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Chapter 8

Misty stared in horror at what had just come out of the heating vent. They were round little one-inch spheres with three 2-inch wings on each side. The sphere part has a little red light in the middle, and the wings were like razors. They're voices were squeaky and sort of fast.

Misty jumped out of the way just in time as one of them flew at her. It flew fast for its size. Ash has to jump aside too as it flew at him, and Misty shot at it twice, missing both times. Misty had to dodge the other two of them as they flew at her.

Ash and Misty were jumping all over the place now, the little robots flying all around, trying to get them.

"What are you doing?" One of them said. "We just want to play with you!"

"Yeah," said another. "What's your problem?"

Then, finally, one of them got Ash, giving him a large gash across the cheek.

"Gotcha!" It said.

Misty shot at it three times, finally hitting it on the last shot. The red light flickered for a bit as a small voice came out of the robot.


The robot fell to the ground. Both of the others stopped in midair.

"Hey!" one of them said. "They killed Kenny!"

"You bastards!" said the other one, and flew at Misty, as the other flew at Ash. They were both about to hit them, when they paused in midair. Misty opened her eyes, which she had closed, and jumped back. The robot was mere millimeters from her face. Ash did the same, and then both robots fell to the ground.

"Congratulations," Larry said. "You managed to pass the third test by surviving for a long enough time."

Then, a strange gas started spraying from the ceiling.

"However," said Riley, "you two must be put to sleep for us to prepare you for the fourth test."

"Don't worry," said Larry, "we'll take care of all your injuries."

Then, Ash and Misty started feeling drowsy. After a few seconds they both fell down, unconscious.

Misty slowly opened her eyes. The only source of light in the room was a hanging light above her, and one above Ash, who was beside her. Ash's missing hand had been replaced with a robotic one, and his arm had bandages where it had been shot. Misty also saw that her burnt arm had bandages on it. Both of their cheeks had Band-Aids. Hello Kitty ones, too.

Misty also saw that there was a tube in each of her nostrils. It actually felt sort of weird.

Misty tried to move her arms and saw that they were bound to the chair, and that her right hand was placed atop a red button. Her legs were tied to the chair also. Ash began to wake up, and Misty could see that he was in pretty much the same trouble as she was. She then noticed that they both had a pair of headphones on their head.

"Hello," said Riley, his voice again coming from everywhere. "Welcome to the fourth and final test. This one will be the most difficult."

"Yes," said Larry, "and if you fail, you will die a very painful death."

"You see, this is a test of endurance," Riley said. "You see, both of you are wearing headphones, and they will begin to blast music into your ears when either Larry or me flips a switch."

"Don't worry," Larry said, "we're chosen the music carefully."

"Now, to stop the music, you must press the buttons that your hands are on top of. However, if you do, then…well, do you see those tubes inside your nose? Well, super-hot jets of steam will spray out of those, scalding you. It will not kill you, though. No, the thing that kills you will be when the tubes stop spraying steam, and start spraying an actual neurotoxin-not pig corpses this time.

"Now, I know what you're thinking," Larry said. "'Why the hell would I want to do that?'. Well…you'll see."

"Ash," Riley said, "we can start with you. I hope you like it…"

Music started playing on Ash's headphones.

"-Got my flash on it's true

Need that picture of you it's so magical-"

"Oh my God…" said Ash, his eyes wide.

"Hee hee hee…"

Then a huge smile broke out across his face. "Is this Lady Gaga!?!"


Ash then started singing along to the song-and pretty badly, too.

"I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me! Papa, paparazzi! Baby there's no other-"

The music stopped, and Ash frowned.

"God dammit!" Riley said. "You're not supposed to like the music! I mean, seriously, what kind of an idiot likes Lady Gaga!?!"

"Hey, shut up, man!" Ash yelled.

"Well, I guess it's my turn," said Larry. "Your turn, Misty."

Some music started playing in Misty's headphones.

"-If you feel so angry

So ripped off, so stepped on-"

"No way…" said Misty. Larry started laughing, but then Misty grinned widely.

"This is Three Days Grace!"


Then Misty started singing along. "Let's start a riot! A riot! Let's start a-"

"Okay, seriously!" Larry said, the music stopping. "You're a girl! You're not supposed to like heavy metal!"

"Well, maybe I'm a tomboy."

"You little-"

"Hold on!" Riley said. "I think I found something that nobody could like-unless they were eight-year-old girls."

Then some music started playing in both the headphones.

"I'm hot

You're cold

You go around like you know-"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ash yelled, struggling to free himself from the chair. Misty started screaming, too. Riley and Larry were both laughing now.

"No!!!!!!!" Ash yelled. "Not the Jonas Brothers, please!!!!!! Anything but that!!!!!!!"

"I can't take it!!!!!" Misty yelled. "I'm pressing the button!"

"No!" Ash yelled. Misty looked at him. His eyes were wide, and his teeth gritted.

"Ash, I can't take it-"

"Yes you can, Misty!" Ash yelled. "Remember what I told you earlier?"

"Yes, I do, but my will isn't that strong!"

"Misty, just think about it! Think about all the people who will miss you when you're gone!"

"Like who!?!"

"I dunno! Your sisters!"

"My sisters are obnoxious sluts! I don't care what they think!"

"Okay, bad example. Uh…oh! Brock!"

"Brock's probably forgotten about both of us by now! Nobody I care about actually loves me!"

"That's not true, Misty!"

"Ash, give me one person who loves me!"

"Me!!!!!!" Ash yelled. Misty just stared as Ash stared right in her eyes. And then she knew. She knew what that emotion had been when Ash was talking to her in the last test. The one she had never seen before. Now she knew.

It was love.


"I do, Misty!" Ash yelled. "I fucking love you!!!"

"Ash, I-"

"Come on, Misty!!! You have to do this!!! You have to be strong!! Do it! Do it for me!"

Misty stared for a few seconds, then nodded.

"Okay," she said, and winced throughout the rest of the song along with Ash.

And then it stopped. The song was over. Ash and Misty opened their eyes and looked at each other.

"Congratulations!" Riley said. "You two are the first test subjects ever to pass all of the tests!"

The metal cuffs bounding Ash and Misty to the chairs unlocked, and they both took the tubes out of their nostrils, took the headphones off, and stood up. They looked at each other and smiled. They had done it. They had survived.

The end.

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