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----Chapter I: Prologue new teachers-----

Uzumaki Naruto ran down the streets of Konoha, he was being chased by a mob, nothing new indeed but today there were not only villagers but also ANBU's and other ninjas with killing intent which wasn't being so fun when your were five years old and had done nothing wrong.

"Demon brat!"A kunai flew past his ear, he increased his speed as much as possible, "Left....right....down....left....!"Naruto stopped as he came face with a dead end. "There he is!" A person shouted, Naruto turned to face the crudes with wide eyes. An ANBU draw his sword and he knew that he was in great danger, Naruto put his hands on his head as trying to protect himself from them. They kicked, hit and spat on him until the ANBU stabbed him with a sword. After awhile they left out of boredom. A mysterious shadow stepped out picked him up and was gone in a flash of leaves.

When Naruto woke up he was completely alone, not understanding why he was there when he was being chased by a mob down the road.

"Gaki!"A voice thundered through Naruto's head.

"Who are you?"He asked weakly.

"I am Kyuubi no Kitsune, I will not have it that you are so weak as you are,"he said to Naruto dangerously, "you are to train under me, whatever if you like it or not! You will train even if I have to force you," he thundered with his powerful voice.

"Can I ask you something, Kyuubi-sama?"

"You can always ask."

"Why do they attack me? Why do they hate me?"

"Because of me gaki, they see me as you, that's it?"

"Yes Kyuubi-sama! When do I leave?"

"Once you're ready."

"Then we'll leave now."

"Gaki, you sure about that? You won't be able to see this place for a several years from now."

"I'm sure, there is no one for me to say goodbye too. The faster I leave the longer distant from the village I get!"

"Smart thinking, gaki. Maybe your not so stupid as I thought you would be, anyway go to the east gate, and set out."

Naruto closed the door behind him, the apartment/rooms weren't so messy as people wanted to think it was, after all he was just five and was able to keep a clean house, you just had to give him credit for that one.

None took notice as Naruto headed out, not even the gourds that was half sleeping, he sat out on to his journey. He only slept after the it was impossible to see and he started walking before the star faded from the sky, he mostly eat berries, fruit, fish and meat when he found newly hunted animals that Kyuubi said he could eat. One night it was raining so much he was forced to stop and camp in a cave, he made a fire and roasted some meat he had stolen from a village, he didn't do it often so he wouldn't get caught. Not long after he fell asleep beside the heat of the fire in the deep cave he had found finding the hailing rain as a lullaby far from distant.

"Gaki," he was standing by the familiarly cage that he had become so used to at nights, in side the bars was the Kyuubi in human shape, he stood six feet tall red hair that fell to his shoulder and two fox ears on top of his head, red eyes and a slit instead of pupils and nine whipping tails behind him sticking out of his black and blood red kimono like a sore thumb. "When you get to the mountain I want you to go to the northwest until I say stop, a shadow clone will be waiting for you there the rest way,"

"Hai!"Naruto answered. "The same as always?"He asked shortly, Kyuubi and Naruto had their own training in his mind since Kyuubi wasn't out side he couldn't train out side too, so he had ordered Naruto too go to his most trusted friend and told him that he would be training under her while he trained Naruto when he was sleeping, which mostly was meditation, he wouldn't believe that it was so important, Kyuubi had told him why.

"It has stopped rain the sun is shining and the air is dry you better head out."

"Hai!" The cage faded slowly.

Naruto snapped his eyes open, just as Kyuubi had said, it wasn't raining and the sun was shining brightly, Naruto set out walking finding easily a small river he used to wash in. And then he headed fore the mountain that was waiting, once he got there he looked up in awe at it, he couldn't be close to see the top of it.

He turned northwest when he got there and walked about ten minutes when he met a silver haired teen, two silver ears with black tip on it, and a silver tail whipping around her in the mini turquoise shorts and fish nett tights and a little lighter turquoise color. She looked up at him. "Uzumaki Naruto, am I right?"He nodded. "Follow me!"She told him. She turned on her heels and walked up the side of the mountain which led to a so well hidden path that if you hadn't been escorted there by someone who knew they way you wouldn't find it.

They walked a days trip, while she hadn't problem he had problems following, when she noticed that she slowed down a bit so he wouldn't have so much problem, they didn't stop to eat or drink. She hadn't said a word to him since he came and neither had Kyuubi, he was unusually quiet, not that he was too talkative in the first place, but he would warned him or told him something about her or anything that might help him.

She stopped, Naruto almost crashed right in to her butt seeing that he only was so tall for her. She made a few hand seal before a cage appeared she walked into the cage and Naruto followed just able to see her disappearing in a poof of smoke. He stared wildly at that not believing his eyes.

"Stop staring, gaki!"Came a voice demanding to him from the shadows, he turned to see the same person that had been walking with for a whole day. "Uzumaki Naruto, eh?"She said to him with a smirk, a bit more talkative then the clone. "M' name's Mejiro Hikidzuna!"Naruto lowered his eyes with out a reason, he just got nervous around her fore a reason. "Eh you look hungry, what do ya wanna have for dinner?"

"Ramen,"he whispered.

"Speak up child next time, I don't like to hear people whisper all the time. Anyway don't have ramen, anyway shouldn't eat to much of it, it's no good. But I have other meat types, which do you preform of bird, snake, mountain goat, bear, fish or dear?"

"I've never tasted dear,"he said getting less shy and nervous.

"Good, I was hoping you'd say that. I wanted dear today, dunno why,"she said the last part more to herself then anyone. "Wanna give me a hand?"She asked him He ran up to her as she walked out.

"She's noisy, isn't she?"

"But why was her clone so quiet then?"

"Er......why don't you ask her when you get back."

"Kyuubi-sama, you don't know do you?"

"Well, I know she change here den a lot and never tells anyone where."

"Then how did you know the way?"

"Well you see, she puts out a sent that is impossible to miss even when you're trapped in a seal."

"Are you saying she's afraid of people finding her?"

"Not people, demons. And it's the partly the reason, enough chitchat keep an eye on her or you'll lose her!"Naruto saw exactly in time to see her disappear behind a corner, he hurried after to see her waiting for him.

"I won't leave a five year old child out here," she said before walking away. She probably didn't mean to say much but she said enough for him to understand that he wouldn't be a bonded by her, which made him smile a little.

Soon after they were chatting happily over a warmth fire and roasting dear, after they finished she put on apples on spear and put it firmly down in the ground so they wouldn't fall, when they was ready Mejiro took them with her claws and cooled them down before handing one over to Naruto making him hold it with a spear while she eat it with claws.

"Ne say nee-chan,"she looked a bit surprised of what she called him, "is it okay if I call you that?"

She smiled down at him, "Yeah sure."

"Why do you move so often?"

"That's it?"He looked a bit embarrassed, she chuckled lightly. "Several reason, for one I like to explore what's around me, secondly I'm a dangerous enemy among humans and demons so they try to kill me fairly often and for third those who don't want me dead want to mate me, expect Kyuubi,"

"Really!"He asked as the hyperactive child he could be at times. She nodded to answer.

"When do we start training?"

"Tomorrow! So you better get to bed now, it's gonna be a hard training and I will teach you everything I know."

"And that's a lot,"Kyuubi comment, "she'll be a great friend, she always is, always will be, she'd never betray you even if it cost her live."


"Yeah! Just be carefully, she can beat me if angered! And that say something."

"Sleep gaki."

"Night Kyuubi-sama!"

-------To be continued------

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