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Everything was silence, everything was still, and everything was… Nothing?

The only thing I could hear was the thoughts in my head, nothing from the outside, only the inside. The only thing I could move around with was the thoughts in my head, a little voice trying to figure out what was happening to me. And the only thing the voice could come up with was that I was dead. That was until a voice came to my ears, a strange but somehow very familiar voice. I knew that I had heard it before; it was that kind of voice that you would never forget. I just couldn't figure out where?

"Mel? Melanie?" It said. The voice was caring and concerned, but also very tired. You could tell from the voice, that this person had not slept for days.

"Can you hear me?" The voice continued. The caring and deep voice sounded like one that belonged to a man, probably late twenties. And I knew it. I recognized this voice, and I knew that it belonged to someone I cared very deeply about. A friend? A brother? Possibly a boyfriend?

And then it hit me.


How could I forget? Jared. My best friend, my boyfriend, my soul mate.

Now that I remembered I just wanted to throw myself in his arms, and never let go. I wanted to touch him, to feel him, to make sure that he was okay. But every time I tried to move, I just stayed exactly were I was. I think I tried for almost half an hour, before I gave up. I just wanted to cry. I would never see my Jared again, never be in his arms, and never feel his touch… But just then a finger strokes my chin, and not just some finger, Jared's finger.

"Shh, Melanie, shh, it's going to be okay, shh." Jared's voice consoled. But why would he try to console me? It was only then, that I realized it was tears Jared had stroked away with his finger. Tears that ran freely down my cheek and over my lips, where I could taste them. The salty taste of tears made me thirsty, and I realized my throat was dry as a desert.

"Come on Melanie, please open your eyes" Jared begged. I tried as hard as I could, but it didn't help, they stayed closed.

"Please, Mel, please!? I need you here with me. I need to see those beautiful eyes of yours once again. Please?"

His words gave me the willingness to try again, and this time it worked. I opened my eyes to find his beautiful blue ones staring right in to mine.

And then I remembered. I remembered everything. Lily, Jeb, Kyle, Maggy, Shannon, Ian, the caves, Wanda… Wanda. Wanderer. My sweet, self scarifying sister, she had given me my life back, killed herself, killed her soul, so that I could be with my Jared. What about Jamie? My 'oh, so big' little brother, what had happened to him? Jared must have seen my puzzled expression, because he lifted his head, and gave a little nod over to the far corner of the room, where Jamie sad peacefully in a chair and slept. Just beside him where a… croytank? With a little silver thingy in it. A little silver soul. But?.. Could it be? It had to. It had to be her. I looked over at Jared, who, once again gave a little nod, with a big smile on his face. There was my answer. It was her. The soul was Wanda, and we were going to find her a new body. She would come back. All the people I loved would come back, and we were going to live a good life, here in the caves.

Everything was perfect. Everything was hopeful. Everything was… Everything.

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