The woods really were pretty at night. The trees were heavy with leaves, and since Allen began organising epic camp-outs to make sure that there were people there at all hours of the day, the tiny controlled campfires reflected off the foliage, glinting red and making things seem a whole lot warmer than they actually were.

Allen could get used to this, and felt a bit like a little lord from his perch on Kanda's resting place. So far a few packs of goons had come along making threatening noises and waving heavy things about, but his people had rallied, and when it came right down to it...

The people who were adamant in protecting this place could make much scarier noises than bloody paid hands. It helped that among the throngs they had no less than three aspiring heavy metal singers, one bona fide cat whisperer, an old man who whistled through his gums when he forgot to put on his dentures, and a vet who took up making the noises of animals in pain as a supplementary hobby to healing wounded creatures. Allen was directing them and even he got the creeps at the impression of a weasel squealing in pain as an a cappella tribute to Black Sabbath was screeched out in the background.

Oh, if Allen did say so himself, they had such a bloody fantastic defence here. Something to be proud of, that.

A dark head appeared on the side of the platform, and for a brief moment Allen thought he should just jump off the side to his death already, because buggering hell Kanda has come back and Kanda did not take kindly to other people. His foot was pressed against the wood, knees bent in preparation for a glorious leap into the great unknown before the face came into view and Allen thanked the Lord for the arrival of the no-less-deadly but lots-more-kind Asian of the two, Lenalee.

Like a respectable gentleman, he held his hand out to pull her up.

Like a respectable lady who was trained in classical dance (and various martial arts), she completely missed the proffered hand and kicked off on a sturdy branch to land lightly in a crouch on the platform. Smiling at Allen, she waved him back into sitting before settling down herself, leaning back to rest some of her weight on her hands.

"Hi Allen!"

Allen was just a little bit scared. "Hello, Lenalee. You well?"


Certain adjectives should not leave the mouths of certain persons of certain physiques. Allen could hear the sound of his ribs being smashed in a sharp kick (thank you, intense paranoia).

"Delightful." But girls weren't creatures known for physical violence, were they? Allen could take any amount of mental trauma, years of being 'cared for' by Cross having made him completely insensitive to most potentially emotionally scarring things. Unfortunately, he was still a tiny little bit small for his age, and despite vehement protests to the contrary it wouldn't take much effort for Lavi, the gender-confused thing or even Lenalee to... beat him up.

Sore point, that. Hopefully Lenalee never unwittingly proved him right.

She smiled at him. "I got a text a while ago from Lavi. Apparently Kanda had, uh, Kanda's version of an anxiety attack-"

Allen paled (further). "How many people died, Lenalee?" He had to know to come up with a valid reason to justify murder-by-bad-temper. Self-defense? Not very likely. Allen didn't think any thief would be dumb enough to tackle two healthy, strong-looking boys. Especially when one looked like he was two heartbeats away from ending everyone else's (heartbeat).

Wait, wait... Regardless of his terrifying and terrible nature, Kanda could be mistaken for a girl, couldn't he? From a great distance away, when you couldn't hear him speak and see him scowl, but maybe, uh, there was one really short-sighted teenager who was high on something and tried to... get it on? Was that the term? With Kanda, and thereby lost his life.

Poor Timothy, thought Allen. Somehow, this phantom assaulter in his mind was called Timothy, silly and mouthy and dead after running into Kanda.

That's fine then, thought Allen. If half a minute's furious thinking could yield such a clever story, all he needed was a half hour and eye drops to convince everyone that it was self-defense, really, ah, ignore how the corpse is a tiny bit mutilated, and yes, that is a decapitated arm bleeding from that windowsill, but you shouldn't think too badly of Kanda because of it.

Someone was shaking his shoulder.

Allen snapped out of his needless scheming, blinking a few times to renew his tenuous grasp on sanity. "Lena-?"

The Chinese girl pouted. "Listen until the end before you start coming up with scenarios, please. Lavi's with Kanda, and I think you're being a bit dramatic. Kanda wouldn't actually kill anyone!"

Neither Allen nor Lenalee have known Kanda for very long, so theoretically they should have roughly the same grasp on his personality.

They obviously didn't, though. While Lenalee obviously believed that under that cold exterior lay a delicate Japanese doll who was fragile and pretty, Allen knew incarnations of pure apathy when he saw them (he had the incarnation of PURE EVIL as a guardian, so there was some sort of relationship going on there). Allen would not be surprised by any measure of violence from Kanda, who acted the way other people occasionally wished they had balls enough to.

He started to nod patronisingly, then remembered that it probably wasn't the most polite of things, to patronise friends, before settling on a disbelieving smile. "If you say so, Lenalee. At least you've known Kanda for a little while longer than I've known him. Perhaps his, ah, softer side comes out after a while?"

The girl looked surprised. "I don't think Kanda has anyone's definition of a soft side. I just don't think he's actually practically murderous. Especially not when he's trying to get a job done. Think about it, Allen, Lavi's probably driving poor Kanda out of his mind, so he probably just want wants to beat up your father and come home."

"Adoptive father, Lenalee. My chromosomes did shriek a little in horror when you associated them with him. And Kanda's temper is short, isn't it? I have stared at a razor then at Cross' neck longingly; it doesn't seem to me to be impossible to imagine Kanda taking that last step."

Lenalee was gravitated to just one aspect of what Allen had said. "A razor, Allen?" She looked at his baby-face sceptically, and this time just his Y-chromosome shrieked in despair.

"He... likes to keep a goatee but cannot be bothered to spruce up himself, the lazy bastard. And the only way he would pay for my piano lessons was if I acted as his barber." The only measure of revenge Allen had been able to convince himself to do was slapping the aftershave on particularly hard, and using a brand that stung a lot more than usual (though that may have had something to do with him adding a generous amount of vinegar to it, after assuring Cross that it was the scent of dignified male.)

"What's the relationship between playing the piano and making a good barber?"

Allen shrugged, anxious to move away from one of many traumatic memories, but hesitant to hustle the conversation along. "My fingers supposedly learned finesse. Now, may we please stop talking about my prior history of shaving my guardian and return to Kanda throwing a fit?"

Because Kanda throwing a fit would've been a sight to behold, no doubt about it. Brutality of the highest level; the boy knew he shouldn't be delighted at the thought of Kanda wreaking havoc, but something deep inside was perhaps just a little bit blood-thirsty.

Lenalee clapped her hands in recollection. "Oh, right! They're having dinner now; Lavi said that Kanda came pretty close to snapping. Lavi set him back on track, but he's a little worried himself." She pulled her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on top of them. "He said he'll call later to tell me the whole story. I'm hoping there might be something they missed, but honestly, Allen?" She gave him a sad look, "It's not looking too hopeful for them."

"I did say he was bloody good at disappearing." Allen sighed. "It would help very, very much if we had an informant of some sort, but no such luck there-"

Two phones began ringing suddenly.

Lenalee noted amusedly as she hurried to answer her own phone that Allen's appeared to be playing "God Save the Queen."

"Lenaleeeeeeeeeeeeee, how's it been hangin' without me? Dull, yeah, it's utterly dull, right? Stuck with just the little sprout while the concentrated bits of awesome that is me 'nd my bod are off on a trip. Y'must hate Kanda for being such a lucky boy, huh?"

Lavi grabbed the chopsticks out of Kanda's hand before it could be used to puncture a hole through his throat, waving them in Kanda's face. Naughty, naughty.

Kanda could feel a migraine start up, and grabbed the bottle of soy sauce with a look of deep concentration. On one hand, he liked his soy sauce. It was black, no-nonsense, and tasted good without comprising his need to be simple.

On the other hand, the bottle it was in was made of glass, and if he hit Lavi hard enough with it, it could shatter and hopefully kill Lavi.

Totally worth it, he decided, absolutely so. Carefully moving his bowl of soba to the side, Kanda drew his hand back, bottle firmly in his grip. Destruction of private property has never felt so good (and Kanda has had a lot of experience in that field. Trust him.)

Lavi saw black death coming for him, sloshing in a glass bottle, and clamped the phone to his ear with his shoulder, leaving both hands free for a quick defense.

(He covered his face with them. It'd be hard to be charming and disarming with a face full of glass shards, yeah?)

"Yuu, if y'do that, people'll think you were brought up badly!"

Kanda halted immediately. The very thought of the memory of his father and the ability of his mother being questioned was so offensive he had a look of utter distaste on his face even before he had settled back into his seat, grumpily pulling the soba back to him.

"Bastard. You were raised by wolves."

Or. Rabid cattle? English expressions quite eluded Kanda sometimes. Being raised by wolves didn't seem like much of an insult; wolves were noble, capable, responsible, and able to work in teams seamlessly.

If Lavi was raised in a wolf pack as one of their own, Kanda had no doubt his furry brothers and sisters would soon indulge in a spot of cannibalism (the fur goes flying).

Lavi took a bow. "I howl t'get my point across, yeah. Now sit still 'nd be a polite little boy, Yuu, I'm talking to a lady.

Lavi was pushing his luck, he knew he was, but. A bristling Kanda was worth two non-murderous ones. It looked like Kanda was willing his hair to whip up and choke Lavi, and such is the power of Kanda's aura that-

Oh hey, is it just me or did that ponytail levitate a couple of inches?

Lavi went back to his call, eyeing the hair suspiciously. "Ah, sorry f'the interruption, Lena. Yuu's bein' grumpy again."

Kanda started on his soba with a look of malice at Lavi. Slurpslurpslurp, except not really because Kanda does not make inappropriate sounds while eating. Lavi can't concentrate much on Lenalee, because Kanda kept making him want to fall off his chair and laugh himself sick.

So Lavi turned to look outside; it's properly dark now, orange streetlights making the world a funny shade. The glass was pretty reflective, and if he made an effort he could easily make Kanda out, but that would've defeated the purpose. Instead he concentrated on his own reflection, and started making funny faces as Lenalee updated him on the lack of updates.

"We're not doing much better, Lena. Yuu got us pretty epicly lost, so just about th'best thing I can say for us right now is that if Cross had set people t'follow us, well. They could be in Chile, f'all I know."

Lenalee's voice was tinny, and she sounded even younger. To some degree, Lavi could understand why her brother seemed so intent on protecting her virtue; the girl was cute as a button.

"That's something good, at least. We all still have time, so there's no point in being too worried. It's a small world!"

Then the unthinkable happened.

Kanda's phone rang. While Lavi was on the phone to someone else.

Of course this latest development is the most important thing that has happened today, so Lenalee was updated accordingly.

"Oh my god Lena, something's happened that y'wouldn't even believe."

Lenalee tried being an infidel before hazarding a guess. "Umm... Turns out Cross thought going deep deep undercover's the best thing to do and he's working as a waiter at the restaurant you boys are in and Kanda has just knocked him out by breaking six pairs of chopsticks over his head?"

Lavi took a moment to digest the depths of Lenalee's disbelief. He whistled in appreciation.

"Whoa, Lena, I do believe y'wouldn't believe me if I said that. Now I feel like 'm letting y'down when I tell you that, while 'm talking to you now, Kanda got a phone call."

Lenalee, bless her heart, managed to muster a convincing expression of surprise, but on the other end of the line she was smiling so wide it hurt her cheeks. Lavi was good company whatever way you got him. "Oh my gosh! Do you think it might be his dad, or something? Hope it's nothing serious, Lavi."

It had not actually occurred to Lavi prior to Lenalee mentioning it that the call could be due to some serious family issues, which embarrassed him quite completely, which had him spinning on his seat to face Kanda and study his face for distress or, more likely, fury.

Check on that fury. Kanda's nostrils were flaring like the jeans of a hippie, and the look of outrage on his face frightened the waiter looking after their table into speeding away, muttering to himself in Tagalog about the demon-boy with the demon eyes (he's a University student, the waiter, this is his part-time job, he's studying for a degree in Chemical Engineering and speaks hopelessly fluent English, except for when he's flustered. Then it's viva la Philippines).

Kanda is otherwise occupied. "Who gave you my number."

"Pssst, Lena," Lavi was doing a live coverage of events. "Don't think it's his dad; Yuu seems t'think the caller shouldn't have his number, and I don't think he's that unkind t'Tiedoll. Mystery caller is mysterious!"

"You sure he's alright with you eavesdropping, Lavi?"

He shrugged. "Oh, Lena, as if that'd stop me! 'nd what about you? If y'think eavesdropping is utterly evil, yeah, I totally dare you t'hang up on me!"

"And miss your kindof obsessive report on Kanda? Lavi, you should know me better." Lenalee chided, as she herself made a big effort to hear Kanda's voice through the line, happy to ignore Lavi's indistinct sounds of mock horror. "Now be a good boy and tell me what's going on, or I promise I shall hang up on you and... make out with Allen, or something."

Lavi laughed before remembering the etiquette of two people out for a meal (and both suddenly becoming involved in separate telephone conversations simultaneously) and brought it down to a worrying choking sound. "How could y'possibly cheat on me like that, Lena? Y'know what, I have half a mind t'hang up on you and make out with Kanda, or something."

"Mmm, mmhmm," she replied disinterestedly. "Go and do that then, Lavi, right after we find out who it is who's on the phone to Kanda... I don't think even I have his number, now that I think about it."

"Lena, babe, I pretty much had t'assault the boy t'get his number. Whoever's talking must be like, immediate family more immediate than something that's full 'f immediacy, or it's a serial killer with a thing for him." His ear was pricked, though, trying to catch the conversation. For now it seemed the mysterious caller was intent on keeping himself most mysterious, because Kanda was nodding tersely to whatever was being said without divulging any juicy information.

"Ey, maybe it's something t'do with the yakuza, or what. Yuu's looking fabulous in his leather jacket 'nd his serious expression, 'nd he's not saying anything-"

The abrupt halt was because of Lavi grabbing the table to stop from toppling over after Kanda tried to kick his chair out from under him (and very nearly succeeding). Yuu was looking fabulous in his leather jacket and his satisfied smirk then, as he growled further possibly-affirmative responses down the line. Lavi pouted at him, but that didn't last long. He was grinning with amusement by the time he'd gotten comfortable on the chair again.

"-vi? Laaaaaaaaaaavi?"

"Right here in y'ear, Lena. Yuu was just feeling lonely not being included in this gorgey conversation we're having, yeah? Just lashing out. He's at that delicate age, y'know."

Lenalee giggled. "When he thinks being alone with his motorbike and wearing black is cool?"

"Mmm, that exactly, except, yeah... It is cool when he does it, don't y'think?"

They both agreed that this was one of those facts that you might not be fond of, but was still completely inescapable.

But mutual agreement hadn't really solved their primary problem of trying to find out who it was that was speaking to Kanda and what it was they were talking about. If Lavi had an extra hour and his kit, listening in on the call would've been easier (and probably more ethical, being best friends and all) than stealing candy for a baby. He didn't mention it though, because just like Lenalee trying to share the pain of menstrual cramps, that would be too much information.

"Hey, d'you think it'd be worth the effort t'tackle Yuu to the ground 'nd grab the phone from him and just carry on with the conversation in m'best Kanda impersonation? I'll make sure t'stub my toe really hard so that I get into that grumpy state of mind we all know 'nd fear!"

Kanda's already fraying temper snapped. Did no one else appreciate the need for silence during a meal? Lavi had started the mess by making himself known to Kanda first, and accepting a call while they ate second. He hadn't even finished eating, a small voice in his head was insisting they were too busy to bother with this crisis, food is the way forward, and the tiny whining in his ear was stomping on what little goodwill he had for the Universe to begin with.

The best way to deal with the problem was right at its source.

He threw his phone to Lavi, with complete disregard for the person on the other side, and Lenalee who was on the other side of Lavi's phone. Without bothering to see if Lavi caught his phone, Kanda started back on his soba, fully determined for he, at least, to be quiet if no one else was going to respect dinner.

Lavi wasn't a chameleon, he couldn't make each eye concentrate on different things, nor was he some sort of aural equivalent of the good-tempered reptile. It was impossible to keep two conversations going on at once, one at each ear, so he cheerfully gave up and made it into a conference call.

"Ey, Lenalee, Yuu just nicely asked me t'carry on th'conversation with his mystery lad, so you're at my right ear and Yuu's phone's at my left. Lemme be th'medium if you have any questions, yeah?"

"Lavi, what are you on about?"

Realisation dawned, and Lavi shot a look of pure admiration for Kanda's poker face.

"Bloody hell, Allen, how did y'get this number?"

"Allen's the man Kanda'd been talking about? But he's right here! Alle-"

"-n! Sorry Lavi, that was Lenalee. God, but don't you think this is going quite mad?"

Lavi had to agree. Just now he had had the distinct feeling of Lenalee running from one side of his head through to the other, and trampled on his brain in the process. He was tempted to chalk up the mild hallucination to hunger, but he was the glutton who had finished two huge servings of curry himself just a few hours earlier, and he was also the glutton who's just eaten his way through a sukiyaki meant for two. He patted his belly absently; maybe being full makes me a bit slow.

"Oi, both of you be nice t'your big brother Lavi, 'nd just share one phone, yeah? If y'give me a headache I might be even worse than Yuu."

Three people snorted in tandem, and Lavi glared at Kanda without any real anger. "Now, what is it that y'called Yuu for, Allie?"

He could hear Lenalee cheering Allen on, and spared a moment to study Kanda's behaviour. After what had to count as a nervous attack earlier, Kanda looked much too calm to be normal. Almost as if everything's already resolved, and not that they're running out of money and ideas. How suspicious. He sniffed in the general direction of Kanda's bowl of soba, and tried to figure out if any recreational drugs had found their way into it.

He nearly missed Allen beginning to talk.

"Lavi, Tim just called me. He's informed me that like me he can no longer stand Cross His Royal Prick-ness, and he's joining our cause. Something about alcohol tipping the scale, though I think if I was drunk and Cross was drunk and I snapped it certainly would be a whole lot bloodier than just double-crossing. I'm thinking, pools of blood-"

Lavi didn't need gore and a full introduction to the inner deprived depths of one Walker, Allen. Not after a heavy meal, at least, so he cut the boy off. "'nd I can see th'entrails in your eyes, my boy. Go easy on th'murder, I've just eaten, yeah? What'd our campy, campy man say?"

Allen's response was a little hard to hear, because Lenalee had become quite bored of sharing a tiny mobile phone and had become quite excited at the prospect of Tim being a turncoat that could win this for them. She muttered a quick "You boys talk on, I'll grill Allen later. There's morale to boost!"

Which was her cue to grab Allen's loudspeaker, the one that he seemed to treat like a beloved third arm, and jump off the wooden platform that served as the headquarters for a tiny crusade for personal pleasure gone national.

Before Allen spoke up again, Lavi distinctly heard a gentle, womanly voice exclaiming lustily something along the lines of Our Time Has Come, Justice Will Be Served, And Speaking of Serving Jery's Now Selling Sorbets, Thank You For Your Attention~!

He couldn't help but laugh, and stuck his tongue out when Kanda gave him a funny look. Then it was his turn to return the favour, staring in surprised when Kanda just shrugged it off and returned to his meal, not even an aura of malice to frighten Lavi with.

Yeah, it's got t'be morphine in the soba. I totally can smell it.

A thought which made him regret choosing the tame and very legal sukiyaki.

Back to Allen, he told his attention. This was a potential case-solver!

Allen coughed politely, and shifted so that his back was to Lenalee and her legion of followers. He wanted to be able to hear what Lavi said, sorry.

"Yes, Lavi. Cross has Kanda's details on file, and Tim thought it'd be safer to call me and get me to call Kanda instead of him calling Kanda directly. Being bugged, something of the like. He gave me Cross' location, but the thing is, Cross will only be there until early tomorrow. Apparently he's decided now's a fitting time for a vacation, and is going Lord only knows where. Tim tried to discreetly get it out of him, but Tim was also trying not to set the office on fire because of the drinking thing, so he was distracted, poor sod. Cross' personal lady assistant, a woman called Maria something-or-other has his whole schedule, but TIm's not too fond of the idea of asking her. She's a big Cross fan. Maybe because Cross fancies her, I suspect, but what do I know?" How quickly a serious discussion can deteriorate into gossiping. Lavi barely restrained himself from asking what this Maria woman looked like, because if Anita is anything to go by Mary Cross has pretty discerning taste for his lesbian self. Ahem.

Lavi put the elbow on the table, pushing Kanda's phone closer to his ear while hanging up on Lenalee (who was Otherwise Occupied). Depending on where Cross was, they might be able to settle the whole thing tonight itself, but events this spectacular tend not to be resolved so easily. Which Lavi guiltily preferred, because, really. This was his first outing with a friend.

He felt vaguely embarrassed thinking that, and started counting the number of bamboo slats on the partition of the wall next to him. If he looked at Kanda now, he would be tempted to ask for a fist pump. Or call him bro, or something.

"So, Allie. Let it rip, where's Cross at? Looks like we've got t'get him quick, or we'll be in trouble, yeah?" Because if this Maria woman was arranging all of Cross' travels with her account or a corporate account of some sort, good ol' Alis probably wouldn't be able to track it. And that was Lavi's highest hope for finding Cross. Plan B wasn't much of an option.

Plan B being he and Kanda would amuse karma enough to let them trip over Cross in some scene right out of a slapstick comedy sketch so terribly, terribly done it was frightening. Custard pies would probably be involved. And Plan B didn't look hot from the start, because Lavi believed in fate about as much as a modern man would believe in a giant scarab beetle pushing the sun up into the sky.

Which possibly meant that on top of everything else that's gone wrong, he's also offended Egyptian holiness. Hell to the yeah.

And Allen told him, and Lavi paled so badly even Kanda looked slightly perturbed, slowing his already slow pace of eating to glare-stare on.

"Damn. Allie, that's bloody far away, yeah? Like. Very bloody far away. Like, hours 'nd hours 'nd hours away. Like, by the time we get to where Cross is, if we get to where Cross is, th'most opposition we could put up against that bad-tempered, irritatingly tall adult man would be to slump at his feet in a heap 'nd hope we give him blisters." Lavi's jaw hung loose in despair.

Kanda knocked Lavi's elbow off the table in one swift, unexpected punch, and Lavi's jaw was shut effectively by the tabletop. The click of teeth hitting teeth made a few other patrons of the restaurant stop in their own pursuit of a pleasant meal to stare, but Lavi seemed to have been struck dumb and Kanda seemed more than willing to do the same thing again to anyone who even looked like they were going to be a nuisance.

Since Kanda's expression seemed to say that even people who were using their chopsticks wrong would be brutally persecuted, everyone returned to doing what they were doing before but with additional forced merriment. The owner of the restaurant cursed like a jolly madman when the shock made him drop a teacup on his slippered foot.

Lavi's eye did the questioning for him; no other body part seemed capable.

Kanda took pity on the wild-haired idiot. He was finally done with his meal, and while it wasn't as good as what Jery could whip up at home sweet home, it was more than adequate. They've been travelling furiously for two full days now, speeding past on the wrong side of the law (Kanda does not expect to be a bad example for kids, because Kanda refuses to be an example for anyone. He does wear his helmet though) and pretending heartily not to notice what the oil consumption of an attractive beast of a bike would do to Tiedoll's credit card.

From what he could estimate, they were in a pretty central position. Heading where Anita had given them directions to was a decision he would still stand by; something about relationships made people exceedingly stupid, so he would not have been surprised had they gone through the glass doors of some generic building and found Cross chopping down tiny tabletop ornamental bonsai trees of his employees for his own Zen.

Caught with his pants down, sort of, kind of.

So Kanda did not need Lavi, of all fools, to despair. There was something strangely encouraging about a person who did not think defeat was possible.

Kanda didn't think defeat was acceptable, and that was a big, abstract difference between he and Lavi.

At least, that's how it would appear. Lavi gave Kanda the impression of not being all there... Or, no, more like of being too much there. Like he would observe what was happening, and react in what way was deemed most suitable.

Like the breed of politician destined for success, if not heaven.

Whatever. It's not important.

Not right now, at least. "Don't decide what's 'too far', idiot. He hasn't left the country, has he?"

Lavi nodded dumbly, and Allen decided to give up on trying to understand what was happening by interpreting rustles and thumps, and instead paid full attention to what Kanda was saying. It seemed important. When Kanda speaks to Lavi somehow it always seemed at least a little important.

When Kanda speaks to Allen it always seemed at least a little abusive. Allen would have called a police station and declare it a hate crime, but Lavi's a white boy too.

"Then it's not too far," Kanda stated, calm, cool and completely convinced. They were in the prime of their youth, for fuck's sake. If a sleepless night and aching bottoms would get them closer to Cross, then Kanda is all for straddling his attractive beast of a bike for however long it was necessary. Kanda couldn't see how Lavi could disagree to straddling his attractive beast too.

Sense finally returned to Lavi after extended leave. "But we have t'get there by tomorrow morning! 'nd it's hundreds 'f miles away!" They had no daylight left, they would be on the road in the dark with Lavi's vague idea of the location and Kanda's belligerent sense of misdirection, and, and...

They both knew Kanda was not a night person. Kanda slept with a hot water bottle at his feet and affected a raspy dry cough before going to bed at ten every night, complaining about aching bones and young people, before waking up at the crack of dawn every morning, with dire disregard for seasons.

Basically, Kanda was the epitome of all that was sexy and dangerous in the day, but come night, he traded in his leather jacket and wind-blown hair for the personality of a 80-year-old cranky grandfather with a fake hip.

Only there were no words to express this with that would have let Lavi keep his life.

And there were no words that Kanda would allow from Lavi. "If you're being defeatist, I'm stabbing you, " he said, frowning heavily.

Lavi could feel a slightly predatory grin grow on his lips. "Never, Yuu!"

Oh, this is going to be fun.


"T'th'bat mobile, Yuu!"

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