Hello again. If you have not read my story "Destiny," turn around and go read it now. You will not understand otherwise. If you have read it, welcome back! This story will deal with several unanswered questions from the last one. And it will cross over to another universe: specifically, some of the tamers will meet some of the digidestined. It makes sense if you remember the capabilities of Destiny. And the question of what happened to Fate will be addressed. Finally, the aftermath of what occurred to Ryo will be dealt with.

As before, bold will indicate flashbacks or dreams (unless it's an introduction like here) while italics indicate the viewpoint of the secret enemy (yes, there will be one. But it will take some time). In fact, the entire action of the story will take a little time to set up. Please bear with me.

Overall, the updating of this story will likely be less often and more sporadic than in the case of "Destiny" because this one has more elements to work out and I have a busy life. But I will not abandon it! It will be completed! Even if it takes a while. So please enjoy the next segment piece of the overall story and hope you enjoy it as much as you did my first.


How many years, decades, or centuries had she been doing this? How many hundreds, thousands, or millions of prophecies had she learned, fulfilled, and moved on? How many times had her memories simply been removed, leaving only scattered remnants she could rarely put together? How long had she been bouncing around time, space, and realities alone? How long since she lost her best friend?

She was Destiny. That was who and what she was. She was a concept of not having control of one's life. But she was also a girl. She was a girl who had lost everything: her past, her memories, and her friend, just so she could fulfill her duty. She guarded prophecies and ensured they came to pass. And she fulfilled this duty well. But it did not stop the loneliness. It did not stop they pain.

Fate. Her friend and partner. The only person that stayed, the only one she kept with her for so long, had been another who shared the responsibility. He understood. But now he was lost to her. All she had were tiny fragments of memories.

She couldn't remember why. Why was it necessary? She knew another would have died. Another would have been sacrificed for the greater good. She couldn't remember who, where, or when. There had been a prophecy. A vague one, she thought, that had mentioned a death. Both she and Fate had thought it meant… someone else. Someone… she couldn't remember. But that was the gift and curse of prophecies. They were vague so that reality could be balanced multiple ways. The vaguer, the more possible answers were available.

The death was because of… something. Something important. A past crime? Maybe redemption? It was hard to focus because it was so close to the prophecy. But she had to remember what she could. She couldn't forget him.

He chose this. Neither felt… whoever it was… deserved to suffer this fate. So Fate changed it. He could and did fit the prophecy. She didn't realize what her friend had in mind until it was too late. He chose to let these prophesied… some ones… be happy, together, and safe for a little longer. He chose to be the death and for her to be left alone.

So hard to focus, but she had to remember what she could. No matter how buried in the forgetful fog of her mind. No matter how much it hurts.

"Why, you stupid dork?" she cried, "You've seen prophecies lead to death before. Why swoop in and save the day now?"

Fate, her only friend and companion, was vanishing before her eyes. He grinned, his usual mischievous expression more sober and serious, "Come on, you saw them. They are so happy together. And they barely have had any time together. It's not right to separate them yet. The prophecy is fulfilled, whether it's…" someone she couldn't remember… "or me."

"Forget the stinking prophecy," she screamed in frustration. "All this prophecy nonsense has gotten us is isolation, messed-up memories, and headaches to deal with. Why can't we just live our own lives and let them handle things themselves. I should just quit all this. What's the point?!"

"You don't mean that," he whispered, nearly gone. "You care what happens and you always have to make a difference. I'm the one who would have quit, just to be my annoying self. You always felt the responsibility and duty. It was only a matter of time before I did too." He gave a grin, "Look like I saved the day. Guess that's how all those losers we boss around feel. You're my best friend, Destiny."

"You too, Impmon," she whispered back, tears rolling down her face as he disappeared for good. All alone, she stared at the now vacated spot. Forever alone. That was her future. "Please come back," she begged softly, her voice barely a croak, "Don't leave me alone."

Did, whoever her friend saved, know? Did they know what they had been spared? Did they and their friends realize what loss and heartache they had barely avoided suffering? Did they know others were taking their place? She couldn't remember and she didn't know. All she knew was another prophecy was fulfilled and reality was balanced. And she was alone. No Fate.

She felt it. A new prophecy was entering her mind. The old knowledge was brushed aside by them as she was given a new task. She would forget anything directly related to the finished prophecy. But her friend's death, if not all the details, would remain. But she didn't want to do this anymore. She wanted to tell them she was done; that she wasn't going to do this anymore. She would just watch as both worlds did whatever they wished and reality spun out of control. No more. There was nothing they could do to make her. She had nothing left to lose. Forget responsibility and duty.

The new prophecy filled her head. This one was different than the rest. It was… for her. She concentrated on it. As she gained the new knowledge, she recited it aloud to make sure of her understanding.

"What once was lost can yet be found. Nothing is ever gone forever. Destiny and Fate: intertwined and connected. When the task is done and duty fulfilled, and everything is balanced, a reward shall be given. Friends reunite and pain shall be eased. And allies shall be free."

She had spent so much time interpreting prophecies for others; she could easily translate the most likely meaning. If she continued to do her duty and maintain the balance, when she finished someday all that they asked, she would see Fate again. She would get to have her friend back, but only if she fulfilled her responsibility. She bowed her head.

"Very well," she agreed, her face still red from crying, "I will complete my task. I am ready for the next one."

She felt them shift her through time. Though she could travel between the two worlds without assistance, time and realities were handled by them. They would bring her to where they needed her to be.

And prophecy after prophecy was completed. How many, she never knew. They flew in to her head quickly and then vanished when fulfilled. But one remained with her. Her own. It gave her hope and so she continued. Calm and mysterious on the outside, lonely on the inside. But how do you connect with people you will forget? With people who may be dead of old age during the next prophecy, or not yet born, or never even existed in the different reality. It was pointless to try and make friends with them. And she no longer had someone who understood this. All she had was her duty. Her duty and a tiny glimmer of hope.

The dark-haired girl shook her head. She needed to move on to the next prophecy. Staying stuck in the past would not get her duty finished any faster. They, whoever or whatever the entities that gave her these tasks, removed the previous prophecy she had just completed and all those memories from her mind. It was a familiar sensation and she did not fight it. Next, she prepared herself for the new knowledge.

Destiny frowned. What she was gaining made little sense. Some was pure memory. Her memories. She was remembering events from a previous prophecy that she had long since forgotten. She never remembered past prophecies this well (as far as she could remember, which wasn't that reliable anyway). In addition, new information entered her mind, but it felt incomplete.

"I don't understand," she admitted. "Part of what you've given me is already complete and part does not seem to be all there."

They never answered in spoken words. Ideas, concepts, images, and prophecies placed directly into her mind were their preferred method of communication. As soon as the question left her mouth, the answers appeared in her head as if she had known all along.

"So, I need knowledge of the old prophecy because I will need to interact with them again," she muttered. "And I only got part of the new prophecy because… it involves me? How?"

This time, there was a pause before she gained her answer. As if they were wondering whether or not to answer. She waited patiently as they slowly gave her the requested knowledge. What she learned stunned her.

"Because it will be the last…" she gasped. "And I must… rediscover my own past to find what I seek. So two prophecies are at work here. One to balance reality and one… for me." She felt space and time shift and she slipped into another reality. This one she had been to before and now she could recall her time there. Humans and digimon both had reason to hate her there, but she had to seek them out. She did not yet know why she needed them specifically; however she trusted she would learn in time as more of the primary prophecy was revealed. The final prophecy.

Soon, Fate. Soon.

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