Call of Destiny

I don't own transformers only Astra, Luna, SkyStryke and Savannah. The plot is mine. I have been unwell for a while so I haven't been able to update this story, plus I lost my written copy but have managed to find it. I am finishing this now as I have two filler stories coming before Love and New Beginnings which will be the title of the final part of my trilogy. Apologies for swearing in this.

Chapter 16

Days after Luna's release from med bay, Luna had to make a difficult decision and send Savannah away as several attempts to destroy her had failed and Luna feared that she would be killed. She went to Soundwave who had given Savannah to her in the first place and asked him to take her as he was leaving Cybertron (because he did not like what was happening to femmes, Sparklings and anyone who did not take sides with Skystryke). He was pissed off as Ravage had been sent to kill the Prime's Daughter and had been killed. He agreed to do so.

Many more battles were taking place and many Decepticons were losing faith in their leader, many said he was going insane. Every time he lost a battle he took it out on either Astra or prisoners, which really pissed Luna off. Several months passed and the War took a dramatic turn when Rodimus Prime launched a massive strike against Skystryke and his forces. It lasted many days and it ended when the Prime had stormed the city.

Luna was working in the Med Centre when she got a frantic message from Astra. She said "Luna you must come home now as your father has lost the war and is coming back here….He's really angry".

Luna replied "Fragging Pit, I'll be right there Mother!"

Luna got home in record time and found her mother holding a small box and weeping. Mother handed me the box and said No matter what happens tonight, your father loved you very much. He has gone mad and he will try to kill us and himself. Take this box and keep it safe, I will explain everything to you if we survive the oncoming storm. Now go to your hiding place and stay there, don't come out at all. I love you very much Luna….Oh Slag, he's here, go!"

Luna ran into her room and found her hiding place where she used to hide when she was younger.

SkyStryke burst into the living area and went straight for Astra, grabbed her by the throat and yelled "where's the little Brat?"

Astra struggled and hit him, shouting"you won't find her, your drunk, I sent her away".

He threw her against the wall and yelled "slagging useless femmes"

He growled angrily and said "if I find you I will rip you to pieces little one".

To Be Continued in Reunion.

Hooray! We are at the end and I'm really pleased. Hope you enjoy it, Bye for now, TFSTARFIRE.