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Headaches - Alice POV

I was sitting on the top step with my head in my hands, if this was a migraine, I wish I was human right now so I could take some pain killers and go to sleep!!! Boy, I should stop worrying there are worse things going on in this house and people suffering more than me. Bella is pregnant with Edward's child. Can I call it that? Oh God, he can hear my thoughts, well I can't see it so the child should be okay? This may be my first true surprise and its killing my best friend and sister. Edward is trying not to kill Rosalie. And Mum and Dad are stressed out and not trying to show it, what with the pregnancy, warring children, me and not to mention the pack of stray hungry wolves they now have to feed.

I let out a sigh and swept my fingers through my hair. As I am sitting on the stair a warm hand strokes the back of my neck.

"You ok Hun?" in a thick southern accent.

"Jazzy" I whisper not turning round to look.

"Yes Hun, who else would it be?" he breathed into my neck.

"It's just I did not see you coming that's all" I huffed.

"Ha." He snorted. 'Finally got you babe" he gloated as he flopped down next to me. "You okay though?" He whispered.

"Don't Jazz I have a bloody headache, well I think it's a headache. It is like I have a little flat screen in my head and it has a fuzzy multi-coloured picture in it. And I am not getting any visions! God damn those bloody wolves! I just can't see around them at all and that thing Bella is carrying is just the same. And I rely on my sight far too much I didn't even hear or smell you Jazz…"

As I took a breath to carry on ranting he scooped my hands into his and held them tight and I looked up to see the most beautiful amber eyes gazing down on me. And I felt the warm wave of calm come over me. "Alice I understand love, it a difficult time for us both." He sighed.

God was I that selfish? Jazz has been holed up in our room trying to chill out as the emotions that are flowing in and outside the house are causing him to try and calm everybody, even the wolves, hence why I have this bloody headache!

"I'm sorry Jazz I didn't mean to rant; it's just so frustrating I don't know what to do! I can't seem to see anything at the moment I feel so useless!" I had begun to rant again and didn't even realize and then he stopped me.

"Alice you are not useless look this is temporary a few more weeks and we will have a niece or a nephew, the wolves will be gone…" and with the next sentence he squeezed my hands more "And Bella will be one of us."

I knew this; I had seen this vision a thousand times.

A beautiful Bella with warm chestnut hair cascading down her gorgeous body holding hands with Edward and as she turns bright red glowing eyes.

"Jazzy you're right, you're always right, but I still have a headache."

He lent forward and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. "I love you Alice Whitlock."

"I love you too Jazzy" I whispered as I returned his kiss.

We sat quietly on the stair gazing into each others' eyes for a while and then he spoke, "Alice?" God the shock, he can't even talk to me today without startling me, God I want my visions back! "Yes Jazz?" I could see him holding back the laughter, I let him get away with this today, this was his time and he was loving the idea of having me off my game!!

"Alice what do you do best that calms you the most?" Cryptic, to God this is hard and my head hurts. "Jazz" I said with air of annoyance. Then I noticed what he had skilfully slipped out of his pocket, a small rectangular black piece of plastic!!!

"SHOPPING!" I squealed bouncing up and down on the chair, snatching my credit card. God I should hit myself, I should of smelt that credit card on him.

I grabbed his face and started placing kisses all over my sexy husbands face, he knew me so well. "Thanks Jazzy."

Boy, why didn't I think of that? Maybe I could see something if I got away from the house for a while and at the mall I can at least keep busy. I haven't been since Edward and Bella had returned from Isle Esme. Of course I had made do with the online stores, which upset the wolves with all the delivery men arriving at the house.

"Well Jazz when do we leave?" God, I had to ask! I hate not knowing things.

"Alice," Another wave of calm hit me and made me all fuzzy. What panic had set in now? I thought as another wave of calm hit me. "Well Alice I think it's best I stayed here. What, with all the emotions going on, you know I am more help here; Edward and Rose need me, they don't know it but they will be pissed if they hurt each other." He kissed me again on my forehead. "And I need to help Bella, somehow I feel I am helping her, I don't know but I think my presence is keeping the baby calm." I then pulled my hands away from his.

"But Jasper my talent does not work on the baby how can we be sure yours does?"

He grabbed my hands tightly and looked deeply into my eyes and breathed on me gently dazzling me and boy he was hot. "You know I still need to repay Bella for her birthday, I think I am helping, let me do this. I can shop with you later, Hun we have forever remember."

"Jasper she has forgiven you." I said understanding he needed to do this for our sister.

"Alice it's what I need to do right now."

"I know." I replied as I gracefully stood up. "Now are you sure you won't come with me baby?" I gave him a little wink!

"Alice." He sighed as he stood up he whispered in my ear "I will come with you later I promise, now since when has it been so hard to get you to go shopping darling?"

He brushed his hand down the side of my face and down my arm to my hand and as he walked away his fingers were lingering on mine till the last opportunity.

"I will be in my office love." I watched him walk to his office. I knew this is what we both needed however I just hovered at the top of the stairs not knowing what to do with myself. I normally lived in the future acting on what I have seen. Just then a door opened and Emmett walked out of his room toward me.

"Hey Alice, what're you doing? You look lost."

"I am going shopping!" I said excitedly then I had an idea "Do you want to come with me?"

"Alice you know I hate shopping and I am already subjected to the mall by Rose." He went to walk down the stairs.

"Please Em, Jasper wants to stay here to help. Esme and Carlisle are hunting. Edward and Rose are otherwise engaged in battle, and Bella can't move even if she tried. And Charlie is at the station." I huffed and he raised an eyebrow at me

"Alice did you just say Charlie?"

"Yes Emmett I did. I am desperate and before you say anything, I am trying to stay away from the wolves." I did not need my vision to know what would be coming out of his mouth next, sometimes he was so stupid.

"Well someone should baby sit the pups, so that's what I will be doing!" And with that he ran off down the stairs

God okay, I can do this I just need to get my game together. Right, first thing first: outfit! I ran to my room to put the my nice new skinny black D&G jeans on, that arrived this morning by courier and I grabbed my also new black flared top that hung off one shoulder reviling the bright pink Victoria Secrets bra strap. I grabbed my new Jimmy Choo shoes. I was really pleased with this recent purchase, not only were they really high, they were hot pink leopard print and they were actually named Jazz!! So if he was not with me in person he would be with me in my thoughts!!! Right I just needed a bag; I grabbed a black over the shoulder Versace number also with pink trim. Right, I felt better just knowing I was off to the mall this thought had calmed me a lot or was that Jazz? Well better be off as the mall is not open all night.

As I walked down the hall I popped my head round the door of Jazz's office, "I'm off now Hun." I hesitantly asked, "Is there anything you need?" Jasper never hearing this question from me smiled.

"Babe you will know when you get to the end of the drive, Hun your vision will return." I bit my bottom lip I must have picked that up from Bella…

"Oh yes, I guess it will see you later then Hun." I turned and walked down the stairs.

As I approached the bottom step I glanced round the room and Edward was kneeling on the floor next to the couch were Bella lay and Rose hovered like a guard behind the settee, across the room Emmett and Seth sat playing Halo on the Xbox. I didn't think he seriously meant he was going to baby sit the wolves my god that boy!! Lucky Rose's thoughts are elsewhere.

"I'm off now everyone. I'll be back when the mall closes." Not one of them said bye. So I just marched out of the front door, slamming it behind me.

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