by Starsinger

Suggested by Midnight Fangs. After a bit of research, given this character's background, it was particularly easy. So, I'm picking on a moon, okay, Danielle Moonstar. This is back during the time of the original New Mutants. Kitty, Dani, Lockheed, and Lockheed, well, aren't mine.

Dani looked as Lockheed flew around the barn. Xavier's had stables, it wasn't a secret, but they hadn't been occupied in a while. The big white horse with wings had him puzzled. Kitty laughed, "I don't believe it! Lockheed's speechless!"

Danielle Moonstar smiled, "I come back from an adventure with a Pegasus. How is that any different than you coming back with a dragon?" She watched as Lockheed hovered in front of the Brightwind.

"Well, I don't have to have a special place to put him," Kitty replied philosophically. Snout to snout, Lockheed and Brightwind seemed to come to some sort of understanding as the small dragon flew to the horse's back and settled between the wing joints. "They're friends."

"Figures, I come back as a Valkyrie, and the first friend here is the dragon!"