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... detta! Part 4 decchu!

At this rate it'll be Ryou's birthday everyday, but isn't that great?
Happy Birthday, Shishido Ryou!

Ryou's mind was mercifully blank as he finally mustered enough courage to wrench the door to his room open, having stood shuffling in front of it for a full minute even after his teammates have all left. Even as he tried to focus on the keys hanging from the keyhole jungle with the movement of the door, though, one sweeping look at his room was enough to freeze him onto his spot with a loud gasp, and a single thought shooting though his temporarily frozen brain.

Damn you, Atobe Keigo, Ryou cursed internally. Somewhere outside his house out on the lawn, a sneeze issued from a berry bush just underneath his room's window as Ryou felt the corners of his lips twitch with agitation. He wanted to run away as far as possible away from his room right now, but damn, his conscience would never let him.

Everything in his room was blanketted with a thin layer of cherry glow, gentle pink rays thrown all over the room from a foreign light newly installed on his ceiling; a glance towards a corner of his room would have confirmed Ryou's suspicions about his previous normal light - and it's unfortunately brutal murder, how its remains now lay abandoned by the side. Oh hell was the new light girly - he'd have to demand them to reinstall his white lights tomorrow.

Tools he'd seen before but never saw the need to own now lay spread across his study table, which said something because Ryou's study table was large for a room this size. While his gaze was barely held by the first few items, Ryou soon found himself having to stop and stare at a familiar looking piece of silk sash, followed by a leather whip, then an elegantly shaped pocket knife that followed after. The only thing worse was probably how he could tell who these items previously belonged to, and who had so kindly assembled them - the corners of his lips twitched again with all the effort he was putting in, trying not to curse out loud.

A second sneeze, quiet but distinct, sounded from the same berry bush beneath his room window. It was accompanied by a muffled groan and unintelligible curses as a certain red head struck his elbow into a certain blue-haired male's side.

Vaguely, Ryou realised they've put in quite some effort to remake his room; although very unfortunately, he liked his room the way it was before.

Oh, who knows what his father would say should the older male find his room in this state before he did..

Details aside, no matter how disgusting or feminine he deemed the pale pink light to be, no matter how disturbing the various objects lying on his study table were, they were still unable to keep his eyes from locking in the direction of his bed - after all, it was the largest thing in his room. It was, also, the thing he least needed to concentrate on right now.

And that was only because the person sitting on his bed, even though Ryou could tell with one look that he was in this situation involuntarily, was so torturously beautiful, so captivating and so.. Hot, it hurts - and it was not the usual pain too. It was an ache pertaining to the sudden damn buldge in his pants.

Ryou didn't know whether to curse or to cry out loud, or to run out of the house to prepare to kill a couple of somebody now. Oh, right. He'd still have to free his junior first.

Sweat, flowing gently like a blanket of fallen cherry blossoms on the last chapter of spring, covered the boy on his bed from head to toe, and only when he was studying so intensely did Ryou realised abruptly that his junior was almost nude, shivering so hard while sitting on the bed with his legs stretched out in front of him. The black blindfold seemed harmless enough, but even with the dim lighting Ryou could see the clear tear tracks which had escaped from beneath the no-doubt soaked fabric. Painful bonds decorating his junior's arms and upper body (he assumed), but they were so artfully done Ryou wondered vaguely if the tensai of his team had a fetish for such.. Activity. No wonder Gakuto was usually so active in school, seeing how the red head would be bounded during the couple's free time.. What the hell was he thinking about? Startled by his own track of thoughts, Ryou shuddered, blinking away before returning his attention onto his junior. And damn, is that one of Atobe's silk robes hanging loosely off his junior? Right, it probably is. So that's where the sash came from.

Hell, he felt the need to gorge out Oshitari's eyes for even seeing his junior in this state. But since Choutarou was still asleep when he was first left in this position, and ultimately he had to thank the tensai for his work of art..

Ryou almost smacked his head as he found himself inching closer to his bed, upon realising all he had been thinking about the whole while. What he needed to do, and to concentrate on right now was freeing his junior.

The can of whipped cream fell from his slackened grasp, clattered onto the floor more than noisily, and rolled towards his study table.

Sounds of the door swinging open, followed by the loud gasp, was more than enough to startle him, badly; especially since they had all followed the previous silence so suddenly. The realisation that he was being studied followed, and Choutarou didn't know whether he should just burst out crying right now. It was still so dark-

Although he knew what to expect, this was more than what he could take.. Choutarou tried to comfort himself mentally.

Then, the loud clattering made his body jump forward involuntarily, tightening the bonds already strained against his tortured limbs. As a strangled cry escaped his dry throat, the junior felt another weight join his on the bed, sinking the mattress down, and the shock was all he needed to force his mouth shut, numbing the pain he felt as well. There was someone else here with him, right there with him, and that was all his mind could process in the paralyzing shock.

The sound of controlled, but ragged breathing approached him from in front, and Choutarou bit down hard on his lips while holding his breath. Who was this? His body tensed as he prepared to kick out with his legs should he needed to, and suddenly, a pair of slender, gentle hands landed on his shoulders. With a sigh, his company grasped the silk robes that had fallen, and pulled it back up again, resting the cool fabric back onto his sounders, and smoothing it down against his chest and further down front. The touch seemed to mean no harm, although they lingered against his chest for a little too long for comfort..

Though, honestly, the fingers dancing fleetingly across his skin felt oddly familiar..

"Shishido.. senpai..?" the silver haired boy whispered tentatively, and he felt the other tense above him before drawing away with a sigh. "Don't move," his senior murmured, and Choutarou shuddered at how the older boy's breath washed a warm wave by his ear, hinting at how close they were. "I have to try to free you from.. Erm, this."

Choutarou felt the weight around him shirt, and shuffled nervously as the mattress slightly behind him sank. Blood rushed to his cheeks, for reasons entirely different from before. He could almost imagine the look of concentration, exasperation and annoyance, the faint furrow of Shishido senpai's brows, and the gleam he loved to see in Shishido senpai's hazel eyes as he worked in silence..

Which reminded him abruptly of how he was still blind folded.

"Ano... Shishido senpai," started the younger boy slowly, struggling to keep from trembling as he felt his senior push the sleeves of his silk robes up, presumably to take a better look at the bonds - although Choutarou was happy to admit he hoped otherwise. "I can't.. See.. The blindfold.."

"Oh, right," Choutarou heard the older boy's voice issue from somewhere diagonally behind himself, and flushed when he heard the soft, frustrated growl issued from his companion's lips. "Give me a moment-"

"No rush- Ow ow owww.."

A wave of pain shot through his forearms, straight through his body. He didn't know what Shishido senpai did, but it sure hurt - and the next thing he knew, Shishido senpai was apologising hurriedly, warm fingers storking his arms as though he thought it might somehow take the pain away.

Truthfully, it did help take his mind off the pain.

"Choutarou," Shishido senpai was speaking, almost growling, in this strained, controlled tone that was making his blood rush to a region that really didn't need the attention, and Choutarou had to force himself to concentrate on his senior's words rather than his senior's voice. "Could you.. Could I keep the blindfold on you for just a little bit more?"

Not knowing what to expect, Choutarou nodded stiffly, his eyes widening behind the black fabric that blindfolded him.

Ryou let out a frustrated growl again, and barely missed the minute trembles wrecking through his junior before him as he leaned in closer, taking in the complicated knot holding the map of bonds together. Damn, Oshitari would be the death of him - this wasn't something that would come loose easily, Ryou sighed as his eyes fell upon the pocket knife on his table once again. This calls for drastic actions.

Thank goodness he left the blindfold on Choutarou. He didn't see the need to scare his junior with the current state of his room right now. Not to mention how the younger would most probably freak out first seeing his own state, and perhaps freak out further if he knew what he was going to attempt.

Sliding himself off the bed, Ryou picked up the pocket knife and drifted back towards his junior; the knife felt comfortable instead of foreign in his hand, but the metallic 'cling' it issued as he slipped the blade out was quite a little too loud for comfort.. Once again, Ryou did not (could not) miss Choutarou's shudders.

Truthfully, even though they've more or less admitted their attraction towards each other, held hands and kissed (once, a peck on the lips) before, neither of them thought it was necessary to bring their intimacy to such another level. Sighing, Ryou climbed onto his bed again, kneeling behind Choutarou for a moment before leaning in against his junior's ears,

"I need you to hold still, Choutarou," Ryou murmured, looking away from his junior with a heavy flush on his cheeks. "Don't move, I don't want to hurt you."

However, even though Choutarou did try his best to not shiver with fear (and maybe anticipation, though Ryou would never know), Ryou soon realised that the pocket knife couldn't be of much help at all.

The bonds around Choutarou's limbs were so tight, they were cutting into his skin. There was no opening for Ryou to slide the sharp blade underneath the bonds, and had he tried to slice the bonds straight away he would most likely hurt his junior as well. Growling, frustrated, Ryou retreated the sharp edge before tossing the useless thing away.

Shit, so much for drastic actions.

Throwing another disgusted look at the tools on his table, Ryou tried to find something that would help in this situation - he needed to cut the bonds without hurting Choutarou anymore than he had to, or loosen the bonds at least, enough to slip the blade of the knife underneath.

None of the items on his desk suggested anything; hell, he was actually surprised the tensai didn't leave anything resembling a tube of lubricant or something behind, even though he was going to put it to a different use now. Of course, he could leave the room to scout for something that would actually work in the house, like body lotion or something, but he didn't want to leave Choutarou alone in his room again.

As he shifted his glance away from the study table in dismay, a glowing can resting sideward against the leg of his table caught his attention from the corner of his eye.

Ryou liked whipped cream on his cakes and frappe coffee, but that's about it - right now the older boy desperately hoped that whipped cream would work as well as lube, because Ryou had no idea at all.