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Belladonna Boudreaux sat at the bar stool and waved her glass drunkenly at the barkeeper. "Another, monsieur."

The man looked rather nervous. "I t'ink y'might've had too –"

"I'll tell ya when I've had too much. Now pour."

She was waiting.

He had said that he would be in town for another week or so, but knowing him he could have left this morning and never seen fit to tell her. That was actually just fine with her, or it would be. As soon as he finished what she had started. After all, she wanted the perfect assassin for this job.

And Wade Wilson, alias Deadpool, was the best killer she had been able to get her hands on.

Alright, so he was more than a little insane. He never could remember her name and said things she would never have tolerated a few years ago. But she needed him. And the sex was good, so what the hell.

It had all started that day, almost five years ago when she had gone to get married.

The daughter of the Assassin's guildmaster walking down the aisle to marry the younger son of the Thieves' guildmaster. She had planned it down to the last detail. The flowers, the cake, the music, the decorations, the dress… and the groom.

She didn't think she had ever met a man quite like Remy LeBeau. He was gorgeous, charming, sexy… alright, so his eyes were rather frightening but she could learn to ignore them.

And he had ruined everything.

That Thief bastard had killed her brother.

Julien was dead. Her wedding hadn't been over for more than six hours when she had been told that her husband had killed her brother.

But she still could have forgiven him. Oh yes, theirs was a love that could conquer anything.

Except… he never came back.

Her husband left New Orleans.

He left her.

Had gone north, according to her sources.

Dropped off the map for a while.

And then he had suddenly returned. But he hadn't come back for her. Oh, no, the bastard had someone else.

Had married someone else.

A skinny, featureless river rat from Mississippi. An ugly bitch with a white stripe through dark auburn hair with an even uglier name. Rogue. What the hell kind of name was that?

She had immediately ordered them to be killed – but every attempt on the bastard and his bitch's lives ended in disaster. It seemed that the freak had found another freak to marry.

It hurt far more than she cared to admit. Because she had seen him with the bitch. He had never looked at her that way. Had never brushed her hair from her eyes that tenderly. Had never called her chere and chérie the way he called that bitch.

But the real blow had come about two months after those two had arrived in New Orleans. All of the Thieves were talking about it.

Pregnant. His bitch was pregnant.

The Prince of Thieves was going to have a child.

And the Assassin's Guild was heirless.

The night the news was reported to the Guildmaster, Marius had clutched his heart and gone into cardiac failure. By the end of the night, her father was dead and the title of Guildmaster had fallen to her. Belladonna the Guildmistress.

And that had been the final straw.

Remy LeBeau had taken everything from her. And he was going to pay.

The question had been: How?

The son of a bitch was a mutant – a powerful one – and so was his whore. None of the assassins in the guild were at all capable of anything this big. This would have to be a special job.

Belladonna had been slitting the throat of a low class mob boss when the idea had come to her.

"Ah! There you are, slut!" Deadpool shouted, waving a hand cheerfully as he strode through the bar, disrupting numerous cardgames as he came.

"Bon nuit, monsieur," she purred, leaning forward a bit so that he had a clear view down her blouse. "Are y'ready for our… meetin'?"

Despite his mask, there was no doubt as to where he was looking. "Been ready all day. Just hope the girl writing this gives us our privacy."

Belladonna ignored this; Deadpool was insane and all she could hope for was that his dementia wasn't genetic.

Afterall, she needed his mutated sperm.


The crazy bastard was gone. Had left two weeks after he had originally said; she guessed her… company… had been nice enough for him.

It had been over a month since he had left but her waiting had just begun. Every day, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she took a pregnancy test. She was rather nervous about this, Deadpool had let it slip once or twice - or maybe the son of a bitch had done it on purpose - that he hadn't actually been born a mutant. But by then it was too late; Gambit's bitch was already starting to show.

So she tested three times a day, hoping each time to see those precious two pink lines.

But it wasn't her lifetime supply of tests that informed her she was expecting an heir. It was the morning sickness that sent her running to the bathroom at the crack of dawn to vomit up her dinner from last night.

Even as she lifted her head from the porcelain bowl of the toilet a greedy smirk was spreading across her face.

"Ah've got plans for you, cherie," she whispered, rubbing her hand over her toned stomach. "Y'gonna be de best Assassin dis town's evah seen."

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