Merlin sensed that something was wrong. Something wasn't quite right about the light of the day, something was making the day dark. After eating a bit of breakfast (it felt so good having something to eat everyday) he stormed out of the physician's chambers, looking for some answers. On his way to the castle, Merlin ran into Gwen and Morgana, who looked quite anxious.

"What's going on?" he asked

"A couple of sorcerers have locked themselves in Arthur's chambers. Gaius and Uther are also in there." Morgana explained, waving her hands.

"A couple? You mean a man and a woman?"

"Yes, we guess these are the same man and woman that kidnapped Arthur."

Merlin sighed, thinking to himself "I can't take a break!"

"And what was Gaius doing there?" asked the warlock.

"Arthur's condition worsened at dawn. He has a very high fever and seems to be plagued by sharp pains."

Great. That was just great.

"You'll be able to help them, won't you, Merlin?" said Gwen.

"Of course I'll be"

But how? He couldn't even enter the room, because those sorcerers would tell Uther that he did magic, and would be the death of him. And of course, he couldn't enchant the woman form a distance because she was wearing that amulet of hers. But he needed to do something, there was too much at stake. Having ran out of ideas, he went to see the dragon.

"How do I defeat these sorcerers?" he asked, hoping for a simple answer he knew he wasn't going to get.

"Enter their hearts, young warlock, you will continue fulfilling your destiny."

"Enter their hearts…but how? That woman is invulnerable to magic!"

"Every coin has two sides, Merlin, never forget that"

"I don't under…..That's it! The man! Thanks!"

It was easy! He couldn't attack the woman, but with a bit of magic he could turn the man against her! He remembered reading a spell somewhere….

Arthur didn't understand what was going on. Outside his world of burning heat and unbearable pain someone was shouting. He thought he had heard his father, but he couldn't be sure. Maybe he was just delusional. Why was this happening to him…again? Hadn't he suffered enough the last couple of years? Ironically, this time the young prince found protection and shelter in the dark, in the deepest of the dark.

"Arthur? Arthur! Son, please!" shouted the king of Camelot.

"He has blacked out? Then there's not much time left. I'm not surprised, after been starved for days in the darkness… He would be already be dead if it wasn't for the useless piece of meat that is my husband…"

"I'm sorry, dear" said the husband.

I don't deserve to be treated the way she treats me. The man didn't know where that thought has come from, but it was right. He didn't deserve all the insults and the disdain.

"So… Uther…..Let's make a deal. Your son is beyond repair, now, but if you surrender the kingdom now, we may spare your ward. But only if she gives up all of her rights. I'm the only queen Camelot will have."

The man watched in silence. "Me, me, always thinking about her, sometimes, I swear she gets to my nerves". Suddenly, all the anger that he had been feeling all those years started to surface.

"Poor, poor, Prince Arthur, such a sad story." continued the woman with false sympathy "No mum, died young. It's a pity, he was quite handsome"

That boy is innocent! He hasn't done anything to us! I never liked this plan…I'm not a killer! She made me a killer! I hate her! For a moment confusion took over the man. Why was he thinking those things? He loved his wife, he had always been a bit resentful, but he didn't hate her….or did he?

"So when I'm queen there we'll be some changes in your kingdom. I will decide everything, I will make the laws and…" The evil woman was interrupted, much to Gaius's and Uther's surprise, by her partner.

"And what about me? Do you ever of me if it's not to insult me?"

"Shut up, idiot, I'm talking!"

"No, no, no! I'm tired of you, of your spells, of your plans! I didn't want this! I told you I didn't want to hurt the boy! I never wanted to be so damn cruel and evil!"

"Well, face it, dear, you already are"

"Maybe. But it's the last time I do something because of you!"

The man took his sword and ended the life of his wife. Then a silver glow appeared, and he realised what had happened.

"Oh my….Why did I…?... I'm sorry…."

"Guards!" called Uther "Take the man and the body!"

The spell that locked the door was no longer active, because the one who made it was dead. The guards came in and took the crying man, to a dark cell with no windows. They put him in the dark. Then Merlin came in the room, and so that his plan had went perfectly. The thoughts he had written on the man's mind had worked like a charm. He was so proud of himself he was almost glowing.

"Is everyone all right?" he asked innocently.

"Yes, fortunately the couple had a crisis in the middle of their victory speech….They won't be able to do more harm."

"And Arthur?"

"He is still in a very grave condition….but now that the pain spell is gone, he'll probably recover in a few days."

And, suddenly, the day got brighter. There was no more darkness in its light.

A couple of nights later, Merlin was dozing by Arthur's bedside. His friend was still very weak and would bedridden for some days, but he was getting all the care he needed. Merlin woke up at the sound of a voice.

"Me..erlin?" Arthur's voice was only a wishper. The warlock opened his eyes, and gladly saw that Arthur was awake too.

"Arthur! How are you feeling?"

"Been better" answered the prince. "Merlin, I wanted to…. Thank you, you saved me from….the dark cell."

"It was my pleasure. And now go back to rest, you need it."

"Merlin, saved me from the dark. I cannot thank..."

"You'd do the same for me"

Merlin and Arthur smiled at each other, and succumbed to peaceful slumber.

From that day on, the windowless dark cell and the laugh of the evil sorcerer would haunt Arthur's dreams.

But that's another story.

The end!

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