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Seth was standing opposite me rubbing his arm after I had barrelled him through the door. "Jasper why are we in the gents restroom?"

"I could smell Alice; she was going to walk past and would have spotted us." I explained.

"Oh. Okay…" I could feel the anxious waves rolling off of him.

I stood behind the door and cracked it open slightly. I hated to admit it, but I sniffed the air on the other side of the door.

Mmmmm Alice. I mentally added trying not to release the waves of lust onto Seth or the other men close by.

"It's clear we should be safe. I can only trace her one way and she won't think to stick her nose in here." I smiled at Seth as I walked out and opened the door for him to follow.

I turned right into the mall heading straight to Gucci to collect the shoes I had ordered. I stepped up the pace slightly, I knew we had to get this done quickly; I wanted to be home before Alice to set up. Seth jogged up behind me to catch up.

"Right Seth that's our next destination," I pointed to Gucci. "And as Alice is walking in the opposite direction this should be easy."

We walked over to the store and scanned the store quickly. I giggled to myself and pushed a little humour out to Seth.

"Hey what's so funny Jazz?" Seth burst out a laugh. Too much humour maybe?

"It's just Alice was here." I glanced over as I headed over to the sales desk.

"And you know that how?" I smiled at Seth and pointed to the 30 boxes on the floor that the sales boy was trying to figure out what shoe went with what box.

"Alice tried on that many shoes?" I wasn't surprised by the shock waves he was sending me. Nobody understood Alice's shopping obsession but me.

"Yeah she must be having a bad day." I smiled to myself knowing she was having a bad day.

"Normally there are not that many boxes left."

I could sense the laughter before it came out. "You are shitting me she buys that many shoes!" He smiled at me in wonder.

"Seth." I said in an obvious tone. "Just to let you know, Alice puts shopaholics to shame."

I walked over to the counter and smiled at the young lady careful not to show my teeth.

"Miss I believe I place an order for some shoes I am here to collect them, they should be in the name Smith." She passed me the box from under the counter and checked the paperwork and handed that to me.

"Is there anything else I can assist you with?" I smiled at her and could not help grinning at her as I read her name tag.

"No thank you Alison. I hope you have a nice day."

I know I will...

I turned to walk away as I could feel her attraction slightly spilling over and she stuttered a; "Yes… you too Sir."

Oh, I will. I thought as I walked out of the shop with Seth on my heels, heading to our next destination.

As I came close to Versace and I stopped to look through the window to the shop slyly checking that the coast was clear. Seth noticed my actions straight away, from a military perspective.

"Jazz? She walked the other way man." He pointed out but I could sense his confusion.

"No. Not Alice; there's this little annoying sales guy that Alice likes, but he gets on my nerves, and believe me when I say we will be here a lot longer than necessary if he's working… But it looks as if we are safe." I sniffed the air but it was pointless Richard's scent was dripping over this shop.

I walked into the shop praying that the woman was quick at the counter. I stood in line waiting to be served and Seth stood next to me taking in his surroundings. I was getting slightly impatient when I heard footsteps coming from outback a few seconds later his aroma hit my senses and I hung my head down trying to look inconspicuous, I knew full well it wouldn't work. I then heard his sharp intake of breath and I knew I was done for.

"Mr Jasper!" he squealed, "It's been a long time; I was hoping I'd see you today as I was I a bit disappointed when Alice popped in without you or Edward." As he said the words I could feel the lust he was directing our way and I was heaving inside.

"Hello Richard." I tried to convey as politely as possible without shaking his outstretched hand.

"And whom may I ask is this strapping young man?" He turned his hand towards Seth who in turn reached out and shook his hand but looked at me rather scared as if he was prey, he didn't know how close he was to the truth with this guy.

"Richard this is Seth a good family friend. Seth this is Richard." I introduced with hand gestures and all.

"Hello nice to meet you." Seth replied politely trying to let go of Richards's hand.

"Richard," I quickly caught his attention. "Sorry we are in a bit of a rush, I ordered something for Alice and they were holding it for me, do you have it?"

"Let me just check." and he scuttled of to the counter.

"Oh! Mr Jasper I am so pleased that you purchased this particular item. She was very disappointed when we didn't have it in her size. She was practically crying, bless her heart." I had to laugh at his last comments if any vampire could fake crying it was Alice especially over clothing.

"Thanks Richard, we had better be off." I looked over to Seth to see if he was ready we were both eager to leave the store. I grabbed the parcel from him and listened impatiently as he spoke.

"Are you sure I could not interest you in anything else? I have some lovely pants that would look gorgeous on young Seth here and for you Mr Jasper I have just the…"

"No! Sorry Richard." I tried my best to be apologetic. "We do really have to be going it was just a flying visit."

"Oh yes! Sorry I forgot Alice did explain that to me." Not having a clue what she had said to him, I played along to the rules.

"Yes we had better be going."

Just before I left I had a quick thought "Richard if she pops back you haven't seen us okay" I glared menacingly at him getting my point across sending a wave of loyalty to him too.

"Sure thing Mr Jasper my lips are sealed." he looked slightly perplexed.

"Oh I hope I will see you soon Mr Jasper... and you to Seth." He gave Seth a quick wink.

Laughing to myself I replied for the benefit of both not being able to resist, "I am sure you will Richard because we both know what Alice is like and if this young pup stays around long enough he will be escorting Alice on many a shopping trip."

I patted Seth on the shoulder and aimed him out of the shop as I heard him quietly growl at me. Not sure if it was the pup analogy or the comment of Alice dressing him, I radiated calm to us both.

"Beating them off with a stick today aren't we Seth?" I laughed.

We started walking through the crowds again when I could sense him worrying when he quietly piped up, "Alice won't start forcing fashion on me will she?"

"No, I think your safe dude, after all, every idea I have in your company stays just that, she can't see us remember so she can't plan anything… It's actually nice not having to worry about what I'm thinking all the time. But I can always tell her when you're out of ear shot."

"Jazz I normally only wear shorts!"

"I know but I bet Richard could sort you out a nice pair!"

Seth snarled at me as he changed the subject, "Is that the guy you were trying to hide from?"

"Yeah. He is partial to us Cullen men, but I think now he is partial to the wolves too!" I laughed. "Edward refuses to go into that shop because of him."

"I'll remember that one when Alice no doubt gets her hands on me." He muttered scornfully.

I had to laugh, the boy was doomed even if I didn't tell Alice she would soon figure out that she has three new fashion models to discover, she has already been moaning about Leah's lack of fashion skills even stating that Bella's trainers were not as bad as Leah's lack of fashion knowledge. And god forbid the poor baby when it arrives she is going to be a nightmare.

I stood in front of D&G and walked straight in there, please to see no queue I walked over to the sales desk and waited. A small dumpy girl jumped up from behind a display shelf. If I wasn't a vampire I may have been shocked however I could sense her mood she was tired and slightly pissed off, definitely bored and expectant.

I didn't take much notice, however as soon as she looked up I could sense the lust longing and determination.

"Hi, I got an item on order. I was told to come down to the store and pick it up."

"Oh yes we have been expecting you sir." She then turned her attention out back, still keeping her eyes on me. "Nikki can you come and assist me… Quickly." she added and the excitement was radiating from her.

And a taller girl appeared from out back and she whispered just as eagerly, "It's him."

I was hit by a second wave of lust and a bunch of giggles from the girls. I tried to send some calm out to the both of them and me for my own sanity as they were both standing staring at me with looks of longing etched on their faces.

Seth finally broke the tension with a loud laugh disguised as a cough and I glared at him, not finding this situation at all funny.

"Sorry guys how we can help you?" the taller one asked.

"I have an item put to one side." I replied quickly.

"Yes I have it right here." The taller one, Nikki, replied as she took the package out from under the counter and started to unpack it whilst leaning over the counter in an attempt for me to look down her cleavage.

"There's no need to do that." I sighed just wanting to get out of the shop now.

"Oh. I wanted to show you the quality of the garment." she slowly stroked the top of the package trying to seductively lick her lips at the same time.

"That's fine no need." I affirmed Seth was trying not to laugh enjoying my suffering to no end which did not help with the emotions building up around the room pummelling me from different directions.

"Are you sure? I don't mind showing you a thing or two Sir." God was she for real? Like she could show me anything I didn't already know. There was nothing that Alice and I haven't tried over the years.

"I assure you Miss that there will be no need for that." I tried to stay calm myself knowing that getting wound up about it would be pointless.

I placed my hand out now hoping she would just place the item in my hand. But she just continued fiddling with the packaging; I wanted to get out of the shop as soon as humanly possible. I still wanted to get home before Alice and this was not going to happen if it carried on like this, so I went in with the big guns.

"Sorry to rush you Miss but my beautiful wife is waiting for me at home." I pushed some calm together with a good dose of disappointment. I tried not to use my powers on humans if I could help it but some people were just too difficult to deal with without the persuasion.

She held the item up and I went to take it but I could feel the determination just before I felt her hand touch mine, shit.

I obviously didn't calm her enough; I went to hit her with another wave but she got to me faster.

"God your hands are cold sir!" She gasped. "I could soon warm them up for you?" She offered in an attempt of seductiveness.

If it was not for her heartbeat I would be convinced with reactions like that she could have been a vampire who would put Emmett's sexual innuendos and Edward's speed to shame.

Being a soldier and a reasonable one at that, I could see when I was defected and I knew when to retreat and this was one of those times. Retreat soldier.

I grabbed the packet from the girl leaving her open mouthed and shocked as I marched out of the shop with Seth laughing quietly behind.

"You've forgotten your receipt!" The crazy woman continued.

I choose to ignore her and carried on walking, I wouldn't be returning to that shop in a hurry. Seth looked back at the shop and back to me confused.

"Just leave it Seth." I smiled.

As I walked away I could hear the girls chatting.

"I know he is sooo coming back, that's why he left his receipt... He is gonna come back for my number I just know it!" She squealed.

"I have now remembered why I don't like shopping, that girl was a nightmare." I sighed.

"Is it always this bad?" Huffed Seth.

"Yeah, it's much worse when Eddie's with us, but if I let him know that Richard has taken a fancy to you he might consider you taking his place with Alice more often for shopping; but hopefully Bella will be back in good health soon and she can do it." I did not want to mention the option of her turning yet.

"Jazz please don't tell the guys that Richard hit on me I will never her the end of it." He pleaded.

"Don't worry mate, I won't say a word. It's the least I could do after all the help your giving me to surprise Alice. I will owe you for this for an eternity." I smiled playfully shoving his shoulder as he laughed at my joke.

"We should go," I looked at the watch on my wrist before turning back to Seth. "We still have a few things to sort out…. I think it's probably best to go outside and run around through the delivery areas to get back to the bike, I don't fancy a visit to the rest rooms again."

"Me neither" Seth grinned.

Out the corner of my eye I caught the rays radiating from the item. It was like I was looking at Alice in the sun light, it was beautiful I had to have it. I walked over to the jewellers.

"Wait for me here I'll only be a minute." I muttered distractedly.

I walked into the shop and was pleased that luck was on my side. Not only did they have the most beautiful item in there window, the sales guy was pushing retirement.

"Can I help you young Man?"

"I was just thinking I would like to buy the Pink tear drop Diamond in the window?" I could sense the shock and wariness radiating of him. Okay so maybe a woman cashier might have been easier to work with. I knew he thought I was too young to afford it.

"But Sir are you not a bit young to afford something like that? You look barely out of high school." My thoughts were confirmed and I was wracking my mind on how to get around him. I reached into my back pocket of my Jeans and pulled out my wallet and I thumbed the black non decrypt credit card, handing it over to the guy.

The guy turned it in his fingers as if trying to recall something. The man then looked me over settling on my eyes.

He snapped his fingers pleased with himself, "Yes yes that's it!"

I was slightly confused but hoping that he would remember something that would let me buy the item.

"This card, its familiar, it's funny for me looking at this, I should have remembered! It's not like you see many black cards and your eyes are so very similar to your brother's"

I looked at him in shock.

"Yes, your brother was in here a few months back." He paused and looked past me as if looking for something that wouldn't be there. "He bought a very rare antique Diamond Heart Pendant for his girlfriends charm bracelet." He smiled and I felt the triumph radiate from him at his remembrance. "Not wanting to be rude but did she like it?"

I was still shocked that the man remembered Edward from all those months ago, I stuttered. "Erm...a... yes, yes she did immensely." I smiled a genuine smile recalling how happy Bella was with her hand me down.

But before I realised the guy was scuttling into the window getting out the diamond for me to look at, shit too much teeth I must have spooked him.

He came back a bit flustered with it and he placed the diamond on a velvet display board for me to look at and it was truly amazing, just like my wife. The guy went on about it talking of the carat, the cut and the clarity of the diamond. I didn't need any of the information, I could see it was close to perfection as you could get.

"Here the gentleman placed it on to a chain and held it so it was spinning." He demonstrated with a plain chain placing the diamond on it and spinning it, giving off pink rainbow shards in the light.

"I will take it... But could I have it on a platinum chain instead please." I ordered.

"Yes your right sir, a piece like this deserves a strong chain." as he fiddled with the chains I started thinking back to how perfectly he recalled Edward.

"Sorry, I was just wondering about my brother as it was a while ago and yet you seem to remember him so clearly." I smiled at him, "Why is that?"

He looked away as he remembered. "Ah yes, he was so in love. I have a good memory and eye for detail. I was in the Marines in my youth and now in the diamond trade the skills are required."

Well that explained a lot. He was placing the necklace into a box.

"Is this for someone special?" he questioned, before I realised, I answered.

"Yes my beautiful wife." I realised by slight shock that was creeping from him that was not the best answer but I clarified, "Well we are both twenty one." As if that explained things.

"Ah young love, it's rare in youngsters to get married so soon, in my days it was perfectly acceptable." He held my card up to me indicating if it was okay to take the payment and I nodded in acceptance.

He swiped the card through and I was pleased that Edward had been in previously as I was pushed for time and he saved me a lot of explaining on how I could afford a diamond like that.

I could feel the happiness and excitement coming off him for making a big sale. He handed me the card back along with the small box.

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you young sir and please tell your brother to pop back for that Wedding Ring."

I smiled at the guy, I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had missed that boat.

"I sure will, I know my wife will be back for a matching pair of earrings." And he smiled a huge winning smile, handing over a business card.

"Thank you."

"No, thank you." He escorted me to the door of the shop.

I walked across the mall to where Seth was standing with his back to me, I made a fake stumble to get his attention and he turned around sharply. "Oh it's you, what took you long?"

I laughed and his slight annoyance, "Just a bit of business." I patted my jacket pocket where I had put the necklace.

"What the fuck is that?!" I shouted pointing at a big rucksack he had at his feet.

"Well how else are we going to get back with all this stuff we have? Were on the bike remember?" He said defensively.

I smiled at him and put my arm around his shoulder and led him towards the exit of the Mall.

"Seth, have I told you how much I love you?" I was impressed by his intuition.

"Not you too!" he genuinely laughed at me.

"Now let's go see if Emmett's fucked up!" We both started laughing.


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