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A/N: I am thinking I'll make this a series of drabbles between 100 and 200 words. Most, like this fiction, will contain Jack Sparrow and James Norrington; however, it probably won't contain slash. This first story is set in the middle of AWE when James has just joined Jacks crew. Tortuga.

Tell Me Then

"Tell me then, Sparrow," the former Commodore began as he looked his new captain square in the face and he held his pistol limply at his side, not intending to use it, "why do you think people have to die?"

Jack stood in shock for a moment, sure he was concealing the emotion from his face with the contemplative look that almost always took over when asked directly such an important question, "Well, Commodore," Jack left his serious expression in place whilst watching the scenario play out differently in his mind, thinking it all the more appealing even as realization dawned that it was not to be, "to live is to die, mate."