after doing the fifth chapter of this story i have rewritten the first four chapters, although this one is still short i think it is far better

Night is never full of peace

Inspired by the line in the fifth chapter of five reasons by eminyet

Jiraiya will wonder but never find the courage to ask Naruto what he sees in his dreams.

The murky night sky of the hidden village of Konoha was painted a fiery orange-red as the blazing flames ate away at the buildings of the village, the building themselves were a cracked blackened char from the impossibly intense heat of flames.

Only two sounds existed other than the crackle of the flames; the harsh, inhuman screams from those still lived; the quiet footfalls of a young blond haired child. The small child was dressed in what could have once been considered clothes, now they were nothing more that blood soaked rags. His soft steps made small splashing sounds as he walked down the street, the metallic red blood spread across the street from the bodies that piled up around the street, some still burning from the fire.

The bodies themselves were blackened and cracks ran along the dry skin, it was impossible to identify anyone; the only indication left of who they were was the masks and weaponry that had yet to be burnt by the searing flames. The blond boy himself was stained red; blood dripped from his clothes and the patches of slowly blackening blood that adorned his arms and legs, his hair was streaked red, blood dripped from around his mouth, grinning he showed off his blood stained elongated fangs, his eyes a lifeless crimson.

Naruto shot up to a sitting position in his small bed in his small room of the dingy apartment. He ignored the redness in his vision and jumped out of bed, stumbling as he landed; he promptly dashed to the bathroom and threw up violently.

'You have the strength, you can kill, right the wrongs that you suffer from. Correct their ignorance of what you are.'

Naruto ignored the seductive whispering and put on his happy grin with his blue eyes, shining with hope.

For the next three years only two people would see that shining hope, that carefree grin; would see them for what they were, fake. The first two people to acknowledge him and see through that smile would be Sarutobi Hiruzen the third Hokage of Konoha and......