Lucy waited impatiently for the right time to fly up to the West Tower and save Sirius. She could tell that Harry was losing his nerve and Hermione was developing a nervous tick of tucking her hair behind her ears. It bothered Lucy but she knew she was picking grass out of the ground around her and so she let it go.

"Half an hour, we're running out of time," Hermione glanced at her watch. Harry groaned in frustration. They needed to wait for the coast to be clear but what if it would be too late?

"Look! Hermione, its Macnair, the executioner!" Harry pointed excitedly to the castle doors where a man was running down towards the outskirts of the grounds. "He's going to get the Dementors. It's now or never, let's go," He stood up and held onto Buckbeak as Hermione and Lucy climbed on to his back. Harry hoisted himself up in the front. "Hold on tight," he kicked Buckbeak's sides and the Hippogriff took off. Lucy clung as tightly as she could to Hermione as Harry steered Buckbeak towards the third window from the left of the highest tower.

Harry positioned Buckbeak so that he could slip off his back and land on the small terrace outside of Sirius' make-shift prison cell. He rapped on the window and Sirius came running to unlatch it.

"Harry," Sirius climbed nimbly out the window and grasped his godson tightly. "I knew you would come," he looked uncertainly at the hovering Buckbeak. "Should I get on first?" He asked. Harry stood back to let Sirius clamber up onto Buckbeak's back then Sirius gave Harry a hand up.

Sirius wasn't bad at manoeuvring the large animal but it took time to get him to land in the courtyard. He led Buckbeak down into an alcove of the building. There, he helped the girls and Harry down.

"Thank you all so much, I don't know how I could ever repay you." He said, putting a hand on Lucy's shoulder and the other hand on Harry's shoulder.

"It was all Hermione, really. She took us back and figured out how to get you out of here." Harry explained. Sirius smiled at Hermione, his waxy skin stretching over his face in an unnatural way. He looked like he hadn't smiled in years and the muscles were sore.

"You are very smart, Hermione. Thank you very much for this. You've done magnificently tonight." He gave Hermione a tiny hug and she blushed. "Do you mind giving us a minute?" He asked her. She nodded and took Buckbeak with her to fix his ruffled feathers. Sirius sat down on the ground, leaning against the stone wall. He exhaled deeply.

"It is unfair that you two didn't get to know your parents. They were both wonderful people and I know they loved you both. Harry, you look so much like James and you act like him too. You are just as much a trouble-maker as him. And Lucy, you are the spitting image of Lily." He said. She smiled at him. "Never stop smiling; it's like a light at the end of the tunnel. It's beautiful – you're beautiful!" He stood up and gave them a gripping hug. He was strong for such a frail man.

"Now, I'm sorry to revoke the invitation to come live with me. I'll be in hiding until this all blows over but you can come stay with me afterwards." He walked over to where Hermione and Buckbeak were, took the reins from Hermione and swung himself on. "We'll be a real family after this. Like the family you never got,"

"Do you promise?" Lucy asked sceptically. Sirius chuckled and Harry put an arm around her.

"I promise Lucy," With those final words, Buckbeak took off and they watched man and animal disappear into the sky. Hermione glanced down at her watch.

"We have five minutes to get up to the Hospital Wing!" She shrieked. They ran as fast as they could down corridors and whipped around corners. When they arrived at the Wing, Dumbledore was just leaving. He wasn't surprised to see them.

"We did it sir! He's free!" Harry said excitedly. Dumbledore smiled at them.

"I knew you could. I'm sure they'll both be safe for now. Cornelius will not be happy with this but he shouldn't have ignored the signs. Good job to each of you." Still out of breath, Harry gave the Headmaster a look of confusion.

"How did you know we rescued Buckbeak?" He asked. Dumbledore laughed softly, his blue eyes twinkling.

"I was there with the Minister and the executioner. When we went out to behead Buckbeak, he was missing. However, I caught a glimpse of you three and him walking through the forest. Next time, be a bit more careful," he didn't say it like a reprimand but some advice from a loving grandparent.

"There won't be a next time." Hermione admitted. "I'm giving this back; it was too much to handle for me. I think I'll drop a few classes next year," She handed Dumbledore the Time-Turner. He wrapped his long, bony fingers around it.

"You did very well Miss Granger, but this is a very wise choice. You will accomplish much more in the future I am sure. Now, you'd better get back in before Madam Pomfrey as a stroke. And fill Mr. Weasley in on what happened. I'm sure he's very anxious to know what has happened to you three." Dumbledore walked down the corridor and around the corner, the Time-Turner swinging in his hand.

They walked into the Hospital Wing to find Ron staring at the spot they had vanished from with a look of fear on his face. When he heard the door open, he let out a cry.

"Sh! Madam Pomfrey will hear you!" Hermione reprimanded. Ron relaxed against his pillow. "You'll be happy to know that we saved Sirius and Buckbeak." She said, barely able to conceal her smile. Ron beamed.

"That's excellent! Now, if you wouldn't mind, tell me how." He got cosy under his covers to listen. Lucy sat down on the edge of his bed while Harry and Hermione stood up to dramatically relive the events.


The next week was full of final exams and relaxing when they were over. On Saturday, Harry came down to lunch slightly white-faced and upset.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked. Harry took a deep breath before replying

"It's Lupin… he's quitting his job here. He says that parents won't want a werewolf to teach them." He poked at the food in front of him. Lucy put a hand on his arm in comfort.

"It makes sense, I guess, but it's still sad," Hermione agreed. "Did he say what he would do next?" She asked. Harry shrugged.

"Go home, I expect. He was the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we've had. And he knew my parents… I mean our parents." There was a melancholy silence. "He said he would write on occasion."

"Well, that's good." Hermione said cheerfully but the weekend mood was ruined. Lupin was gone by dinner.

Many theories were formulated about how Sirius Black had been caught and then escaped. Malfoy was sullen at the end of term feast now that Buckbeak had lived. Seamus and Dean started making bets about what kind of teacher they would have next year for their Defense Against the Dark Arts. They decided a vampire was the most likely choice. It seemed like every loose thread was tied up, until breakfast on the last day when Lucy sat down beside Harry and nervously starting nibbling a bit of egg.

"What's up Lucy?" He asked her. She shrugged. There was an awkward silence as Ron and Hermione continued to eat. Harry nudged her softly. "C'mon, I know when you're upset, you are my sister after all." He grinned.

"Can I come live with you?" She blurted out. Harry was taken aback.

"I would love to say yes but there are a few things in our way. One, my aunt and uncle would not allow it. They hate me enough as it is. And second, you've got a family to go to anyway." He explained. Lucy sighed.

"I know, I know, but I thought that we could be our own family, like Sirius said. I guess I'll just have to wait some more," she stared dejectedly at her breakfast.

"We are a family, Luce, whether we live together or not. I'm still you're brother and you're still my sister. We're a real family, that's a promise I can't break." Lucy stood up and hugged him with all her might. That was all she'd wanted out of that year: to have a real family even if it was just her and Harry.

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