2 Hypnos' gift.

Oh, Athena, thou, the most desirable Goddess among humans,
fell down in Hades Kingdom for them... is this love? Is this madness?
Oh, I can' t understand.
I' m only a servant of a God who can see nothing more than darkness, and you come here, bringing all this marvellous brightness with you.
Oh, young life.
Oh, crazy youth.
I have to punish you for your braveness and purity,
Innocent Athena,you will bleed as a True Divinity does, for humans' sake.
But you won' t suffer, ' cause to your beauty I don' t want to bring any pain.
Yes, I cannot conceive, but your strenghtness has moved my heart, if I have one,
and Eternal Sleep to preserve your integrity is everything I can give you.
A gift, mix under the ashes of the punishment.
You don't see my face.
You sleep your somnum as a narcotic flower, a opium flower, has been posed on your lips, and you become frail and frail.
But Time has no sense here, in Elysium, so don' t be afraid: you' ll rest, without dying.
I'll supervision your sleep, for a thousand of years.
There' s no knights for you.
No princes for you.
I' m the only prince who will come here, once a day.
Maybe I shall look like a dragon, but you' ll be mindless of this.
Hades has given me the gift to bring a sweet night to everyone who struggle for inner peace.
Here, in my amphor, night for you will be full only of the brightest stars, and if reality on Earth is so hard to live, here, in the power my hands, you can have only the dreams you desire.
Live your eternal life in sleeping.