I started this story a long time ago and I was finally able to start putting it up.

Sonny's POV

"Meatball Monday again," I said with a sigh.

"Only for us not for "Mackenzie Falls" they get to eat lamb chops and shrimp cocktails," Tawni said her voice full of loathing.

"Of course we real actors need to keep up our strength for those really heart wrenching emotional scenes," said a voice from behind us. I turned around to see the incredible nasty Portlynn, co-star of Mackenzie Falls, already walking away to her table.

I watched as she sat down and immediately started laughing at something Chad Dylan Cooper was saying. She thinks she's all that just because"Mackenzie Falls" is a "drama" A.K.A. a soap opera. What ever Chad Dylan Cooper was saying probably wasn't even funny. Chad Dylan Cooper star ofMackenzie Falls and teen heart throb was a conceited egotistical jerk who almost always referred to himself in the third person. Although he does have nice moments like when he pretended to be my first fan, and like when he went out on the fake "date" with me. He was now eating a mouth full of lobster, his silky golden hair fell around his face. I wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers through his hair. Wait WHAT? Was I just-

"Hello earth to Sonny lunch is over," Tawni said waving her hand in front of my face. "Oh yeah right," I said still shocked about the direction my thoughts had taken. I got up and threw away my uneaten food.

After the sketch practice was over Mr. Marshal the director called me into his office. "Sonny is something bothering you were very unfocused during practice, it's not like you to miss you cue," he asked obviously concerned.

"Oh no nothing to worry about, I'm just tired," I lied surprised at my self for not being honest. Oh well I guess I am not in good control of my self today.

"Alright then Sonny you got get some rest," he said dismissing me with a wave of his hand.

I walked to my shared dressing room, and changed out of my tree costume and in to my favorite blue dress and black boots. I wandered around the studio eventually entering the prop house, I sat down on the couch and sighed. First thing on my mind was Why I was having romantic thoughts about Chad Dylan Cooper? Because you like him. What! No he's from Mackenzie Falls he is the ENEMY.

Will ALL full time cast members come to my office said Mr. Marshals voice over the intercom, I have an announcement to make.