The right kind of wrong 8

Could it really be? Did she really mean it? Those were the questions Kim couldn't stop thinking about. She had watched how Shego walked away and hadn't stopped her again. She gazed at her until she disappeared out of sight.

She realised she should've asked if she meant it. She discovered that right after Shego disappeared. Too late. She had thought.

After another few minutes on the roof she decided to go home. She had been there long enough. She ended there because she had to clear her mind. Once that was done it got messed up again by Shego.

Yet it was a good kind of messed up. She felt happier then before even though Shego had left without saying goodbye. She had gone home confused but happier. The only thing she wanted to know if she could work it out with Shego.

Once home she decided that calling her wasn't a good idea at the time. She knew it was better to wait a little longer before calling her. She didn't want to upset Shego or herself even more. It was hard enough for her to think that she had hurt Shego. Not physically but mentally for a change.

You would think it would give her the same feeling of satisfaction she had felt years ago. Yet it hurt her beyond limits to think that she had done something like that.

Maybe she was just exaggerating at the moment. She didn't even know if she had hurt Shego that bad. Maybe she was just worrying for nothing. After all Shego was still the big bad ass woman she had always been.

She couldn't be hurt that easily, could she? Kim questioned herself. I can't know that... I don't know her good enough. I only know her dark side. Oh my god I fucked up! Kim panicked. She quickly snatched her phone up and dialled Shego's number.

She listened how the phone went over but Shego didn't answer. She sighed and tucked the phone back in its place.

"Come on you knew she wasn't going to pick up." Kim muttered to herself in disappointment.

"Maybe she had a good reason for that." Shego's voice sounded suddenly. Kim's eyes widened and she turned to the source of the voice. Her mouth fell open when she saw Shego lounging on her couch. Shego got to her feet and slowly walked over to the red head. Kim looked at her as if she had seen a ghost.

"H-how... w-when…" She started stuttering but Shego silenced her with a finger on her lips.

"Don't." Shego whispered.

Kim became quiet and just looked at Shego in shock.

"You're probably wondering why I'm here. I'm here because we need to talk and you know I'm right. It didn't go very well on top of that roof so I'm here to set things straight. Just so you know I'm not leaving until everything is worked out." Shego explained and she sat back down on the couch.

She patted the spot next to her and Kim obediently sat down next to her.

"Do you have any questions?" Shego asked which surprised Kim even more.

"Uhm well... I uh... well did you really mean it? What you said on top of the roof I mean." Kim managed to force out.

Shego sighed and turned to face Kim a bit better.

"I meant every word." She simply whispered. Kim was yet again surprised even by that simple statement. She felt like she could cry with joy but decided not to do so. She figured that it could make Shego uncomfortable and she didn't want that.

She chose for a bright smile and Shego miraculously, smiled back at her. After Shego's confession it became uncomfortably quiet. Kim looked away every time Shego looked at her. She would stare, blush and look away. Shego however wasn't really sure about what was going on.

She eventually started fidgeting in a nervous way. Never had she felt that nervous but being there with Kim just triggered her nerves. The silence was killing her and she felt like she had to escape. Yet she stayed seated next to Kim and kept fidgeting nervously.

Normally she was the big mouthed girl who could solve silences like this in an instant. This situation however, was new to her and she didn't have a single word to say. She figured she had done her part, she had confessed her feelings. Now she was waiting for Kim to do or say something.

It remained quiet and Shego's fidgeting made Kim nervous as well. As if she wasn't nervous enough already. She was raking her mind in the hope that she would find something to say. Up on till now she wasn't having a lot of luck. She finally decided that actions spoke louder then words.

She didn't want to go too far so she just grabbed Shego's hand. She felt the older woman stiffen slightly at the contact. She looked down at their entwined hands and back up at Shego. Shego's eyes were so bright it looked like they were sparkling. Behind those sparkling eyes she suppressed the instinct to run like hell.

She couldn't run away like she had done in China. She had to stay but it wasn't that easy for her. All her nerves jumped, her senses went up and her instinct told her to run for her life. Yet she stayed remarkably calm and even squeezed Kim's hand gently.

Even though the silence remained the tension was less. Kim's simple gesture was enough to take some of the tension away.

It disappeared fully when Shego decided to speak up.

"So where do we go from here?" She asked softly. Kim stared down at their hands with red cheeks.

"I was hoping you'd know that." She replied. Shego chuckled lightly at that and reached out. She lifted Kim's head up and stared into her green eyes. Kim felt her heart quickening its pace and her breath hitched in her throat.

"We both have no idea what we have to do. Nor do we know what we have. So I'll just ask you one simple question. Do you want to be with me?" Shego asked.

"Yes." Kim whispered softly.

"That's all I needed to know." Shego said with a smile on her face. Kim wanted to question what she was talking about but got cut of by Shego's lips. She melted away underneath the touch of those full black painted lips.

She kissed back and felt that she needed more. Her free hand went up to Shego's face and she deepened the kiss. Shego pulled Kim into her lap, wanting to feel more of the red head. The lack of air eventually drove them apart, but they remained close.

Shego rested her forehead against that of Kim.

"You kiss great you know that?" Kim asked.

"We both know that I'm a great kisser." Shego replied with a grin on her face. "But uh you're not so bad yourself pumpkin."

"Mmm I'm glad you approve." Kim whispered and she captured Shego's lips in a kiss again. She moaned into the kiss when she felt Shego's tongue. The kiss deepened and Shego pulled Kim even closer, her arms going around Kim's waist.

The kiss lasted several moments and once again got broken by the lack of air. It was at that point that Shego decided to leave.

"I have to go princess." She whispered. Her lips lightly touched Kim's cheek and she moved to Kim's ear. "I'm glad we worked this out." She breathed against Kim's ear.

"Why do you have to go?" Kim asked softly.

"It's kinda late." Shego replied simply.

"I understand." Kim said and she started pulling away. She however got stopped by Shego who tightened the embrace. She looked back at her with a confused look. Shego just leaned forward and softly started kissing Kim's neck. Kim's confusion got swept away and was replaced by pleasure.

She quickly melted because of those lips that were softly exploring her skin. Her arms went around Shego's shoulders, pulling her closer. She threw her head back giving Shego more room to explore. Shego noticed that and took full advantage of the room Kim was offering her.

Kim held back a moan that was trying to escape her throat. Her eyes closed as Shego kissed, licked and nipped the skin she could reach. A groan escaped her lips when Shego pulled back. She opened her eyes and looked at the woman in front of her.

"As I said, I've got to go." She whispered and she easily lifted Kim out of her lap. She placed Kim next to her on the couch and got to her feet. Kim followed her action and got to her feet as well.

"I'll let you out." She said and she walked to her front door. She opened the door for Shego and stepped aside.

"Thanks princess." Shego said and she gave Kim a small peck on the lips. "I'll see you soon." And she walked out of Kim's house.

"Bye." Kim whispered and she stared a few moments at Shego's retreating form. She closed the door once Shego disappeared out of sight and leaned against it. She let herself slide down to the ground against the front door.

Little did Shego know that she had left Kim in a very aroused state. The red head felt like she could just grope Shego for an eternity. Leaving her just like that wasn't a very good idea, but Shego didn't know that.

A little smile formed on Kim's face when she came up with an idea.

"Sooner then you think." She whispered and she got to her feet. She ran into her bedroom, changed into her mission gear and was out of the house in less then 2 minutes. She didn't exactly know where Shego lived but she had a pretty good idea of where to look.

After wandering around for a few minutes she even found Shego. The green skinned woman was walking through the streets and probably straight towards her house. You would think that she took the car or any other vehicle. Yet there she was, simply walking home, the steps she took were taken without a single sound.

Kim smiled at that and followed Shego silently. Shego eventually walked up to a huge house and opened the front door. Bingo. Kim thought as she watched Shego from a distance. She watched the lights go on and saw Shego's silhouette through the curtains. After a few minutes the lights went off and Kim knew she had to come in action.

Inside Shego had finished getting ready for bed and was now settling down in her King sized bed. Her eyelids felt heavy and she almost fell asleep immediately. She managed to pull her covers up and as soon as she was covered she fell asleep.

Outside Kim was working on opening Shego's front door. She didn't know much about lock picking but she managed to get it open anyway. Guess watching movies helps after all. She thought as she quietly pushed the door open.

Knowing Shego she figured there would be a few alarm systems in the house. Yet her skills as world saving hero helped her through and around the alarm systems. Shego you have to upgrade your security. Her thought was as she passed a pressure sensitive floor.

Once she passed all the systems she focused on finding Shego's room. Seeing as it was a big house that would take a while. Or in Kim's case less then a minute

She simply searched the biggest door in the house. That door she figured, would lead to the biggest room in the house. The biggest room in the house would be Shego's room. Yet she was still amazed that she was right when she opened one of the two doors that led to Shego's room.

She quietly pushed it open and smiled when she saw Shego's sleeping form. She snuck inside the bedroom and closed the door behind her as quiet as possible. She started moving towards Shego's bedside and froze when Shego turned to her side. She held her breath and calmed down when she realised Shego wasn't awake.

She kneeled and removed her shoes before sneaking up to Shego's bedside. She looked at the peaceful features of the woman lying in bed. Not for long. She thought as she got something out of her pocket.

Right on cue Shego turned onto her back, giving Kim all the room she needed. She grinned and in lightening speed fastened Shego's wrists to the bed.

"What the hell?!" Shego announced. Kim's action had woken her and she tried to sit up. A finger was placed on her lips and she lowered herself onto the bed again. Kim removed the covers and almost choked when she saw Shego's nightwear. A T-shirt that barely reached her thighs had ridden up and now visible was a black thong.

She calmed her raging hormones and quickly straddled Shego. She leaned forward, her lips brushing Shego's ear lightly.

"Time to even the score." She whispered. She placed feather light kisses on the skin she could reach. She quickly moved up and kissed Shego roughly before ripping her nightshirt off.

"I really liked that shirt." Shego whispered.

"Too bad for you. I'll show you something that you'll like even more." Kim replied softly. Kim tossed the remains of Shego's T-shirt aside and leaned back to admire Shego's naked upper body.

She leaned forward and placed soft kisses on Shego's stomach.

"You're breath taking." She whispered against Shego's skin. The woman beneath her arched up into her touch but Kim kept teasing her. She softly kissed her way up to Shego's mouth again and this time kissed her gently.

Her lips capturing Shego's lips in a soft gentle kiss before moving down her body again. She stopped at Shego's thong and slowly pulled it down, not wanting to rip it like the T-shirt. She removed it from her body and tossed it aside. She leaned back on her heals and looked at the naked form of the woman in front of her.

The moonlight seeping through the curtains and lighting her body just enough for Kim to see her. It was a sight that Kim would never forget. Her breath hitched in her throat as she looked at the beauty in front of her. Her eyes roaming all over that gorgeous body and taking in every single detail.

She calmed her thoughts and hormones as she slowly straddled Shego again.

"You get to see me but I don't get to see you, that's not fair." Shego whispered.

"Life's not fair." Kim breathed against Shego's cheek. Kim had never done something like what she was going to now. Yet she knew exactly what she was doing as she slowly lowered herself between Shego's legs.

She used feather light touches, teasing Shego and making her beg for more. She eventually gave her what she wanted and used her fingers and mouth to pleasure her. It didn't take long for Shego to start trusting against her hand. Her body moved in time with Kim's rhythm and arched into every touch.

The sounds she produced were getting louder and louder, signalling Kim that she was getting close to the edge. The red head continued to stroke her in a steady pace and enjoyed every sound that escaped Shego's throat.

She felt her own need building but was determined to make Shego scream. She leaned forward and used her tongue, flicking it against Shego's sensitive parts.

Shego moaned loudly and arched into the touch as far as her restraints aloud it. The combination of Kim's mouth and fingers became too much and she screamed out in pleasure. Her ragged breaths turning into the only sound audible in the room. Her body slumping limply on the bed as the waves of pleasure disappeared.

The bed shifted meaning that Kim had gotten of the bed. She heard the rustling of clothes and the sound of something coming in contact with the ground. The bed shifted again as Kim crawled on top of her again.

Shego's eyes were closed but she could feel Kim's breath on her face.

"I hope you're not tired because I'm just getting started." She whispered. Shego's eyes snapped open when she realised Kim was sitting on top of her naked. The feeling of Kim's skin against her own skin was a bit overwhelming. Even Kim was having problems containing herself.

She grabbed Shego's head roughly and crashed her lips against those black painted ones. Shego kissed back with the same amount of need and passion. Kim moaned softly as the kiss intensified.

The intense kiss overwhelmed her and she roughly parted Shego's legs. She settled down between them in just the right way and continued the rough kiss as long as she could.

She tore her lips away and moved against Shego's body. They both moaned as their sensitive parts came in contact. Kim fell into a slow rhythm but that wasn't enough for Shego.

Shego ignited her plasma and burned her restraints. She sat up, wrapped her arms around Kim and forced the red head into a faster and harder pace.

Kim wasn't very surprised that Shego burned her restraints and just went with it. Her hands went up to Shego's face and she kissed her. They moved against each other hard and fast without breaking the kiss.

It didn't take long before they both reached their peek. Kim squealed into Shego's mouth and Shego tightened her grip around Kim as they both got hit by waves of pleasure.

Several minutes later…

"I like it when you even the score." Shego whispered. Kim looked up at her and smiled.

"I thought you would." Kim replied and she snuggled up against Shego.

"It was a bit out of character though." Shego announced.

"Does it matter?"

"No I loved it."

"I love you so much." Kim whispered and her eyes widened immediately. Oh shit I blew it! I said it too early! Oh my god she's going to hate me! Okay prepare yourself to run! She let go of Shego and sat up.

"I'm so sorry... I-I shouldn't have said it. I know you have problems with saying it and and... "I love you too." And here I go and ruin... wait... what did you just say?" Kim questioned.

"I said I love you too." Shego replied in a whisper. Kim blinked a few times and gazed at her with big eyes. She was still thinking she had heard it wrong so she chose to remain quiet. Shego raised an eyebrow and sat up as well.

"You heard me right princess." She said.

"Do you mean it?"

"Absolutely." Shego replied. Kim let out a squeal and jumped Shego. She kissed Shego passionately, leaving them both breathless.

"What was that for?" Shego questioned a bit out of breath.

"I just love you, that's all." Kim replied with a dreamy look and a bright smile on her face. The look on her face got replaced by a tired look when she let out a soft yawn. Shego chuckled softly and gathered her in her arms.

"Come on let's get some sleep." She whispered and she felt Kim nod. After saying their goodnights they both fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

The End!

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