A.N Sorry for the lack of updates. Anything in Italics is the Voice talking.

The Flock are pointless. Mistakes.

How can the Voice say - well think that? How? And if the Voice is just me being insane, does that mean that... I don't want to save the Flock? Or is the Voice programmed by Itex?

I am not programmed by Itex the Voice intoned and I sigh angrily.

How can I save the Flock? How?

Maybe they don't need saving. Maybe they're safer like this.

Ignorance is bliss.

The School will get to them.

Does it matter what happens to them in this state Max? After all, like you said "He isn't Fang. He's a mindless Flyboy". And that is more true than you think.

Yeah, except Nick isn't a Flyboy. He's just... mindless. Artificial.

How do you know he isn't being programmed by the School?

They wouldn't... they would! I swore and realised that they would, that I didn't know what would happen. I, the unstoppable Maximum Ride, had just been frozen. I could do nothing.

How do you know the School isn't forcing you to do things?

I don't have to do what you say.

I have free will.

I have free wi-

I have fre-

I have...