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Firstly.. Part 1 - The teaser (: Will be updated soon! Promise!


It had been awfully easy to fall asleep, and once Choutarou found himself asleep, his mind automatically brought him to his happy place - A place where he was allowed to play his violin casually, as he wished, whenever he wished, however he wished, a place where there was no one else to tell him off for everything, a place where the only other person around was the only person he really wanted and needed, Shishido Ryou Senpai.

Choutarou found himself seated beneath a tree he had singled out as his favourite within the garden in his happy place, for its thick canopy provided him with all the shade and cover he needed. Beside him, the Shishido Senpai of his imagination was smiling serenely, his sky-blue cap left aside on the soft grass as his choppy brown hair danced with the breeze. Choutarou struggled not to blush as he slided his hand into his Senpai's bigger, protective hand, but failed horribly as Shishido Senpai's quiet chuckle rang beside his ear. This was, really, all that he needed - A perfect picture of him with his Senpai, with no one else around to bother them..

It had been so easy to fall back into his old habits, only this time, there came this nagging voice ringing at the back of his head after a while of peace. The voice was soft and musical, yet it sounded almost too loud in contrast to the gentle silence of his happy place.

The voice was telling him to wake up, that something was seriously wrong, and that he needed to stop dreaming about being with Shishido Senpai for the moment : It was telling him exactly what he didn't want to hear.

But Choutarou knew better than to ignore this voice, to push it to the back of his head. For all he knew, it might be an important message conveyed to him by God's messengers, and he would be foolish to be ignorant about it. Feeling much disappointment and gloom as his happy place dissolved into a dreamy haze around himself, Choutarou whispered a soft goodbye to Shishido Senpai before sliding his hand out of the senior's. Eyes drifting close slowly, Choutarou sighed again as his mind forced itself to start up.

Finally, as his mind pulled itself free of the remnants of the dreamy haze, Choutarou reluctantly blinked his eyes open to the sight of a patch of blank darkness, as though all the lights in the room were out. He had been sleeping before this, Choutarou knew for sure, and he felt a little disorientated to find himelf in a sitting position, sitting on a soft and cushy surface that he assumed was a bed. And no, it wasn't just the lights in the room, the silver-haired boy realized only later as he shook his head to clear his thoughts, abruptly feeling the binding sensation all around his head. He was blindfolded.

Panic flooded through his veins, and Choutarou then tried to tear the dark fabric covering his eyes, his voice trapped in his throat in a frightened gasp. However, the second year realized almost immediately that he wouldn't be able to move anytime soon, let alone to try to regain his sight.

He was bound tightly at several places along the length of his arm in a series of wraps and cinches, forcing his palms to meet in an awkward manner behind his back, and he felt the pressure mainly his at his wrists, where he felt a thin cord almost cutting into his flesh in a painful manner. The cord which was holding him down kept his hands in a stiff and torturing position behind his back, but not yet tight enough to draw his shoulder back, although Choutarou later realised that he was held against the a cold surface in the siting position he had found himself in, one that was almost done on purpose. Aftefr a while, Choutarou realised that he was indeed on a bed, and he was held in place against the bedstand.

Questions were flooding his mind, now that the silver-haired boy realised he wasn't allowed to move. He felt no gag around in his mouth, which meant that he could scream if needed, but finding himself being blindfolded just after he had awoken had been confusing enough. He didn't even know where he was, let alone whose bed he was on, and why he was bonded in such a weird manner.

What.. What's going on..