When Arthur woke up, it was dark, really dark and he didn't remember anything of what had happenned. He didn't remember how a man and a woman had enchanted him to have the deepest sleep of his life, or how they had taken him out of the castle, pretending to be a couple that was travelling out of the kingdom. He didn't remember all the miles he had made hidden under bales of hay, or how he had been thrown into that jail, and he certainly couldn't remember Merlin trying to stop his captors.

He spent two days sleeping, in a semi-comatose state. When he finally woke up he tried to locate himself but he didn't recognise anything. It was a damp cell, with no windows or any kind of furniture. His ribs and his leg hurt from the way he had been thrown and he was cold and sore. Not the kind of situation a prince was used to be in. Silently hoping his knights to come to take him back to his castle, he started searching for ways to escape.


The alarm on the kingdom was as high as it could be. All the king's men were looking for the prince, without much luck. There didn't seem to a clue, of where or who they should look for. Only Merlin knew something about the kidnapping of the prince.

- This is uselees! I can't find anything!- said Merlin, throwing the book he'd been reading away.

-You shouldn't treat books like that, Merlin, the knowledge written down there can save your life.- came Gaius's voice from the door of the chamber.

-I know, is just….how am I supposed to find Arthur's captors if the only thing I remember is their faces?

He remembered what the dragon had said "You have everything in you to save the prince". It hadn't been very precise, but the dragon had never been specific, yet he had been always helpful.

- I am certain that you will find a way, Merlin.

- Maybe, but while I do that couple can do anything they want with Arthur. Who knows, maybe he's already dead.

- Don't lose faith, you are the biggest chance Arthur has right now. If you with your gifts can't find him....

- Yeah, thanks for the pressure, Gaius.

Merlin retrieved his magic book and ran through the pages again. He even went to the last pages, where the enchantments were extremely complicated. There found something quite interesting. Enchanting an object so it will lead to a lost friend. All he needed was something of Arthur's and the will to find him. And even if it was the most difficult enchantment on the earth, he was not going to give up until he succeeded.

"Hang on, Arthur, I'm coming"


Arthur had searched every corner of the cell looking for a escapeway. Even the faintest trace of a tunnel, the smallest hole on the wall would had given him hope. But there had been nothing like that. Later he had screamed for hours for someone to come, for the captors to show their faces, but noone had come. After that his knees buckled and he threw up on the floor bile and water, for there was no food left inside him. Feeling weak and dirty, he realised then that noone was going to feed him.

He tried to be strong, to tell himself that the next day could be more useful, that he would get out that hole. But all those hours of darkness without the faintest ray of light had eaten up brightness of his soul. Tears feel down on his face as he went to sleep again.


In the gates of Camelot, the next morning, a servant asked his horse to hurry.

Merlin was going to be able to locate Arthur, but would he be on time to save his friend?

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