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Man, I can't wait for "Hoodwinked 2: Hood verses Evil" to come out… I'm so excited!

Chapter (vii): Time To Go

Chief Nicky Flippers sat at his desk, sifting through a variety of files while his dog slept soundly in a dog bed beside his desk.

There was a knock at the door, which caused the frog detective to look up from his work and his dog's head to perk up in curiosity.

"Come in…" Nicky said calmly.

Cameron Wolfia entered the office. "Mister Flippers?"

"Ah, Agent Wolfia." The frog nodded, "how are things coming along with the new recruits?"

"That's exactly what I was coming to you for…" Cameron stated. "They've finished their basic training, and I think that they're ready for their first mission."

"Excellent timing." Nicky stated as he picked up one of the folders from his desk and handed it to his top field agent. "I was about to assign this to another team of agents, but perhaps it'll be a suitable test for our new recruits."

Cameron opened the folder, peering through its contents, "a sabotage case?" she raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Yes." Nicky nodded. "Debriefing will being in one hour, have your trainees ready for departure ASAP."

Cameron nodded. "Yes, Mister Flippers." She then exited the office to give the news to her recruits.

"Our first mission?" Red exclaimed.

"Already?" Granny smiled.

"What's the catch?" Wolf asked.

"There is no catch." Cameron sat at the Agency's café with the recruits. She looked around. "Where's Twitchy?"

The aforementioned squirrel zipped by, and would have entirely missed the group had Wolf not quickly caught the hyperactive squirrel by the back of his sweater vest and plopped him down in the chair beside him.

"Tell me you didn't have coffee again." Wolf stated.

"Course-not-boss," Twitchy began in his fast paced voice, "I-was-getting-those-pictures-printed-for-the-new-article-and-got-a-beep, so-I-hurried-over-here." His tail twitched as he smiled innocently.

The group looked flatly at the squirrel then at each other.

"Any way," Cameron cleared her throat, "Debriefing is in one hour, and you need to be ready to depart as soon as we're done. I will see you then." She hopped off of her stool and made her way to her office.

"We've received a report from one of our analysts at Oakwood Hospital in Oaktown," Nicky stated.

The frog detective stood in front of a large projected image of the aforementioned hospital, accompanied by a map of Oaktown.

"Apparently a few of their celebrities have been infected with a strange skin diseases –non fatal- particularly a Miss Snow White…" he continued, "we're suspicious of Miss White's rival Miss Queen, who's failed to respond to the police's many calls."

"And what is it that we're to do?" Wolf enquired, his arms folded over his chest as he casually leaned against one of the walls of the debriefing room.

"It is you're job, as a team, to infiltrate Miss Queen's fortress, and search for a likely anti-serum to this infectious disease." Nicky stated.

The projected image switched to a layout of the fortress.

"Agent Wolfia will be the team lead, and you are to obey her commands." Nicky motioned to Cameron.

"What?" Cameron blinked. "But sir."

"I'm well aware that you are more adept to solo missions, Agent Wolfia," Nicky stated, "However this mission requires the utmost precision in its plans and I'm sure a agent of your calibre will be able to handle this…"

"Yes sir." Cameron nodded. She then looked over the fortress's blueprint and began forming a plan. She nodded once more to indicate that she was done thinking, and the projector was switched off.

The trainee's blinked as the room's lights were switched on, then they looked at their team lead.

"Chopper One to Agent Wolfia, do you read, Wolfia, over?" A familiar voice chirped out of the speaker of Cameron's walkie-talkie.

Cameron grabbed her walkie-talkie and smoothly answered. "Agent Wolfia to Chopper One, we have finished mission debriefing, over."

"Chopper One ready for mission transportation," Priscilla's voice stated, "Estimated Time of Departure, over?"

"Ten minutes, over."

"Roger, over and out."

Cameron switched off her walkie-talkie and looked to her new recruits. "Everyone ready?" She asked.

"Ready!" The recruits stated.

"Let's get going then." Cameron shouldered her duffel bag and led the group out of the debriefing room and towards the Happily Ever After Agency's helicopter launch pad.

The group of agents walked towards the waiting helicopter. Priscilla Chinchilla stood outside of her chopper in her pilot wear and she smiled at the agents.

"This is Captain Chinchilla, she'll be our pilot…" Cameron introduced the trainees to the short pilot.

Priscilla giggled. "Please, enough formality, call me Priscilla." She smiled. "Let's get going then, I'll fire up Old One and we'll be on our way." She hopped into the cockpit and motioned for the agents to follow her into the helicopter.

Cameron sighed and then suddenly felt her cell phone vibrate in her pocket. She quickly grabbed it and saw the number on the screen.

"Hold off for a second, Priscilla, I've got to take this call…" She stated to the Chinchilla.

"Can do." The pilot responded and shut down the helicopter.

Wolf curiously peered out of the helicopter to watch their team lead. He was interested in the top field agent, not only because she was the only female wolf he had seen in a while, but mostly because the two had developed a sort of friendly acquaintanceship over the few weeks of training and he wanted to know more about her.

"Hello?" Cameron answered her phone. "Yes, I know…" She sighed, "Look I'm going on a mission right now, so I won't be able to get a hold of you, but I'll be back soon." She paused to listen. "I love you too, bye honey…" She shut her phone.

Ouch. That was it then, Cameron already had a boyfriend. No kidding, who wouldn't want a successful and good-looking agent like her?

Wolf drooped a little from his observations, but didn't let this physically show as Cameron stepped into the helicopter and signalled to the pilot that they were good to go.

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