They Need Me

"It would be very easy," James muttered in his characteristically hard voice, "to commit mutiny on your ship."

Jack watched the former commodore from his peripheral vision, sucking down rum from a bottle – a sight hardly uncommon since they had met with the man in Tortuga. His eyes although paying particular attention to Norrington, scanned the ocean beyond them through a spy glass, before the tool was brought away from his face in an almost agonizing slowness.

"I'm well aware, mate," Jack continued to watch the horizon line and grimaced a little as the ship he was expecting appeared within their sites, Gentleman Jocard's French Beauty floating along the water in the direction of Shipwreck Cove, hopefully not being able to see the Pearl and continuing on its way, "but I don't have to worry about that just yet."

James openly stared at his new Captain as the spy glass was raised again, wondering at the mans honesty and if it meant he was incredibly immodest or just plain up himself.

"They need me, mate," Jack finally turned to look at Norrington, and whilst fingering a braid of beads, gave a large smile, "Man the guns! Prepare to fire all!"

A/N: the last bit of Jacks dialogue was him waking the crew to man their stations, because the French ship had spotted them, effectively ending his conversation with James. Please review. Thanks, Ange.