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June 2013- Seattle


"Bella, hurry up or we'll miss our flight," I heard Edward yell from the bottom of the stairs as I frantically threw the rest of my clothes into the over-stuffed suitcase.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I hated being late.


Edward walked into the room and chuckled at my state of disarray. "Let me get the suitcase, you need to go talk to Alice downstairs."

I conceded, knowing he was right and trotted down the stairs to find Alice and Jasper waiting patiently for me.

"You guys are lifesavers," I said as I quickly gave each of them a hug. "Okay, so you have all the instructions and plenty of diapers, right?"

"Yes Bella, this isn't the first time we've watched Leah, you know," Alice chided. "Don't worry about us; we're going to have a great time. You guys just enjoy your trip."

I was so thankful that Alice and Jasper had agreed to watch Leah. At the difficult age of two, she could be quite a handful. They had a two-year old boy and a four-month old girl of their own.

When we booked the trip, we asked Esme if she could watch Leah, but it turned out to be the one week of the year that she had something going on. What a nightmare! We thought we would have to cancel but Alice and Jasper stepped in at the last minute and saved us.

Once the car was packed, I pulled Leah into my arms and smothered her with kisses. "You be a good girl for Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper, okay?" She nodded and I hugged her tightly. "Mommy's going to miss you so much!"

I handed her to Edward, who pulled her into a big hug. Seeing him with his daughter was so endearing. She adored him and had him completely wrapped around her tiny finger.

"We'll see you in a week, baby girl," he hummed as he gave her a kiss on the forehead and then handed her to Alice.

Alice loaded the kids in her car and we all pulled away from the house. I said a mental prayer hoping that I hadn't left the water running somewhere or the stove on.

I breathed a sigh of relief once we were finally on the plane and in our seats. I was so excited about this trip, but I had had a million things that needed to be done before we left.

Once we landed, we gathered our luggage and grabbed a cab, heading toward the hotel. Edward had planned most of the trip, which I was thankful for since planning wasn't my strong suit these days. I was lucky if I could remember to get food on the table. Trying to work full time and take care of Leah left me with very little spare time.

We pulled up to the hotel and a smile crossed my face as I immediately recognized where we were. "Edward, you booked the same hotel?"

He grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it lightly, "It doesn't seem like ten years ago, does it?"

I couldn't stop staring at the hotel its gorgeous entrance. The cab driver pulled our bags from the trunk and Edward paid him. I remembered this very door so many years before. So many things had happened since then, yet it seemed like yesterday. It was surreal.

The room was just as gorgeous as the room we'd shared so many years before, with all of the rich appointments and d├ęcor. As I stood on the balcony, emotions filled me, thinking about how far we'd come together. This hotel was the place of so many firsts for us and I couldn't believe we were back.

"Bring back memories?" Edward asked, slipping his hands around my waist.

I turned in his arms and pulled him into a tight hug. "Isn't it weird that the last time we were here, we had just met?"

"I knew I loved you, even back then," he whispered as he kissed me softly.

"I never imagined back then that we'd be married someday. I was in a different state of mind. I loved the adventure of being with you."

I briefly thought about our wedding day and the look on Edward's face as I walked down the aisle.

He looked so happy and his face was radiant with his love for me. It was as if time stood still as we said our vows and promised each other forever. I didn't think it was possible to be happier than I was at that moment. We danced in each other's arms and never left each other's sides the entire night. I kept glancing down at my dress, unable to fully grasp that I was married to Edward, the only man I had ever loved and the only man I would ever love.

Alice and Jasper were married on New Year's Eve in a grand ceremony that fit them to a tee. Ever since they first got together at that club so many years ago, they'd been inseparable. I was so happy that they found each other. She was pregnant with their son, Marcus, at their wedding but hadn't told anyone yet. I was so glad that I'd had someone to go through pregnancy with.

Rosalie and Emmett had a small destination wedding in Hawaii, which was a great excuse for a vacation for all of us. They didn't want kids and as a result, traveled to exotic places several times a year. He brought out the kinder side of Rosalie and she gave him an edge.

Edward pulled me from my thoughts with tender kisses along my neck. "You're not worried about Leah, are you?"

"No, I know she'll be fine with Alice and Jasper. I miss her, though," I sighed.

"So do I," he confessed, "but, I'm happy that we have this time for the two of us."

I nodded and smiled as we walked into the room to get ready for dinner. We had heard about a place that had live music from the concierge and since it had been years since we'd been out dancing, I was really excited.

We spent a lot of time entertaining at home since Leah was born and I was thrilled for a night out on the town. And in Paris, no less! I sipped a glass of wine as the music played from our IPod docking station while we got ready. Being in the most romantic city in the world with my romantic husband was certainly a treat.

"You look stunning, Bella," Edward said as I finally emerged from the bathroom, wearing a flowing black, spaghetti-strapped dress.

I was always aware of how handsome Edward was, but tonight he blew me away. He had on lightweight khaki pants and a green short-sleeved shirt that made his eyes look like emeralds.

"If I wasn't so excited about having a night out, we'd be staying in and I'd have my way with you," I said jokingly as I rested my hand on his chest while I kissed him.

He escorted me out and we took the metro across town to a restaurant in the Latin Quarter. It was dimly lit and as romantic as anything I remembered. It was funny how certain memories came back once we were here. We would walk along and I'd catch a certain scent and immediately be transported to a different time.

I had forgotten how nervous I had been about things with Edward when we were here last. The whole week, although incredible, had been overshadowed by the fear of what would happen when we left. It was as if we had been in our own little world and neither of us wanted to face reality.

I remembered the night we went dancing here. It was a night not unlike tonight. His touches set my skin on fire. We both wanted to be together so badly and finally gave up fighting our desires. The first time we made love was like coming home. We belonged together and although neither of us really understood it at the time, we were forever changed.

And now ten years later, I still felt all those same feelings for Edward. I still craved his touch and even when I was nine months pregnant, Edward always made me feel beautiful and loved.

I remembered the day that I took my pregnancy test. What a nerve-wracking day that had been. We had not intended to get pregnant so soon after our wedding. I didn't think we were ready for a baby.

I went to bed the night before and told myself that if I didn't start my period, I'd take a test. Sure enough, the next morning arrived and nothing. I set the test on the counter and sat on the edge of the tub for the requisite three minutes. I slowly stood to see the results. That had been the longest three minutes of my life.

Seeing the word 'pregnant' in the window scared the crap out of me and excited me at the same time. Were we really ready for this? I hadn't grown up around kids and I honestly didn't even know if I'd enjoy being a parent, so seeing the reality of that test stare me in the face was terrifying.

Still shaking, I opened the bathroom door and made my way through the dark room to where Edward was sleeping peacefully. I nudged him awake as he tossed and turned, fighting me.

"Edward," I whispered, shaking him.

"Mmmm, what is it, Bella?" he asked groggily.

"Look at this," I said, thrusting the test at him.

He rubbed his eyes and glanced down at the test. I watched as the realization hit him and he smiled widely. "Are you pregnant?"

I couldn't do anything but nod, and seeing the panic in my face, Edward hugged me tightly and pulled me to lie on top of him. "I know we weren't planning this, but I'm really happy. Aren't you?"

I exhaled sharply, "I am, but it's just such a big deal. What if I'm not a good mom?"

He smoothed my hair, reassuring me, "You'll be great."

The rest of my pregnancy went by with few surprises. I'd never seen anything more endearing than the sight of Edward holding our daughter when she was born. She was so tiny in his strong arms as he kissed her and held her tiny fingers. It was the only time I'd ever seen him cry. I loved him so completely in that moment.

"Bella?" Edward once again pulled me from my memories. "Where'd you go?"

I looked up and Edward was smiling at me from across the table. "Sorry, I was just thinking about Leah," I said softly.

"She's fine, baby," he said reassuringly.

"No, it's not that," I started, "I was thinking about the day she was born."

He nodded, remembering the day. "Yeah, that was a crazy day. We walked into the hospital as two people and left as three. What a trip, huh?"

"You seemed so calm," I said, taking a sip of my wine. "I was a hormonal mess."

He chuckled and raised his eyebrows in agreement. "Thankfully, that phase didn't last long." I slapped his hand lightly and we both laughed.

After dinner, we walked along the Seine and it was a scene straight from my memory. I was reliving it.

"You know what's funny, Bella?" Edward asked as we walked hand in hand.

"Hmm?" I looked up at him and he had the adorable smirk that I loved on his face.

"I was mad at Emmett for going over and talking to you that night in the pub in London," he said as our hands swung between us. "I was too intimidated to talk to you and I was annoyed that he had the balls to do it and I didn't."

"That's funny because you looked so horrified when he did it that I was sure it was some sort of prank. I felt bad that he dragged me over there at your expense." He laughed out loud as I finished talking.

"Is that what you thought? Really?" He stopped walking and faced me.

I nodded and tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear. "Yeah, I guess we never could figure out what each other wanted back then, huh?"

"God, I know. We really blew it, didn't we?" he asked, shaking his head.

"No, we didn't blow it. It was a journey and despite all the ups and downs, we're here now, so it's hard for me to regret anything that happened."

"I love you, Bella Cullen," Edward whispered as his hand came to rest on the side of my cheek.

"I love you too, Edward." He kissed me slowly, allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. I sighed in happiness as he pulled me close to him. "So much."

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