the illusion that his partner was still alive. They'd been going through a rough patch, sure, but he still cared deeply for her. They were, after all, partners.

In the back of his mind, he knew that he should prepare himself. It seemed that he always ended up alone when it came to women. First Elisa. Then Chris. Surely, Lilly would follow. She was the next woman he cared about. Even loved, in some ways. He respected her. She was tough. Bold. Beautiful. Brave. Smart. But at the moment, Scotty didn't consider her smart. How could she be so stupid as to come here. The one place where George would surely be.

He was freaking out. So many emotions were running through his body. Fear. Fear for Lilly's saftey. Fear that this would end badly. Fear that Stillman wouldn't get to the attic in time. Resentment. Resentment that she had left the station and gone to the house. Resentment towards George. Resentment that Stillman had made him stay behind the tape instead of enlisting his help. Angst. He was anxious for it to be over. So that his heart and breathing could go back to normal. So that he could stop pacing. So that he could see his partner again. See his boss again.

He heard murmur over the radio, and realized that a handful of other cops were beginning to head towards the house. He ran to catch up, and quickly pushed his way through the crowd. The house was eerily dark and quiet. More so than when he had been there before. It did nothing to calm his nerves. The setting was too ominous. Too cliché. Too similar to the crime scenes that always contained dead bodies. His heart pounded in his chest as he thundered up the stairs. One flight down, one to go. Thoughts were still swirling through his head, all were dark. All consisted of Lilly lying on the floor, pale against the hardwood floors, with Stillman cuffing George, a pained look on his face.

He pushed them further back in his mind and finished climbing the stairs to the attic. Before he pushed the door open, he hesitated. Just for not even a moment. His stomach was killing him. All twisted in anticipation. He needed to know. He pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

Relief flooded him as soon as he saw her. Her white blouse contrasted ghostly against the darkened room. She was standing in shock, staring at the far wall of the attic. He didn't bother following his line of sight. He knew what he'd find.

His heart began to slow, and his thoughts began to settle. He'd seen her, seen that she was fine, and that's all that mattered.

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