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Night is never full of peace

Chapter 8

"They're all a bunch of super brats"


"The shortest one with the super stupid looking face. Are you really even a ninja? Hey?!!"

Naruto grinned, "Haha!! Who's the shortest one with the stupid face..."

The crimson eyed blond gave a toothy grin as his eyes glowed with suppressed rage and power; without warning his left arm arced out, his elbow smashing into the nose of the slightly taller dark haired boy next to him, the blow broke the boy's nose sending shards of bone onto his brain and in a jet of blood sent him arcing towards the desk behind him, he hit the desk and slumped to the floor and his eyes showed a glazed lifelessness.

The blond's clawed right hand grabbed the back of the collar of the pink combat dress that the pink haired girl wore; she had a moment for shock to register on her face with her green eyes showing terror before the crimson eyed blond span around dragging her in a circle before throwing her towards the silver haired man, the blond's claws caught on the girl's dress and left a rip down the back as she was sent hurtling towards the silver haired man with enough for to send both of them over the desk behind him and into the two people behind it leaving all four on the floor.

The crimson eyed blond bounded across the floor on all fours and leapt across the table landing next to the heap, grabbing the pink haired girl by the ankle the blond threw her again, she sailed across the room with a loud yell, she collided with the old man by the door, both of them hitting the half open door and sliding to the ground, neither moving, unconscious. With the same deliriously happy grin the blond turned to the three figures beneath him, the top one, the one eyed man had a look of fear as his other eye was uncovered, the red and black eye began spinning, attempting to catch the blond assailant in an illusion.

The attempt at an illusion was quickly stopped by two sharp claws piercing into the man's eyes, blood pouring from the ruined eye sockets, as the man yelled the blond grabbed hold of the screaming man's skull and began to squeeze; With a crack the man's head exploded in a fountain of red. The two men beneath the now dead man had two very different looks; the one with the scar across his face had a look of pure horror whilst the old man had a look of absolute guilt and regret.

Picking up the limp form of the silver haired man the blond threw the corpse over the table that he had been knocked over, the blond grinned at the thump that announced the body had landed, giving a feral grin the blond assailant bit down on the second man, sharpened teeth pierced into the already scarred skin of the man, blood spurted from the re-opened wound.

The scarred man seemed unable to anything in a shocked horror that boarded on sick fascination as the boy pulled back taking the skin of the downed man with him, it was only a few second before the man began screaming, screams that got louder as the skin being pulled off separated from his body.

The blond cocked his head to the side before another feral grin threatened to split his face. His hands reached forwards and one grabbed onto the man's jaw as the other clamped onto the man's face, the blond had a look of childlike glee as he pulled his arms apart and tore the man's head in two letting a healthy amount of blood wash over him and the old man.

Rolling the lifeless body off the blood soaked old man the blond sat cross-legged on the man's chest. The old man simply closed his eyes as the first blow fell. It wasn't long before the old man's weakened by age skull caved in under the force of the rapid blows. The blond calmly stood and with a fox like grace climbed over the table to the pink haired girl and the drunk next to her, he picked up the girl by her combat dress and flung her back across the room, he then stared in fascination at the fact the dress the girl had been wearing was now stuck to his claws.

Dislodging the dress he threw it out the half open door before turning to the old drunk, grabbing him with one hand the blond lifted him from the floor whilst the other liberated the Sake bottle from the man's death grip, the boy slowly worked the bottle into the man's jaw as his eyes began to open. Discarding subtly, the boy punched the bottle forcing into the man's as he slowly began to choke. The boy dropped him to the floor as he turned to approach the pink haired girl.

With a gentle smile that seemed all too evil the boy knelt next to the girl, one hand encircling her throat as only a whimper and a tear escaped her...


"I'll kill you!"

If only for a brief moment, Tazuna saw a look in those blue eyes that would haunt him for years to come, a look of pure insanity born of never knowing what it meant to dream.