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Protecting you – Chapter 12

Kakarott was amazed at how fast he was landing on his destination. It had only been five hours since he left Bulma and Krillin.

Eight hours since he saw Chichi the last time.

He stepped out and analyzed his surroundings. Blue sky, white clouds, green trees, purple water dribbling through the rocks into many lakes around him. Breathing in he focused his eyes into the direction where he felt her. His heart started to thump violently in his chest as he lifted himself into the air, his tail twitching in excitement. He could feel her near him; he could feel her presence...And another. But as soon as he could recognize it, he stopped midair, and looked to the right with wide eyes. What the hell...


Vegeta huffed as he approached Freiza's room only to find it empty like the rest of the main-station. Nobody was here. It was deadly silent and only the air was sizzling coherently through the room. He slowly turned his head to the blood colouring the dark floor and sniffed it in with his eyes closed. It smelled humanly. His eyes grew black as he smirked darkly into the direction Chichi was walking only hours ago and speed after her, victory emanating from every pore of his body.


I couldn't tell what I was feeling at the moment this creature was directly looking at me. As if it wanted to say: "I'm searching for you!" My whole body reacted to it somehow. My heart was beating violently – more than all the other times before – even more than it does when I was around Kakarott! And I felt the urge to rush over to it and...do whatever it wanted me to do.

Stepping slowly back I tried to loosen this fierceness I sensed coming from the dragon. I didn't want to go to it, my instincts told me I should, but my consciousness told me not to.

I was very confused and it didn't help my current situation at all! To be exact: It brought the master plan I created in my head still, directly into a labyrinth.

When I finally had the power to look away I crashed rather uncomfortably against another wall and felt a hard hand grabbing my broken arm. I yelped but silenced as warm breath caressed my face coldly...predatorily...

"I caught you..."a dark yet familiar voice was whispering into my ears and I felt shivers all over my body when I met those dark eyes I knew just too well, as they were the first thing I saw before I got kidnapped and the only thing I saw when someone came to beat me up.

'Now...' I thought to myself '...now I was going to die...'


Kakarott practically rushed faster than the wind through the station to the spot he felt her. Although the animal inside of him screamed to fight with this enormous dragon out there who just felt not right there...It was not said that it was evil, but the beast in him knew that it would be better to kill it. But still, his heart wasn't able to just forget Chichi and jump right into the next fight! She was near him, he knew it.

Besides, anxiousness shot threw his body system as he clearly felt Vegeta with her. And he knew just too well what they promised to each other. If Vegeta would find her before him, he was going to use her...

The vision of Chichi being treated like a thing made Kakarott angry. Very angry. Running faster and faster he just had one wish: To be there in time.


He had her now. She was his and he would use her, at any cost. Feeling Kakarott approaching, Vegeta sneered and looked through the door only to see seconds after black eyes, which were filled with madness, and directed to him only, before they switched to love holding ones and looked to the other person who was watching him with an unbelieving gaze in her eyes. Forming his name breathlessly Chichi was unable to move due to her clear showed shock – not that that was a matter of fact since Vegeta still held her near him.

"Let her go." Was the demanding quest from Kakarott who clenched his hands into fists as if not to punch the life out of Vegeta this instant.

"NOW!" He yelled addingly. His temper was very bad at the moment.

Vegeta huffed. "Why should I? You clearly lost our bet. I gave you a chance to save her, but you just don't have it in you, do you?"

"DON'T FUCK WITH ME AND LET HER GO!" Kakarott screamed, the fur on his tail standing straight up now. Electricity crackled around him and Chichi would have joked if she had said she was afraid...she was horrified. She knew he could be angry, and she knew – since he was a sayajin and such – it wouldn't be nice at all but she never imagined it to be like this.

Her heart was hurting from seeing him like this. Her eyes watered up and her legs were about to lose their strength for good.

"Why don't you make me, huh? Kakarott! Come on, get me to do it!"

"Stop it, Vegeta! I'm seriously mad right now but I don't want to let Chichi see...the fake me."

"Oh, you mean the real you, don't you? You wimp! Just show her what you are so that she knows what our kind is made for." He paused darkly. "To kill."

"No..." was the low answer.

Vegeta growled. He didn't really like the way things looked right now. They were the only sayajins left – best friends on top of that – but he only wanted to do one think right now: Kill Kakarott who was love blinded and didn't see the important things. Vegeta wanted to take revenge for the pain, the embarrassment he had to suffer; he was a plaything, a machine, a humanly android who was not allowed to talk back. And what was the price for that? He lost his planet, his folk – and now even his best friend was slamming him to the ground.

He was mad as hell itself...

His eyes gazed to the girl he held in his grip and he hated her. He just hated her. She was the thing which granted Freiza what he wanted. She was the ultimate weapon. She was responsible for everything. That's what he saw in her, although he had no idea why it should be her.

A weak earthling. No special powers. A girl on top of that.

Her frightened black eyes looked at him and he smirked because he felt her nervousness. Was she nervous because she knew he would kill her? Was she nervous because she knew she would never be able to stay by Kakarott? Was she nervous because she feared to die?

"...save him..." She suddenly whispered with a broken voice. Vegeta growled at her to shut up. What the hell was she talking about? Save? He would never save anybody, except himself.

"Please, just save him!" Her voice got louder. "Save Kakarott, he's losing himself! You are his friend aren't you?" She practically yelled by now. "So save him already!"

"Why should I – " he never finished his sentence as a powerful punch threw him directly into the next wall. Before he could recognize the situation and understand what just happened a madness radiating Kakarott lunged himself at him. He was damn fast and Vegeta barely was able to avoid his attacks.

Chichi was lying on the ground, her eyes widened in horror.

"DO SOMETHING!" She shrieked. And by now Vegeta understood what she meant. Kakarott's eyes were gone. He was so mad, he looked like a complete monster; just whiteness. There was just whiteness in his eyes. The air around him burnt, every punch of him was as strong as never before.

Vegeta had no chance, he knew. He was too surprised and he didn't quite get what happened. His instincts told him that HE was the one who would die if not somebody would stop this guy! But still, he was fighting him, his pride forbid him to give up...

"Kakarott! Stop it Kakarott! YOU BOTH!" Chichi yelled who was able to stand again. She watched the fight and it hurt her. It hurt her to see it, so she cried. The tears where flowing and she just let them flew. She didn't know why it was so painful to see them. But somehow she felt the sadness inside of Kakarott and it killed her. It killed her to feel it.

But unfortunately she was gone for them. They didn't see her nor hear her anymore. She was not there.

Kakarott was landing against a wall and stopped moving for a second before he attacked Vegeta again who was breathing very hard. And he didn't like breathing hard, because he never breathed hard. They fought only for minutes but it was enough to tire him! He dodged Kakarott and smirked. "I'm not...gonna...lose!"


"Bulma, could you stop touching? Your h-hands are where they shouldn't be..." Krillin pleaded for the tenth time but Bulma only glared at him.

"Oh, shut up, shorty! We're almost there! And don't think I do that on purpose! Not when it's you!" She answered him and thought at the same time, why she didn't to that when she was with this Vegeta guy in here...'Ah, stop thinking, Bulma! No good, no good! That guy is no...'

"Ahh!" She yelled and her face lit up. "We are here!" Pressing her small nose against the glass she looked at the planet below them.

"Weird..." Krillin stated.

"What is?"

"Do you see that?" He pointed to the dark spot on the surface. "I feel a great strange energy from that spot there, and it doesn't feel very good either. It feels...evilly influenced."

"What?" She hooked her eyebrow. Krillin sighed. "It's not a good sign."

"Hmm." Her face got very serious. She hoped they would be still in time. It looked bad to her, that it did. She had no idea of energy levels and such but she could read facial expressions. And Krillin's didn't calm her at all.


"Grant me my wish!" Freiza yelled to the dragon which emerged before him. But the dragon did nothing. He did absolutely nothing! Freiza was very angry by now.

He got the ball with eight stars in it.

He summoned the dragon and now he wanted his demand to be taken!

"Do it, or I will kill you!" He shrieked.

"I cannot grant you your wish." The dragon suddenly spoke up with a very deep voice. The whole ground was shaking.

"Why?" Freiza screamed in impatience.

"Because the other half is missing."

"Which other half? There never was anything said about another half! Are you mocking me?"

"I do not intend to do so."

"Then where is the other half?"

"That you have to find out yourself."

Freiza growled. He really hated the direction everything was going to. He killed almost every planet. He got the dragonball that weak earthling girl held inside of her...The girl!


"Yes, master?" The violet eyed man automatically said.

"Bring me the girl...and I hope for your life that I didn't kill her yet..."



I didn't understand anything anymore. Kakarott was right before me and yet he was so very far away. My wounds where killing me and I wondered why I was still able to stand. I mean, I had a hole in my stomach! My arm was broken, my rips were broken, my soul was tired and the only person I ever loved didn't seem to see me!

"KAKAROTT!" I screamed for the thousandth time by now and my voice didn't reach him again. He was like...not himself at all. Where was the gentleness he had? Where were the emotions he held in his eyes. God, where were even his eyes, his mind...his heart?

All I could do was watch. Watch how he destroyed himself. For what? For me? Was he mad at Vegeta because of me?

Then why didn't he see me standing here? Why didn't he hear my voice?

All I ever wanted was to protect him, that's why I went with Chigo. Were my efforts just not enough? I didn't want to see him losing himself in battle. Yet I looked at him at the moment and all he could do is fight.

Oh, and I saw that he didn't want to, but his rage was telling him to do so. How should I stop him?

And agonizing cry brought back my attention to them and I felt my muscles work again. Vegeta was snarling and pushing Kakarott back against a corner, an monster energy ball between his palms, ready to fire it up.

I didn't know why I started to run at that moment, but I just had to...so I ran.

I ran.


The only thing Kakarott saw was Vegeta and the attack he was forming. He didn't think about the situation at all. He just felt anger boiling inside of him. He was so angry to the point where he forgot the reason. He just knew one emotion from this moment on: Madness.

And then Vegeta shot the ball at him and Kakarott's vision was suddenly blurred by black hair and a bone freaking scream followed soon after. A frail body was slamming against his chest and he looked into the closed eyes of Chichi.

It took him some seconds to understand the situation. He didn't get what happened at all. Didn't Vegeta aimed at him? Why was Chichi there? And why was she not moving at all?

As fast as his anger exploded inside of him moments before, as fast panic was rising inside of him. Whispering her name very low he touched her cheek and caressed it slowly, repeating her name over and over again in order for her to give him a sign. She couldn't be dead just after he had found her, could she?

"Ah, damn! That brat got in the way!" Vegeta huffed after he realised that Kakarott's energy level was back to normal. His fists itched to just punch him for attacking him so violently but the situation wasn't quite proper to do so. Even for him. 'Not that I care anyway...'

Kakarott ignored him perfectly. "Hey! Don't ignore me!"

"Oh, well, well, well!" A dark yet oh so familiar voice suddenly spat into the room. "If that isn't the mighty prince and his last companion I see there."

"You..." Vegeta growled as the fur on his tail stood up dangerously and his eyes darkened a shade. Chigo grinned evilly as he noticed the rising anger.

"Unfortunately I don't have time to play with you, as I only want the girl." His eyes focused on Chichi lying in Kakarott's arms who rocked her back in forth. He was in a trance. Vegeta and Chigo didn't exist right now, he only saw her.

"Damn it Kakarott! Cut the emotional crap!" Vegeta roared before he started to attack Chigo who only looked very displeased. With his first dodge he practically destroyed the half broken room and Vegeta landed in the sea outside of the building. Chigo, turning to the couple again thought the troublemaker was gone already but turned his face into a grimace as he felt a very, very angry energy emerging from behind. Vegeta was far away from being finished it seemed.

"What takes you so long?" Freiza screamed telepathically inside Chigo's head.

"A little distraction, mylord." He answered and the fight between him and Vegeta got into their final round...


"What now, Bulma? Should we wait for – What are you doing?" Krillin toppled over as he saw Bulma checking her weapon equipment. She didn't think of fighting, did she?

"We are going to check the dark spot we saw earlier. I'm interested in that, and I want to help as good as I can, understand that?"

"But...but...are you nuts? You have no idea what is going to happen there!"

"Oh, don't be such a worrywart, Krillin! You sound worse than my mother...So! Let's go!"

"Hai...But, how are we supposed to know the way?"

Bulma grinned wickedly before she put on weird looking glasses and pushed a button. It took her some seconds before she pointed into a direction. "There is a great power level. It is greater than anything else. West to that point are four energy levels, two are increasing dramatically, one is staying at a high level and the last one is...hmm...weird."

"What is?"

"It is somehow increasing although this thing here..."She tips on the glasses. "...is telling me it values no life anymore. Strange."

"Could be Kakarott and the others?"

"Maybe...well! Let's head to the dark spot!"

"WHAT? But shouldn't we go to Chichi and look for her?"

"Stop whining! If Kakarott is with her we don't have to fear anything, so, let's go!"


Her body was cold beneath his touch. But she couldn't be dead, could she? He could feel her Ki, so she was not dead, right?

"Chi?" A caress over her cheek. "Chi? Answer me please..." A caress over her forehead. "You can't do that, you know?" A caress over her nose. "Chi...Chi...could you open your eyes for me?" A brush over her eyes and over her lips...cold lips.

"Why did you protect me back there? Why did you...gosh, why did I?" Kakarott looked at her face. He finally had her back, he finally held her in his arms and she didn't move an inch. What did they do to deserve this? Was it so wrong for a sayajin to love? Was it so wrong for him to especially love her? His tail embraced her torso and squeezed it.

"Yeah, I know..." He answered as if his own body was telling him something. "I wish she would move too..."

"Give her to me." Chigo suddenly said beside him but earned nothing but a dark look of Kakarott. Licking his lips Chigo showed that he does not want a "no" for an answer. Vegeta was somewhere lying on ground, knocked out, half dead.

"Don't touch her!" Kakarott snarled at him and with one swift movement laid Chichi softly to the ground and attacked Chigo with all he had. He surely didn't want to give up now, Chichi was still alive, she just had to...

So he was not. Giving. Up. On. Her.