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Hello all fans of the animated hit: Hoodwinked! Since I've seen the movie, I've been looking around the site for the cohering category… And I've found it! ENJOY!

Chapter (i): New Beginning

Their footsteps echoed off the polished marble tiles as they entered the massive entrance to the Happily Ever After Agency. The esteemed Agent Nicky Flippers -Head Chief of the H.E.A.A.- lead them past the front desks, after tipping his hat cordially to the mink secretary. The four new recruits behind him would often dawdle for a half beat to absorb the wonder of the building.

An aged tortoise janitor polished the front hallway with an electric buffer, humming to himself as he went and was completely oblivious to the group that had arrived.

As they walked through the hallways, they came up to a branch of corridors. At the centre of the crossroads was a rectangular desk with a receptionist answering calls on her headset while writing reports on a computer.

"Miss Partridge." Nicky greeted the receptionist politely.

The bird put her caller on hold. "Welcome back to HQ, Mister Flippers." The receptionist looked up at the frog detective with her amber eyes; then she looked at the group standing behind him. There was a wolf, an elderly woman, a preteen girl, and a squirrel. "Visitors, Mister Flippers?" The bird enquired.

"No, Miss Partridge, these are our new recruits from the Woods." Nicky explained curtly.

"Oh…" She looked over the group once more. After clearing her throat, she smiled warmly. "Becky Partridge, at your service." She nodded politely.

"Miss Partridge, would Agent Wolfia happen to be about?" Nicky asked.

"I'm sorry, Mister Flippers." The bird looked over something on her computer. "Agent Wolfia hasn't report back to HQ from her present mission. Shall I notify you when she returns?"

"No rush." The frog calmly explained. "Whenever is most convenient, Miss Partridge." He turned to the group. "Let's continue, shall we?"

"Mister Flippers." The preteen interjected. "When are we going to be assigned to our first mission?"

"Patience, Miss Puckett…" Nicky stated collectedly. "You still have to go through quite a bit of training." He turned towards the eastern corridor. "Now, moving on with the tour."

"And who's this; Agent Wolfia?" Red continued, following closely beside Nicky.

The frog agent chuckled lightly. "Agent Wolfia is one of the top field agents here at the Happily Ever After Agency, you'll meet her… soon enough."

Author's Note:

This is more of a prelude chapter… the next will be posted soon enough.

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