It had been one week since I woke up, and everything was perfect.

Wanda had gotten her new body, she and Ian had become a couple, Jared and I were back together, and everyone was happy.

Yesterday, when we had been out on a raid, we had meet some new people; human people. And here I thought that we were the only ones left. It was simply amazing that other people had made it, and that we had met them. We had planed to meet again tonight, this time with Jeb, so that we could make some sort of arrangement. Like, they have bigger and better sleeping places, so in the wintertime, we could sleep at there hiding place, and then they could get something from us in return.

We had planed to meet the same place as yesterday, at seven o'clock, and that was four hours away, so we had lots of time.

Jared and I were lying in our bed, snuggling up to each other, whispering about some ridicules thing. We had become inseparable since I got back, and Jared never lets go of me, only when I have to go to the bathroom, or something like that, and even then he don't stay father away than hearing range. It's kind of sweet, but sometimes he can be a little to overprotective, too, and that can be kind of frustrating. But in times like this, I can't help but love him so much, much more than anything else in this world.

"Hey, Jared?" I asked.

"Mmhhmmm?" Was the only response I got, but I took it as a "What?"

"Have you ever thought about... You know… Marriage?" I spluttered into his chest. I'm sure I was red from top to toe, but it was something I had thought about a lot, even when I was still with Wanda, and I just needed an answer.

Slowly, he lifted his head from the pillow, and shifted to his side, while gently pushing me away from his chest.

"Yes I have thought about it. I have thought about it a lot!" He said, looking me deeply in the eyes, before continuing "When I thought that I had lost you, when you were still in Wanda's head, I regretted so much that I had never proposed to you, that I had never asked for your hand, never asked you to be mine forever. And then when I thought I had lost you, and you came back, I was so happy that I almost forgot, but then, a couple of days ago I remembered. I remembered the pain I felt when I thought I had lost you, and then pain when Wanda came in, in what I thought, was your dead body, then the pain again when I found out you were actually alive in there, and that I would never get you back. And I remembered the promise that I had made to myself: That if you ever actually got back, then I would not waste a minute before proposing. And that is just what I' going to do" he said while getting out of bed. My heart was racing, and my breath was uneven. He was going to propose! He was actually going to do it!

Jared had gotten out of the bed, and was holding a hand out to me, inviting me to come join him. I sat up, and held out a shaking hand for him to take. He took it, and instantly, I relaxed. Just the touch of him could do that. Amazing, right? After helping me getting out of bed, he got down on one knee, and pulled something out from his pocket.

After taking two deep breaths he looked up, directly into my eyes, and said the words that I longed to hear: "Melanie Strider, from the first moment I saw you, I knew that you would be The One, the one I would fall in love with, the one who I would love, the one I would propose to, the one I would marry, and the one I would, eventually and hopefully, have kids with. Melanie, I love you, and I want to marry you. Do you want to marry me?"

His eyes were pleading for a yes and what else could I give him? I loved him and I wanted to marry him. I wanted to, eventually, have kids with him, and grow old with him. Tears were streaming down my face, and my heart was swelling with love, so I looked into his eyes while nodding and said the words "Yes, of course I want to marry you, Jared, of course!" Then I swung myself into his arms, and clung to his shirt, intending on never letting go. We stayed like that for several minutes, before he withdrew, and kissed me, a passionate, loving kiss that I never wanted to end, but, knew eventually would, and when it did, I was gasping for my breath. But then suddenly I remembered… There hadn't been a ring? Of course I knew that he couldn't just walk into a shop, and buy a ring, but I had been inspecting something, just… something? Something made out of tree, fabric, clay… Something? Usually proposing would involve a ring, something to mark the engagement. Engagement. The word made me forget all about a ring. I was engaged. I was engage to the love of my life, Jared, and I couldn't think of another time, when I had been happier.

Then all of sudden Jared gasped, and said "Unbelievable! I completely forgot the ring, I forgot all about it, I'm so sorry" And then he opened the box that he had taken out of his pocket earlier, and said "In this box, Melanie, is the ring I'm about to give you. The only thing I got with me when I escaped, and the only thing I have left from my mother, but I trust you, and I know you will take care of it. So here you go, it's yours." The ring was beautiful! It was oval, with a big, whit, diamond in the middle, and tiny ocean blue rocks all around the diamond. The ring itself was a rusty, but yet, beautiful silver. It looked like at had been taken out of some girls princess dream.

I looked up at Jared, with tears in my eyes, whispered "thanks," and once again, threw myself in his arms. He held me for what seemed like hours, before he gently said "you know, Mel, we should have met the others in the hall, about 5 minutes ago?" I sighed, and slowly lifted myself from my safe place in Jared's arms, and then we hurried, hand in hand, down the long and dark corridor.

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