So, just in case any of you are or will be confused, I'll tell you what's happening. It's two years later and Raoul has died. Christine hasn't, obviously, and she's going to find the Phantom. So, yeah. It'll be mostly talking, but there will be some reprises of songs. You'll know which one's they are. Based off the movie with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.


Christine kept hearing Raoul's last words in her ears. Fulfill your dreams, Little Lotte. And, now, she would.

When the carriage came to a full stop, she thanked the driver and got out. Standing in front of the theater, she tried to hold back tears as she walked up the stairs and inside. It was dimly lit inside so she took a candle off one of the mantels and found her feet leading her to her old changing room. All of the once beautiful flowers from her first show were still in place, but they were as dead as her hopes. Among the pinks and whites of the shriveled flowers was a pure and beautiful red rose.

"He was here," she whispered to herself, picking up the rose.

She turned to her mirror, remembering the first time she saw him. Cautiously, she reached out and pulled on the edge of the glass, feeling it move. Opening the door fully, she held the rose closely to her chest and stepped inside, closing the door behind her. The torches and mantels were lit as always, but she heard nothing except for the drops of water hitting the rock beneath her feet. She started to think that coming to this theater wasn't right, but when she reached the water, she heard a soft melody being played on an organ.

She stepped into the boat waiting there and took the pole in her hands, silently pushing herself across the water. Her heart started to pound and pounded even more when she saw his figure sitting at the organ, playing now a song more harsh and fierce. As she drew closer to the edge of the water, he stopped playing and wrote the notes down. When she reached the landing, she silently put the pole down. He didn't seem to notice she was there.

"Angel of Music, guide and guardian. Grant to me your glory. Angel of Music, hide no longer. Come to me, Strange Angel," she sang, taking one step toward him.

He froze, not turning around. "Say you want me with you, beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too," he sang, turning around on the bench to the organ. "Christine?" She nodded, a single tear forming at her eye and falling down her porcelain face. "That's all I ask of you!"

Christine walked to the piano and placed her hand over his white mask. He closed his eyes, turning his face into the palm on her hand. Carefully, she curled her fingers over the edge of his mask and slid it off his face. Unlike he had two years ago, he didn't move. He didn't cover his face or push her away. Christine let the mask fall to the floor with a small clattering noise as it collided with the stone.

She didn't wince away form his face, like others would. She merely traced her fingers along his spoiled skin. To her, he was beautiful. "Why do you hide?" she whispered to him, making him look at her.

He opened his eyes and clasped her hands in his. "It's the monster's only way of living a normal life," he whispered back, squeezing her hands.

She kissed his cheek, more tears falling. How could he refer to himself in that way? With a small smile, she said, "I see no monster."

So that's the first chapter. I know it's short, but they'll become longer, trust me. I hope you like it and review even if you didn't.