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A/N: This is just a small idea that smacked me in the head like a ton of bricks while I was watching Kate Miller Heidke's clip for her song Last Day On Earth. I know it doesn't really have anything to do with it but that's what happened. It is rather short and doesn't have much point but here you go. Enjoy.

A Vision of Shock

Arthur stood looking at Merlin with a stubborn disbelief set on his features. The hand that had been holding the left side of his face dropped to its usual position at his side as he continued to look at Merlin in what he could only assume the warlock thought was a highly insulting vision of shock, had the manservant not been watching him with wide eyes and an open mouth out of pure shock himself.

"You hit me," the words left his mouth slowly as he crinkled up his forehead in an attempt to wrap his head around the information he was currently spouting, "I can't believe you just hit me!"

Merlin shook his head from side to side, never breaking eye contact with Arthur the minute the prince's eyes locked with his own and his voice rose in volume a bit, "I can't believe you didn't stop me!"

"Well Merlin, I wasn't exactly expecting my manservant to hit me," Arthur pointed an accusing finger at the younger man and narrowed his eyes, "no one outside of this room will hear about this," Arthur took another menacing step forwards in Merlin's direction, "ever."

"Are you kidding, Uther would have me killed if anyone ever found out!" Merlin smiled sheepishly as Arthur gave a curt nod and then turned back towards the window, looking out over the court yard, "you have to admit though; you were being a total prat."

"Merlin," Arthur looked back over his shoulder warningly as Merlin folded the last of his clothes away and moved to the cupboard, "we shall never speak of this again."

"Yes, Sire," Arthur could practically see the smirk on Merlins' face in his mind as he looked over the training in the courtyard from his perch at the window, "just one thing, what are you going to tell people about the bruise on the side of your face?"

Arthur growled in agitation and turned to see Merlin dashing out of the room, large grin visible on his face and the word 'sorry' hanging somewhere in the air around the door as footsteps faded on the staircase.

Bringing the hand back to his face as he walked out of the room, Arthur smiled to himself. Finally his lessons in training were taking affect on his clumsy manservant, and as long as no one found out, Arthur was quite content to be proud of the clumsy fool whenever the younger man happened to hit him in the face.