Dean stared back at the kids staring at him and his brother as they walked up the stairs to the school. Dean held the door open for his younger brother and then retook his position beside him as they walked down the hallway to their lockers. Sam was a bundle of nervous energy at that point. They didn't like that school that they were temporarily enrolled in and to make matters worse their father had been arrested for grave desecration.

The whole town knew about it too.

While on the march of death, Dean could hear them whisper.


"I heard their daddy is a devil worshipper..."

Dean rolled his eyes mentally and kept a firm hand on Sam's shoulder, guiding him forward. Once they got to the lockers on the Freshman hall, everybody seemed to move away. Dean angrily bit his tongue and instead of saying some choice words on his mind to those brats, he spoke to Sam.

"Everythings going to be okay, Sammy," Dean said softly to where only his brother could hear him, "After I bust Dad out, we'll get outta here."

"Promise?" asked Sam unsurely.

"Yeah, I promise," Dean nodded. He turned away and then back, "If anybody decides to jump you, don't worry about getting in trouble."

Sam snorted and opened his backpack so Dean could see the knife in his backpack, "I never worry."

Dean chuckled a little and began to leave the building. On the way out, he thought, and in some ways that worries me.