Chapter Three: Round Two

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"We're far from done, Cas. Ready for round two?"


The angel nodded quickly, eager for more of what Dean had to give him. He shivered as the Winchester's hand's slid down his chest, coating his hand with their cum. Castiel watched hungrily as Dean licked the creamy mess off his thumb slowly, before going to lick the rest off his hand. The angel grunted as he felt the warm sensation around his crotch again.

Dean smirked as he leaned forward to kiss Castiel. He pushed his tongue past the angel's parted lips, sliding it against Castiel's own tongue. The angel moaned slightly as his mouth was suddenly filled with a bitter saltiness as they battled for dominance. Both gasping for air, they parted. Dean gave Castiel a longing look as his hazel eyes drowned in the blue ocean of Castiel's.

"Cas…" Dean breathed, a little awkward. He was thinking about how he was going to do this was the angel. He hadn't been with a man before so he was going to have to think this through. He had seen something like this before on the television, two guys going at it with a girl. If he remembered correctly he had to…Oh lord.

Dean laughed nervously letting a small blush cover his cheeks as he thought about what he was about to do. Castiel watched him curiously, getting a little impatient. He slightly thrust upward against Dean, letting his hard cock smear precum on his thigh. Dean shivered at the sudden touch and looked down at Castiel who gave him a small smirk before licking his lips.


Quickly, Dean got off the bed and went searching in his bag. Castiel lifted his head silently, watching every movement Dean's muscles made as he bent over revealing his sexy ass to the angel. He growled playfully, urging the hunter to come back to the bed and pay attention to him. He heard a snap as Dean flipped open a bottle of lube and started coating his fingers with it.

"What is that, Dean?" he questioned.

"It...It'll make you feel good, I promise" Dean assured him as he walked over to the bed again. He kneeled onto the bed and moved over Castiel again, kissing him softly.

"This is going to feel a little weird. I promise you that it will feel good, okay? Just bear with me a little bit…" Dean kissed the angel on the forehead.

"I trust you, Dean." Castiel whispered closing his eyes.

Dean took a deep breath and hoped to god he was going to do this right. He pushed the angel's legs upward, exposing his lush ass. He let his lubed fingers gently prod at the angel's entrance, receiving a small mewl of surprise.

"D-Down there?" the angel looked confused.

"Well…We're both guys…It's not really going to go anywhere else…" Dean laughed awkwardly.

Castiel merely tilted his head a little before closing his eyes again. Dean took it as a signal to keep going. He let his fingers gently push against the tight ring of muscles, teasing slightly. Castiel shivered at the feel of the cool gel against his skin, letting a low moan erupt from his throat as he felt the hunter slip the tip of his fingers inside him. Dean gently pushed his finger in deeper until he was enveloped by the tight warmness that was Castiel.

Castiel cringed slightly at the unpleasant feeling as Dean forced his fingers past the tight ring of muscles. He bit his lip tightly, letting his head fall onto its side, as every movement inside him made his stomach lurch with a sudden feeling of tightness. Dean, seeing that this was uncomfortable for the angel, moved down to suck on his exposed neck again, hoping that this would distract him from the pain and discomfort.

"D…ean…" the angel moaned softly at the feel of Dean's hot tongue against his neck, lapping at his speeding pulse.

The hunter bit down on the angel's neck in response trying everything he could to make his partner feel good. After a minute or two, he began to move his fingers in a scissor like motion, spreading Castiel in preparation for what was to come. He thrust his fingers in and out of the angel in a slow but steady motion, being as gentle as he can.

Castiel gasped Dean's name loudly as Dean slipped in a third finger. He was starting to loosen up enough for Dean to bury his fingers up to his knuckles inside him. Dean spread his fingers, reaching upward, searching. This was a little different from fingering a girl, but he knew he was doing something right when the angel cried out in pleasure, back arching off the bed. He smirked. Found it.

"Mmm…Cas…I'm going to fuck you now." Dean moaned in a low voice, pulling his fingers out of the angel. Castiel trembled in need as Dean's warmth left his body. He panted, waiting patiently for Dean to return to him and fill him up. He heard the sound of the bottle opening again.


The angel heard Dean moan from the foot of the bed. He lazily opened one eye before they both snapped open. He watched as Dean rubbed the lube onto his own cock, rubbing himself in the process. Dean moaned the angel's name as he generously coated himself with lube. He was so turned on by the way the angel's legs were parted and lifted enough for his ass to stick out, almost as if they were begging to be taken.

"Fuck, Cas!" Dean groaned, feeling his climax slowly inch onto him. It took a little effort to pull his hands away, but when he looked as Cas, who was staring at him very intently, licking his lips in interest, he couldn't wait any longer.

Dean got back onto the bed and pushed the angel's legs onto his shoulders, positioning his dick against the angel's opening. Castiel moaned underneath him as he pushed the tip of his cock past the wall of muscle. Dean grunted loudly at the sensation of Castiel's heat swallowing him whole. The angel was so tight, Dean was sure he was going to cum right away. He wanted this to last. He wanted this to last for an eternity.

Dean eyed the angel's hands which were gripping the sheets underneath him. He pulled the angel's arms onto his shoulder, telling him to hold on to him, to scratch him, mark him. Castiel simply stroked the scar he imprinted onto the hunter's shoulder with a content expression. Dean couldn't take any more of this.

He roughly attacked Castiel's mouth as he gently pulled himself out of Castiel, to the tip, before thrusting back in. The angel moaned into the hunter's mouth each time Dean slammed his hard cock back inside of him. He mewled in delight every time Dean thrust in a little deeper, a little harder. He let his fingernails dig into Dean's back as he groaned in pleasure.

Dean was in heaven. He never knew that sex with a man could be so good. Maybe it was just because it was with Cas that it felt good. His head was fuzzy with ecstasy as Castiel's tight ass milked him toward his release. Every sound that left the angel's mouth only turned the hunter on more. He felt it get tighter around his member as Castiel literally hugged Dean's body against his own.

"D…Dean!" he gasped for air.

"Cas…Come…Come for me…" Dean groaned into the angel's ear, slamming into his lover's tight hole harder and faster.

Castiel moaned Dean's name as he was blinded by the bright light of his orgasm, spilling his creamy load onto his own chest. He dragged his nails over Dean's shoulder as he let himself fall back onto the bed trembling from the force of his orgasm. Dean moaned loudly as he watched as the angel orgasm. He could feel the muscles surrounding him clench tightly, throwing the hunter over the edge. He cried out and thrust roughly inside the angel again before shooting his hot cum inside the angel. The angel jerked as he was suddenly filled with a searing heat that was all Dean.

Dean panted heavily, shaking slightly as they struggled to keep him from falling onto the angel. Dean road out the last of his orgasm, watching the angel's beautiful face. He gently placed a kiss on his lips before slowly slipping his softening cock out of his body. Castiel shivered as he felt something warm dribble out between his legs as Dean flopped onto the bed next to him in exhaustion.

They were silent for a few moments in a blissful aftermath of sex. After catching his breath, Dean reached onto the floor for his shirt. He used it to quickly wipe the angel off before tossing it onto the floor again. He reached around Castiel, wrapping his strong arms around him, pulling him against his chest. Castiel silently enjoyed the warmth and the sound of Dean's heartbeat against his ear. He felt so safe in his arms, he never wanted to let go.

"How was it?" Dean asked kissing the angel's sweaty forehead.

Castiel smiled, nuzzling his face against Dean's chest, "Amazing."

Dean smirked, tightening his hold on the angel, "Aren't you glad we didn't spend your last night on earth sitting quietly?"

The angel smiled, merely nodded his head in response, letting his eyes droop in exhaustion. He was glad that he spent his last moments with Dean. He could care less that he was a human, that what they did was sinful. He loved every moment of it, he loved Dean. Dean was his and he was Dean's. It didn't matter if Rafael shredded his body to bits tomorrow. At least he wasn't a virgin anymore.


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