By: Kevin DeWitt

Chapter 1

You're going down with me

"GET ME DOWN!!!!!" Husky yelled from a tree top. The blood started rushing to his head as he dangled up side down. Cooro, giggling below, ignored all of his threats and/or promises as he watched a slug make its way to Husky's head. All of his attempts of getting down were futile. Cooro played with Husky's staff until he heard a loud crash. Cooro swung the staff up and broke the branch that had entangled Husky's leg. Husky fell onto his head. The sound of the impact woke Cooro up from his memorization. Startled Cooro turned around bring with him, the staff which hit Husky on the spot on his head where he had fallen and made it an even bigger bump.

"Hey Husky that bump on your head makes you look like you have two heads." Cooro snickered.

"You're dead" growled Husky.

"Now Husky lets not blow this out of proportion" Cooro said staggering back. Husky's blood shot eyes made him look even more menacing. Cooro readied himself for the chase by revealing his black crow wings and flapping them, lifting him off the ground. Husky picked up his staff that Cooro had dropped during take off and also readied himself for the chase. Cooro rocketed away with unbelievable speed. Husky was left awestruck at the blinding speed in which Cooro was going. After about a mile and a half Cooro decided that he had finally lost Husky. He folded his wings back and let them disappear bask into his arms when he notices two things: there was a black hole under him and that there was a rope tightening around him and before he had time to think Cooro disappeared into the void followed by the person at the other side of the rope, Hyskey.