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Jerusalem, AD 1185

Some people say that when somebody dies, a new star appears on the sky. When the world loses someone precious and virtuous, their star shines brighter than the other ones.

A young woman looked down at the body wrapped in black robes, lying on the pedestal. Her eyes were dry, though her heart was crying a tear after tear.

"My dearest brother" she whispered "I will be missing you"

She touched lightly his forehead, hidden behind a silver mask.

"The world will be missing you also"

She turned around to see a tall man dressed in a blue robe with the Jerusalem Cross on his chest.

"Raymond" she said "You scared me"

"Please forgive me, Your Highness" Raymond apologized quickly "I didn't mean to do it"

They both stood beside the pedestal, gazing at the body in silence.

The woman suddenly hid her face behind a black veil.

"My son needs me" she explained "If you'll excuse me…"

Raymond bowed his head in respect.


And there he was, alone in the chapel, unable to collect his thoughts. He knew he'd lost not only a great king, but also a great friend. His Highness Baldwin, the fourth of that name, was a king that every country needed. Wise and just, yet held tightly in the claws of a terrible disease, that eventually killed him.

"You were my best friend, Baldwin" Raymond said, mostly to himself "The world around me will be empty without you"

Saying that, he touched a bandaged and crippled hand of the king. He could feel the bruises and lack of some fingers. What a terrible, cruel disease!

The preparations for the funeral were almost done. The procession was supposed to leave the royal palace and head straight to the Holy Sepulcher, where Baldwin's body was buried.

As every funeral, it was a very sad event. People were looking curiously after the coffin, hoping to see the body of their ruler. But they couldn't see it, for tears completely blurred their vision.

Jerusalem, present time

It was nearly dawn when Bernard realized that he'd already written 30 pages. His handwriting was slim and small, sometimes even hard to read. He looked at his cup – it was empty and his body was desperately calling for more coffee.

He didn't want to call his maid, he was sure she was still sleeping, so, on his tiptoes, he went down to the kitchen attached to his apartment to prepare the godly drink.

He shot a glance at the clock – it was 5:30 in the morning.

"Too early to go to work" he said to himself "But taking a short walk may be a good idea"

He quickly finished his coffee, grabbed his walking stick and, unseen, left the hotel.

Jerusalem seemed very fresh at this time of the day. Bernard could see people starting to prepare their stalls, putting out vegetables, fruits and jewelry. Their welcoming smiles made Bernard feel warmth slowly spreading through his veins.

He knew he loved this city.

He decided to visit the Holy Sepulcher. He didn't expect many people to be there so early in the morning.

When Bernard stepped through an open door, he felt a wave of pleasant cold. Nobody was inside, just a few candles were almost burning out, hidden in the corners.

Slowly, he walked down the main hall, looking around curiously.

"I wish I could see how it looked like in the past…" he murmured to himself.

And then, something unusual happened. Suddenly, everything went black. Bernard couldn't find anything at all – he didn't see the door nor the windows, and all the candles were gone.

"What is going on?" he yelled.

He felt the warmth of a sunray on his face. He opened his eyes and gasped.

The world around him seemed to have come back to normal, but there was one strange thing. The Sepulcher was now crowded with people dressed in colorful, long robes. Some of them had a red cross on their chest.


"My God, where am I?" he whispered under his breath. "It can't be possible"

He was walking around slowly, realizing that those people haven't noticed his presence. He gazed at the beautiful ornaments inside the temple – they were breathtaking, seeming to have come back to life.

"Do your wishes often come true?" he heard behind his back. He turned around sharply.

Bernard's eyes widened in surprise when he saw a tall, thin man wearing a deep green robe and a scarf.

He didn't respond to the man's question. He was just staring – and – before he held back his tongue, he asked:

"Who are you?"

The man smiled sadly and stepped closer. Bernard could smell the scent of jasmine and incense.

"I am Baldwin the Fourth, King of Jerusalem. I have been waiting here for you."