Requiem for two flowers, or Beloved by Hades' Twins.

1. Thanatos' embrace.

' Rest, Seiya.
You' re arrived here, in Elysium, and what you' ve found weren't beautiful valleys and tender songs in the air.
Weren' t honey rivers and perfumed breeze.
Wasn' t your beloved Saori.
You have found only me.
The Death.
Call me Thanatos, Seiya.
I don' t care about humans.
I take their life indifferently.
But you are special.
You' re so young, and so pure.
So frail, Seiya, as every human being, and so pretty- face.
I can' t let you alive, Seiya.
Forgive me.
Even the Death can have desires.
I want to hold you in my tight embrace.
No, don' t escape, Seiya.
It' s vane.
I' m made of steel when I decide to take someone for me.
You' ll be in my palace, closed- eyed, and perfectly nice for the remaining of the Ages.
Earth can fall down and be obscured as is in Lord Hades' projects, but you will remain lied down in this evergreen grass and beautiful pale and eternally young, the candid aspect of the Death which doesn' t corrupt.
This is the immortality in the opinion of the Death' s God.
Every day I' ll bring you a fresh water- lily where you rest, I' ll put it among your tender fingers, and maybe, after having praying on you, I' ll kiss your cold lips, spending tears on your immaculate image, for the guilt I have, having stolen the light of vitality from your marvellous spirit.
I can' t give another gift, Seiya, eternal death is what I mean for eternal life.
Where there is life, I can' t survive.
And if you remain alive, I can' t reach you.
So this is my only way to stay with you, bring you where I am.
Oh, I feel you going tenderly down.
Here, in my arms, you seem to me so weak.
You, a knight? My beautiful ephebus.
My last shot is enough for you.
Now, your eyes become watery.
You have no voice.
Oh, yes, you close your eyes.
This complete abandon fulfills me with loving sadness.
Soon your heart will fall, your little breath will leave you.
Forgive me, Seiya.
You have fought against me with desperate braveness.
With your last forces, you can think I' m an evil God.
Taking your life as I can take a white water lily from the Garden of Life, can turn me in a Divinity of Iniquity.
Yes, this is what men think.
But believe me, with the last hint of living consciousness in your soul, I did it only for a reason.
I wanted you for myself.
For caprice.
For loneliness.
Maybe for love.