AN: A short fic for my friend Kigichi. She loves this pairing, and I wanted to give her something. This might never go longer than this chapter, as I am finding it challenging, but I want to try.
Summary: In the labs, Vincent is agony, mourning the loss of the Hojo he used to know. Little does he know that Hojo will soon remember the truth. Even then, it may be too far gone for repair.
Warnings: Violence in this chapter, in future chapters possible OOCness I am afraid, though it will try to be avoided.
Pairing: Vincent/Hojo (Which will hopefully be written seriously)

Hojo looked down at his favorite experiment who was strapped down on the metal table. He looked so gorgeous in agony, mouth torn open in a near-silent scream of pain. Tears were running down his face from those gorgeous red eyes.
"It doesn't hurt does it?" He murmured, stroking the other's ebony hair. He knew he did, but it was interesting to watch the other's reaction to his words. Sometimes he spat at him or snarled, and other times tears or shouts consumed him. This time however, he just stayed silent, the soft whimpers that his raw throat had been emitting falling away.

"My poor shattered Valentine..." Hojo whispered, tracing the edge of the scalpel around Vincent's lips before plunging it into the other's chest, tracing over a wound he must have inflicted a hundred times. The other healed quickly, with repeated injury leaving only the faintest of marks. Over time however, it was still possible to build up more severe wounds, and now the other was coated in scars. Not only had these been useful scientifically, it meant that no one would take his Vincent away from him.

He walked off to fetch a glass of water. Vincent sobbed, not able to understand why this was happening. It was all his fault of course, he hadn't been able to persuade Lucrecia that having an experiment child was a bad idea. Then he'd been shot, and Hojo had changed from a scientist into this monster. Since then, all he had had was agony and experiments, constant pain. He had brought this upon himself by failing the people he cared about most. He just wished it was someone else doing this, not Hojo. Seeing the other's broken mind almost hurt more than the cuts.

Hojo returned with the water, slipping it slowly. He would need to give experiment Valentine a drink soon, even though he was almost immortal, he still needed the occasional drink or piece of food for nutrition. He frowned, then held the glass to the other's lips, letting the water trickle into his mouth. After a few seconds he snatched it away and continued the experiment.

Vincent screamed as a slice was cut out of his left arm, chemicals being dripped into the hole. His left arm was one of Hojo's favourite areas to experiment on, as the brand showed. He gasped in air, shaking. The room was closing in around him, leaving him trapped in the sound of his own breath, the encroaching dizziness and the searing of the metal blade pressing against tenderized nerve endings.
"Please...stop...please..." he was panting, struggling to gasp in air. This wasn't the first time it had happened, and he didn't need to breathe, but he still wished it would be over. No matter how many times he promised himself he deserved it, he still hated every second, and felt no closer to atonement.

Hojo wiped the scalpel off on his lab coat, then dug it into the fresh gap in his arm, levering it into the narrow gap between bone and flesh, putting more strain on the permanently damaged skin. The blood was bubbling up from the wound, staining the bright white bone. He wiped it over with a cloth, cleaning the edges of the wounds. Valentine could still get mild infections, and though he healed quickly, Hojo still found any illness interfered with his experiments.

"That will be healed in a few hours...I have better things to do with my time." He turned and walked out of the room, leaving Vincent restrained on the table. Hojo went to check other experiments. One of the fungi was progressing very well.